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My Evil Genius Wife Chapter 29 - Is This Your Girlfriend's House?

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Xu Nuan stopped speaking when she heard his words. She stared at him in a daze and bit her lower lip.

' Introvert No one has called her an introvert in her whole life. She has been pretty good when it comes to her socializing skills. She can accept if she was called a brat, rude, or arrogant because other than the people she feels comfortable with, she either ignores them or says something that they will stop talking to her.

It's a good way to avoid talking to people who spread toxicity in her life. However, sometimes it's fun to deal with such people as well. They don't let you feel bored.

She was about to retort to his words when she realized that she was now in Xu Nuan's body and not Jiang Yue.

She pursed her lips and said after the silence of a few minutes, " I...have you ever got into an accident before Of course, it was because of an accident. After the accident, I realize how precious my life is. And I was living my whole life wrongly. So from now on, I am going to do what I want and will say whatever I feel like. I am not going to be the same Xu Nuan who listens to people's bull** quietly and will forgive those bastards who hurt me."

She smiled proudly and said, " I am Jia...Xu Nuan. And from now on, you will get to see this…" she pointed at herself and continued, " You will get to see only this talkative and annoying Xu Nuan. The background check you have done on me previously is useless. So don't' judge me based on your so-called unprofessional background check."


Han Zihao was speechless hearing her words. He just stared at her in a daze and nodded as her words were pretty convincing. Her words seem reasonable though. Sometimes the life and death incidents can change the people completely.

' However, how come she knows that he has done a background check on her'

He furrowed his brows and asked, " How do you know that I have done a background check on you"

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She snorted and said, " Hah! Isn't it obvious Is that even a question to ask" She shrugged her shoulders and passed by him, she pulled the door that he opened using his fingerprints and entered the house without waiting for him.

While entering, she murmured, " Mr. Han, you're too naive.Tsk."


He frowned hearing her words. Does she take me as a pushover

No one has called him naive in his whole life. But this little girl, calling him naive Does she not fear him that he might do anything After all, girls either run behind him for money or either run away from him, feeling scared that they might get into trouble if they cross paths with a powerful man like him

When Xu Nuan stepped inside the house, her steps came to a halt as she looked around the house which was larger than hers and was super luxurious. She blinked her eyes when she felt wronged because not only the size of the house but the whole design was more luxurious and beautiful than hers.

Now compared to this house, she felt that her house was nothing but a mere small apartment.

As soon as she entered the house, her eyes fell in the living room which was spacious and was decorated with a three-seater sofa and two-seater sofa on the side. Not only that, but there is also an open spacious and beautifully designed open kitchen with a dining counter attached to it.

She doesn't even need to go inside the rooms to check how the house looked. She walked towards the window to check the view. She was speechless seeing the beautiful view of the Riverview and she could see the largest tower in the city from his place.

Her heart sank seeing this beautiful place. It was just like her style.

She was so busy watching the busy road and was thinking how stupid she was to not demand to look at the house before booking. If she is taking a house in compensation, she should have at least taken an expensive and luxurious one.

She was so busy in her world that she didn't realize when Han Zihao entered the house and was now standing behind her.

He raised his brows seeing her looking at the view intently.

" What are you watching" he said in a low voice near her ears which sounded like low whispers to her.

She was startled when she felt the tingling feeling. She turned around and glared at him while rubbing her ear. It felt itchy.

" Mr. Han, whose place is this Is this your girlfriend's house" she asked with a straight face.

He frowned when he heard her nonsense. Girlfriend Why would he bring her to his girlfriend's house

" And why do you think that it's my girlfriend's house"

She knitted her brows and responded in annoyance, " Don't you have a Mansion in the north of the city I am sure it must be bigger than this...condo." She controlled her urge to call this a beautiful house. She felt so jealous at this moment that she doesn't want to acknowledge that his place was better than her.

" Then why would you buy a condo when you have a mansion Also, you're rich, handsome, and..old. Shouldn't you have a girlfriend by now Also, what was that model... Yuqi, isn't she, your girlfriend Is this her house" she said while looking into his eyes without realizing that she had opened all her cards unknowingly.

After she came to this apartment, she did some research on Han Zhao and the Han Corporation. She was surprised to see how ridiculously rich he is and was a handsome bachelor at the age of 29. However, she has read some articles about him and a model named Yuqi. So she assumed that she might be his girlfriend, after all, it's a little hard to digest that a capable man like him is single at his age.

His expressions darkened hearing his words. He didn't care about all the words she said but did she just call him old'

" What did you say" he asked in a deep voice as his expressions turned dark.

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