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My Evil Genius Wife Chapter 30 - How Can You Be So Cute?

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Han Zihao stared at her with grim expressions. He is rich, good-looking, and smart. People die to be with him but this little girl just called him old From which angle he looks old

He scoffed hearing her words and stared at her with his darkened expressions with his hands folded around his chest.

" What did you say" He asked with his deep cold voice.


Xu Nuan blinked her eyes seeing his reaction. Did I say something wrong

She was bewildered and tried to recount her words in her mind. Is he angry that I mentioned her girlfriend's name

" Mr. Han, I am sorry if I crossed my line. I just said what I read on the internet. I have no interest in prying into others' affairs. I don't care whether you date someone or not. I have zero interest in such matters. I just thought that this house is your…." She again went on her speaking spree which irritated him even more.

He gritted his teeth and said, " I am not talking about that. Did you just call me old Do I look old" He shouted with his dark expressions.


There was a long silence between them. She pursed her lips and stared at him with unexplainable expressions.

She never thought that the great businessman Mr. Han would get triggered upon being called old.

She was amused by seeing his dramatic reaction.

Her lips curled up in a smile as she tried to control herself and not laugh out loud. After a while she took a deep breath and cleared her throat, " Ahem, Mr. Han, you're 29 and I am 2...21." she said while stuttering. She almost called herself 25.

She continued," So in that sense, you are eight years older than me. In that case, it is right for me to call you old. Am I wrong However, if you still feel embarrassed, I will not call you, 'old'."

" I know it must be embarrassing to be single at your age. After all, many people get married at this age. However, Mr. Han, I suggest you settle soon with your girlfriend, otherwise it will be difficult for you to find a nice girl later " she commented while sprinkling salt on his wounds.

Han Zihao clenched his fists and stared at the girl in front of him.

" You...seems like you're not hungry at all. Go and make your food yourself. I am not cooking for a brat like you." He burst out in anger and asked her to go back to her own house.

Despite getting scared by his burst out, she chuckled and started laughing.

Han Zihao was caught off by her behavior because generally, people get scared when he shouts at them but she is laughing Does she not feel any fear of him

" Mr. Han, how can you be so cute I was just teasing you. Of course, you're not old. Being 29 years is not old at all. Moreover, you're so attractive and a capable man, who will dare to call you old" She said after she stopped laughing.

Her expressions turned soft as she stared at him and said her words. While saying this, she was serious and did not look like she was joking.

Han Zihao was dumbfounded seeing a sudden change in her attitude.

He coughed lightly and turned his head away from her. However, he turned to her side again when he remembered something.

" How do you know that I have a mansion in the north of the city" He asked with a doubtful expression.

Because this news was not something that was published in any media outlet or business magazine. If no one knows that he has a mansion in the north of the city, then how can this girl find out about that mansion

Xu Nuan bit her lower lip as she realized her mistake. She indeed did not read it in any article. It's just...with basic information, she searched for some detailed information along with his address.

Finding his address was not a big deal. She had not done this with any bad intention, it was just out of curiosity.

She blinked her eyes as she had nothing to say.

" Ah...ah, I am feeling dizzy." She raised her hand and held her head weakly while her body swayed in the air.

Han Zihao was caught off guard and held onto her shoulders to stable her.

" You..you okay" He asked in worry while holding her in his arms.

She took a deep breath and acted as if having difficulty in breathing, " Mr. Han, I am not feeling good. I haven't eaten anything since morning. Will you please cook something so that I can take my medicine Otherwise, you have to take me to the hospital again." She said while he helped her to sit on the couch in the living room.

He pursed his lips seeing her condition and didn't say anything. He passed her a glass of water and went inside the kitchen to cook for her.

Her lips curled upwards when he left.

'Woah Jiang Yue. Your acting has improved quite a lot. Not bad. ' she praised herself after being successful in fooling him.

She sat in the living room and saw how fast and skillfully he cooked for both of them. He looked extremely tempting with his raised and folded sleeves and two buttons of his shirt were undone.

'How can he look so sexy while cooking' Now she understood why her mother was so crazy about her father. Men who can cook give different vibes and are ridiculously attractive.

She was swinging her legs in the air while sitting on the couch lazily. She squinted her eyes when she noticed something on the glass table.

She leaned forward and picked up the document which was placed on the table.

" Life-giving foundation" She read the name written on the file aloud unknowingly.

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