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Chapter 4331: The Other Side 300

“Gong Fan, how are you feeling now Any better”

“Uh huh…” Gong Fan nodded and pursed his lips.

“Im okay…”

Alice casually took hold of his wrist, turned it up, and felt for a pulse.

His heart rate was still high.

“What happened” Alice found that odd as well.

Although anything could have triggered this, the relapse was too sudden.

Even the boy was caught off guard.


He calmed down, but shook his head.

“I dont know why, but I just felt my heart palpitate for some reason.

In my semi-conscious state, my subconscious… my breathing suddenly quickened…”

“Did you have a nightmare”

Gong Fan was stunned and a little suspicious.

“How do you know”

“Why would you get palpitations for no reason”

Gong Fan lowered his eyes, looking very forlorn.

Defeated, he leaned back on the sofa and said sadly, “Is my… my existence a burden”

Alice looked stunned.

People fear death.

No matter who, the moment before death is always filled with fear.

Even someone as strong as Gong Fan fear the day when death will claim him.

For a secondary personality, the day he is exiled will be the day he completely disappears.

Alice took a deep breath.

“Ill keep you safe.”

“Why … why do I exist as such a being” Gong Fan sighed in his heart.

Humans were really a magical and complicated existence.

Lisa couldnt stand it any longer.

Nervously, she asked, “Is there really no other way Must one of the two personalities be destroyed Hasnt Youyou accepted Gong Fan Why do the two personalities contradict each others existence”

Alice frowned, feeling a little hesitant.

Lisa continued, “Now, the two personalities, Youyou and Gong Fan, are obviously getting along.

Theyre able to live in harmony.

They both have a habit of keeping a diary.

Whatever happens today, it will be recorded through the diary.

Whoever wakes up on any given day will find out what had happened, through the diary.

Isnt that nice Why do they have to make such a cruel decision”

Alice sighed.

“I might have forgotten to mention one thing.”


“Theres actually no boundary between split personalities and multiple personalities.

So, let me give you an example.

In Youyous world, there are two palaces.

One palace houses only the main personality.

In the other palace, no one knows how many personalities exist.


Lisa seemed to understand, but remained silent as she continued to listen.

Alice continued, “Now, because of Gong Fan, the door is open.

And, because of his existence, this door will always stay open.

Since the door is open, other personalities will gradually walk out of this door.

Sometimes, these personalities might not come out.

Sometimes, these personalities might swarm out.”

Lisa sucked her breath in sharply at that.

Alice lowered her voice again.

“Right now Im wondering if, since this door is open, other personalities are going to walk out of it.

For all I know, a third personality might already be out.”

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