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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: In The Face Of Absolute Strength, Others Things Are A Joke

After easily killing the gray wolf that came first, the wolves probably also felt that the opponent in front of them was unusual, and instead of attacking immediately, they surrounded him in a fan shape. At this moment, the coldness on Chen Hans face disappeared. He turned to look at Qin Yang, who was squatting on the tree, and said with a smile: “Actually, I can leave now, why should I save you”

Seeing that the other party killed the gray wolf with his bare hands, Qin Yang, who thought he had met the savior, almost fell off the tree with a somersault, and hurriedly shouted, “Little brother, as long as you kill these damn beasts, let me do anything!”

“This is what you said, if you go back on it...hehe...”

He was not at all afraid of Qin Yangs remorse, although he could see that he was not weak, but being trapped in the tree by these gray wolves did not dare to come down, which was enough to show that the opponents strength was not as good as him.

His feet staggered quickly like a floating cloud, and the floating cloud nine-dodge movement method was unfolded again, like an ethereal cloud passing through the wolves.

The most common thunder fist in the division, driven by a ton of power, exerts a formidable power than the True Qi of the same attack power. No matter how fast the gray wolf is, it is difficult to cause substantial damage to him. Every time it was avoided by the slightest margin, it was followed by a violent counterattack.

Pong! Pong! Pong...


Effortlessly avoiding the sharp claws of a gray wolf, his knees slammed into the wolfs waist, and the small gray wolf weighing 100 kilograms screamed and flew, barely getting up and falling down heavily.

At the same time, the head wolf, who was obviously bigger in size, had a bit of green light in his eyes, and took the opportunity to bite Xiang Chenhans calf.

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After all, there is more than one opponent, and more than 20 gray wolves will always pay attention to one and the other in a siege, and the sharp teeth of the alpha wolf touch the skin. The sharp teeth, which were sharp enough to pierce the bones, use the powerful biting force to stab at the muscles, but the result was beyond everyones expectations.

The fangs seemed to be biting on the extremely tough beef tendon, and they didnt tear off a piece of flesh as expected, but only cut through the skin and fell into less than one centimeter.

What a strong physical defense!

If the gray wolf could speak, it would definitely exclaim, Chen Han himself was a little worried, after all, this was the first time to fight with a new body after reshaping his body.

However, the pain from his leg made him wake up immediately. He grabbed the top of the alpha wolfs skin with his left hand, and slammed his right fist on his head with all his strength.

The crisp sound of bone cracking came from the head wolfs forehead, and a large amount of blood spurted wildly along the seven orifices.

The severe pain from the calf made the attack more powerful. The head wolf, whose skull was smashed by one blow, let go of his mouth, and his forelimbs were held in Chen Hans left and right hands. Thousands of jins of force was sent to both arms, and one point was split on both sides. The dead alpha wolf was torn in half on the spot, and his heart and stomach were rushing to the ground.

There were less than twenty gray wolves left, seeing the death of the first wolf, and feeling the unparalleled murderous intent exuding from Chen Hans body, as well as the invincible momentum, they immediately scattered with their tails between their legs.

“Want to escape There are no windows, let alone doors!”

Chen Han chased after him with both feet, and his running speed was three times faster than that of the gray wolf. Qin Yang on the tree couldnt help shouting the monster secretly.

Soon, the killing god-like youth moved his limbs, which felt paralyzed for a while, and jumped down from the big tree. About ten minutes later, when he saw that Chen Han was dragging and carrying five wolf corpses, there was only one question left in his mind: How did he catch up and kill the wolves fleeing in different directions Five gray wolves

Chen Han, who looked a little tired, glanced at Qin Yang with a strange smile, leaned against a big tree to breathe, blood oozing out of more than ten wounds on his body.

No matter how agile you are, or how strong your bodys defense is, after all, you are facing more than twenty gray wolves. It is also because of the outrageous physical strength that he seems to be seriously injured, but in fact there are no truly fatal wounds, and those wounds will soon stop bleeding.

Qin Yang looked at the embarrassed Chen Han, and combined his knowledge with the appearance, shape, and behavior of the other party, he suddenly remembered a possibility.

Carefully moved closer to Chen Han, the latter noticed his move, turned his eyes immediately, and stared at him: “Come to fulfill the promise You shouldnt forget, I just said what I asked you to do. All right”

“Is that so Hehe...that...”

That is to say, he said casually at a critical moment, he didnt intend to really listen to a little kid, his eyes rolled a few times, and he said with a dry smile: “Little brother probably didnt understand what I just said, I said if little brother Kill these beasts, you can let me do anything, right”

“Thats right, isnt this the best proof” Chen Han nodded his chin, signaling the other side to look at the wolf corpse not far away.

“There are 13 beasts in total here. If I remember correctly, the total number seems to be 24. Hehe... Little brother didnt kill all the gray wolves, how can I fulfill my promise” Qin Yang smiled slyly.


No matter how clever and cunning he was in the teachers school, his experience was still far worse than that of the old rivers and lakes who were hanging around in the mundane world. Xinzhi was surrounded by Qin Yang, but he couldnt come up with a reason. He stared at him and shook his fist angrily: “The one with the big fist is the master, dont you think its not good for you to play tricks at this time ”

In the face of absolute strength, all other means are a joke. Qin Yang knows that he is not an opponent, so he hurriedly waved his hand with a smile on his face: “Is it possible that I will die There are too many promises to make, but my little brother saved me. Its a fact, Im not the kind of person who doesnt reciprocate. As long as there is something useful, and I can do it, I will do my best, how about it”

There are still too many things that I dont understand when I first entered the world. The most basic basic necessities of life are all problems. Chen Han thought that this guy in front of him should stabilize first and then...



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