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Chapter 4329: The Other Side 298Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Hell… Just hearing that word depressed her.

Yun Shishi pursed her lips tightly and began to tremble.

She did not dare to blink, afraid that if she did, her tears would not stop flowing.

However, no matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes open wide, the tears would not stop falling onto the stark white blanket.

“Im sorry…” Her voice was extremely hoarse.

“Ive always been like a spoiled child.

Whether it was you, Xiao Jie, Hua Jin, Youyou, Little Yichen or Gong Fan… whoever… you all spoil me like a princess.

Ive been spoiled and have become increasingly willful.

Im sorry… I shouldnt have been so selfish and become Youyous stumbling block for my own sake.

Im sorry…”

She said “sorry” countless times, but saying these words now meant she had to let go for real.

No matter how reluctant or unwilling she was, she had to let go!

She had always been doted on by everyone, and she was deeply grateful for it.

In this life, she had a husband named Mu Yazhe, a pair of adorable twins named Little Yichen and Youyou, and a lovely daughter named Mu Yueyao.

She had two younger brothers, Gong Jie and Hua Jin, and everyone doted her unconditionally.

She was too wilful! She wanted too much, asked for too much.

But what she wanted didnt belong to her at all.

It was not for her to have! She could not bear the price of what she wanted.

It was Youyou who had to bear it for her!


The thought of Youyou made her heart ache again!

“Im sorry…” She was so upset that she began to cry loudly.

Mu Yazhe found this heart wrenching as he hugged her.

“Dont cry.

Its not your fault.”

However, Yun Shishi could not stop herself.

Even though the wound had yet to completely close and the crying would affect the healing process, she could not control herself at all.

The man was distressed, but there was nothing he could do for her.

All he could do was silently kiss her and hold her.

Before he knew it, tears filled his eyes as well.

Outside the ward, Little Yichen leaned against the door, his hand clamped over his mouth.

His eyes were bloodshot…

“Mommy…” In the silence of the cabin, Gong Fans body suddenly curled up.

He grabbed his chest with both hands and trembled in pain.

Even though his voice was hardly audible, Lisa, who was dozing off, was jolted awake.

She turned around and saw Gong Fan curled up on the sofa.

She leaned over nervously.

“Whats the matter”


Lisa was so worried that she gently patted his cheek, thinking he was having a nightmare.

She shook him.

“Gong Fan, wake up.

Are you dreaming, Gong Fan”

Gong Fan was finally woken up by her.

With some effort, he opened his heavy eyelids.

His vision was blur, but he saw Lisas hazy face.

Lisa studied him nervously.

“Whats wrong Did you have a nightmare”

Gong Fan clutched his chest and sat up from the sofa, feeling a lingering fear.

“My… my chest hurts…”

“It hurts Why is it hurting” As soon as she had spoken, Lisa noticed Gong Fans breathing suddenly quickened.

Hyperventilation syndrome!

Lisa knew that he had always been in ill health.

His heart, in particular, had been mildly failing, even though it had taken a long, long time to nurse him back to health on Acklan Island.

It had been a long time since hed had a relapse.

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