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Chapter 20: Hate (3)

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Rong Yan remembered seeing in a newspaper article in her previous life that Liancheng Yazhi had changed his fiancée within a year, from Song Rouran to her younger sister, Song Meiran. Oh, it seemed like there would be a clichéd show of sisters fighting over a man. She really anticipated it. However, it was clear she would have to leave Liancheng Yazhis side before she could watch the Song sisters fight for the man.

At this thought, Rong Yan cupped her mouth and snickered. Her snickering was very soft, but sadly, her sugar daddys hearing was extremely sensitive.

Liancheng Yazhi suddenly stopped and turned around, scolding her, “What are you being wishy-washy for Catch up quickly.”

Rong Yan hurriedly jogged forward. “Yes. Im coming now. But please do not walk so quickly.”


After entering the private room, Rong Yan slightly glanced around the room. Among those that were present, she had seen four out of five of them in financial magazines or in newspapers. They were all the top aristocrats in A City.

At the same time, there were women, each sitting beside the four men she had seen before. The only one that she hadnt seen before was sitting alone. Thinking about it, the man should be Su Yu, whom the document said had just returned from overseas.

After Liancheng Yazhi greeted the group, he introduced Rong Yan to them and ignored her from then on.

Amongst the sympathizing, despising or amused gazes from the group of young masters, Rong Yan naturally sat beside Su Yu.

Only after sitting so close to him did she catch a good glimpse of his features. This man was... really good looking.

Yes. He was good-looking. He was so good-looking that Rong Yans mind went blank in that second, and she couldnt think of any adjectives that could describe how good-looking he was.

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His skin was fair, and his eyes were slightly blue. He was mix-blooded and looked really similar to the male protagonist she had seen from a certain island-nations comic. He looked like a person who walked out of a comic book.

He also had a pair of clear but deep and complicated eyes. Rong Yans two lives worth of experience told her that compared to Liancheng Yazhi, the man would not be easier to deal with.

After quickly sizing out her opponent, Rong Yan leaned forward and raised a wine glass. Her smile was sweet and innocent. “Mr. Su, Im Lynn. Will you do me a favor”

The other party didnt move and only tilted his head to look at her instead. There was a soft smile on his lips.

When the slightly dimmed lights entered his eyes, they sparkled brightly and colorfully.

He kept quiet as Rong Yan remained holding up the wine glass.

After a short stalemate, Miyins boss, Feng Nongtang, laughed. “Sister Lynn, you dont propose a toast like that. Be sincere...”

He tapped the young girl beside him. “Baby, give Miss Lynn a demonstration.”

The young girl, Lala, looked innocent and cute, but she had a strong character. She picked up a wine glass and took a sip, before pressing her lips against Feng Nongtangs lips. The two intertwined and had their tongues dance with each other. It was such an attraction!

After the kiss, Young Master Feng patted Lalas cheek, and he said, “Only something like this is called a toast...”

Rong Yan glanced at Liancheng Yazhi. He had an arm around Song Rouran. One of his hands was holding a wine glass while the other was hugging the beauty. He had a smile on his lips, looking like he was an outsider as he watched the scene unfold like the other people who were cheering for her were.

Rong Yan suddenly smiled as the urge to cry swelled within her. Her heart was a little tight. She should have understood it long ago. Why did she have hope

Liancheng Yazhi had already thrown her out, so there wouldnt be any matters of cheating. Why was she hoping for him to say something When they came in earlier, he didnt even say who she was.

If she was meant to be treated as a gift and was pushed here and there, she hoped she could choose her next sugar daddy who doesnt look disgusting to the point she wouldnt be able to eat.

This pretty young master in front of him was hard to deal with, but... she wasnt even afraid of Liancheng Yazhi. Why would she be afraid of this man



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