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Chapter 17: Summoning (7)

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Rong Yan thought that it would take some time for Liangcheng Yazhi to look for her after their last meet up, or that he might even end the relationship altogether. After all, his fiancée was back. It was due time for the wild ones like her to stand back.

However, after spending two comfortable days, Rong Yan received a call from Liancheng Yazhi.

Rong Yan was having her hair done in the salon when her phone rang with the caller ID statingSugar Daddy.

Rong Yan instantly adjusted her emotions and answered the call with a coy and soft voice. “Hello, Mr. Liancheng Why are you summoning me today Didnt you say your fiancée was coming back”

“Meet me at Miyin at nine.”

Perhaps it was because they were talking on the phone, Liancheng Yazhis voice sounded a little distant.

Miyin Rong Yan thought about it. This definitely didnt mean that she was just going to be a flower vase this time, so she asked, “Mr. Liancheng, can I ask what it is about So that I can dress up appropriately.”

“For a business.”

“Got it. I will definitely make you satisfied.”

After ending the call, Rong Yans expression instantly darkened. Business

Hmph... It seemed like he didnt want her anymore, so he wanted to bring her along to sell her smiles and body to help with his business transactions.

But it was alright. Anyway... she was already so dirty, which meant that following anyone was the same.

As the sissy hairstylist helped Rong Yan manage her hair, he said, “Miss, you look really good with this loose perm. It makes you look even more feminine.”

Rong Yan smiled when she saw the coy and seductive woman in the mirror.

“Really I think its not too bad either. Its a pity... I have to join a business meeting with my Boss tonight and this hairstyle isnt suitable. Help me tie it up.”

“Its alright. When you come for a hair treatment tomorrow, Ill help you do it again...”



At nine that night, Rong Yan arrived at Miyins entrance in a taxi, and she was just right on time.

There was one more thing about being a mistress; they had to be punctual, had to arrive whenever the sugar daddy said so, had to be self-conscious and not put up a front, else they would end up with nothing.

The so-calledMiyin meant decadent music. Just hearing the name of the place was enough to know what the place exactly was. Its acoustic field gambling den was officials and elites favorite place in the city.

Liancheng Yazhi saw Rong Yan standing outside of Miyin after he got out of his car.

She exuded intelligence and beauty different from Song Rouran. There was a hint of vixen to her, although she looked innocent and pure on the outside. Liancheng Yazhi had asked himself a couple of times if this woman was perhaps a vixen-incarnate.

However, Rong Yans outfit was rather proper as she dressed like a normal company office staff.

She only wore a plain, long-sleeved, fitting white shirt as her top, making her figure look even more voluminous. The top two buttons were open, exposing her slender and beautiful neckline. Her skin was actually fairer than the white shirt she was wearing.

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On the bottom half of her body, she wore a simple, black A-line skirt just at the right length.

The helm of the skirt was ten centimeters above her knees, making her look reserved and yet, sexy. Her curves were obvious, but her body exposed no part of her body to the surface.

Rong Yan was wearing a pair of seven centimeters-tall black high heels. A thin nude-colored stocking covered her slender legs. When she walked, she looked extraordinarily charming and seductive.

She had tied her hair up, with two casual strands of hair falling by her ears. She looked a little messy but prim and proper at the same time.

However, the difference she had from those strict office workers were her eyes-as they darted around, they held a hint of seduction in them. She was seductive but not cheap, sexy but not bewitching.

She exuded an abstinent beauty from head to toe. When people saw her, their hearts would itch in desire from being able to see her, but unable to touch her.



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