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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Liancheng Yazhi (1)

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For Liancheng Yazhi, the name Rong Yan meantNew lover.

For Rong Yan, the name Liancheng Yazhi meantSugar daddy.

From the very beginning, their relationship was on point-one gave support and the other received the support. It was all in the name of money, and it had nothing to do with love.


Two months later, in Beijing.

A heart-wrenching sound of pain broke the silence of the night.

The mans voice was cold and cruel, and with strong resentment, he said, “Woman, you will regret it...”

“No, I will never regret the decisions I make, no matter what the outcome is.” The womans voice trembled a little, somehow revealing her fear at the moment. But even so, she still tried to sound firm.

“Ill let you know how this word is written.” The man seized the womans neck.

The sound of pain ringing in the night could be likened to the sound of a wounded beast choking and desperately fighting for its life, making its final struggle before death. But... it was powerless!

The man gritted his teeth, and he said, “Does it hurt Do you feel like suffocating, as if youre about to die”

“I never had pity for women who degrade themselves to filth. You deserve this. Today, youll have a taste of what its like to be on the verge of death!”


No matter how insulting his words were, the woman did not make any sound.

The dark night was like her despair; it was so thick that it would not dissolve. It completely shrouded the earth, blocking out any light from coming in.

With no doubt, there was a great disparity between the strong and the weak!


Under the shadow of the night, Block A of Beijing was ablaze with lights.

This was the place where the nobles frequented, and it was a symbol of status.

But the top floor of Block A of Beijing was never accessible by the public, for it was solely for the use of one particular person. The atmosphere in that luxury suite had an eerie and oppressive vibe, too.

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Though the air was full of tension, it was mixed with the fragrance of an AnnaSui perfume. The fresh, sweet smell exuded a purity that was mixed with deep depravity after chaos.

The sound of running water inside the bathroom sounded strange on a quiet night.

Rong Yan sat on the bed with a bed sheet wrapped around her frame. Her seaweed-like long hair was messy, her cheeks were red, and her breath was unsteady. She was as delicate as a flower that the spring wind had blown against with. Her exquisite facial features and beauty were like pearls shining in the night, that if one wiped away the dust on the surface, she would shine brightly.

However, her eyes were empty. It held no sparkle and instead, was only a layer of dead gray. It made her supposedly beautiful eyes look like those of puppets.

Her hands that were wrapped around her knees trembled, and even her pupils were slightly dilated as if she had gotten a huge fright.

Yes, she was afraid. She had never been so afraid before.

Because what she did that day was probably one of the craziest things she had ever done in her life.

She found a way of no return for herself, just like opening Pandoras box. From then on, it was a new start-a heavy start where she knew nothing, nothing... and it made her uneasy.


She would not regret it!

God, since youve granted me a miracle, please bless me and help me keep moving forward. Let me hold this man in my hand so that I could use him as my invincible scepter for me to slay everything in my path.

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