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The black light that collided with Han Muye was torn to pieces by a soul sword aura.

The sword hilt broke again.

Han Muye shook his head.

“Hehe, these demonic brats have become stupid from cultivating demonic techniques.”

The wooden staff turned into half a fox tail, then spun again and landed in front of Han Muye.

It was Hu Taisheng.

Hu Taisheng looked at Han Muye and sighed.

“I didnt expect there to be someone like you in the Sword Pavilion.”

Han Muye sat still and said indifferently, “Tell me everything you know.

Whether or not I spare your life depends on whether what you say is valuable.”

Hu Taisheng stiffened, then nodded.

Han Muye held the broken sword hilt in front of him, and wisps of sword energy poured into it.

Images appeared in his mind, and then he quietly listened to Hu Taisheng.

They looked at each other.

Hu Taisheng knew Qin Lins background very well.

Qin Lin was indeed a descendant of the Red Flame Army.

Not only Qin Lin, but many people from other sects were the same.

Back then, the Sect Master of the Three Qin Sword Sect and the elite of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect were killed by Tuoba Cheng in the Blazing Demon Valley.

And Qin Yuanhe, who had attacked the Sword Pavilion last time.

The rebel army of the Red Flame Army had taken root in the Western Frontier and had been passed down continuously.

It was unknown how many sects they were hiding among.

This matched what Han Muye had seen from the sword hilt.

“What theyre begging for is to open the door to the world outside of Heavenly Mystic World.”

Hu Taishengs gaze landed on Han Muye, and then he said, “As the gatekeeper, you dont need me to explain, right”

The Gatekeeper.

Back then, Xia Yi also called him that.

The head of the Sword Pavilion and a gatekeeper

What gate am I guarding

Han Muyes expression did not change.

The image in the sword hilt gave him an explanation.

The Red Flame Armys rebel army was looking for the outer gate of the Profound Heaven World.

There was a way to live forever.

Those Red Flame Army rebels were scattered all over the place to inquire about the news of the various sealed sects.

There was a passageway leading to the outside of the Heavenly Mystic World under the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

The Sword Pavilion was the gatekeeper.

All these years, those demonic cultivators had never stopped probing the Sword Pavilion.

Some transformed into ordinary disciples and entered the Sword Pavilion as sword caretakers.

These people were all dead.

Some attached their souls to the swords and entered the Sword Pavilion.

These souls eventually dissipated.

The Sword Pavilion was still the Sword Pavilion.

“How many paths are there in the Western Frontier Gate Courtyard”

Han Muye said calmly.

This question made Hu Taisheng smile.

“You do know.

“Other than the Nine Mystic Mountain Sword Sect, no one dares to have any designs on the Spiritual Dao Sect.

“The key needed for the path on Fengshou Mountain has long been lost.

Without the key, it wont be easy to break through the gate.”

There were three gates in the Western Frontier that led to the outside world.

They were all left behind from ancient times.

These three gates were respectively at the Nine Mystic Mountain, the Spiritual Dao Sect, and Fengshou Mountain.

The passage from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect to the outside world was suppressed under the Sword Pavilion.

“Its just a coincidence that the great demon of the fox race was suppressed here.

Suppressing a great demon doesnt require the power of a Sword Pavilion.”

Hu Taisheng was indeed very honest.

From the image in his mind, Han Muye saw that Qin Lin had barged into the Sword Pavilion to step into the courtyard.

He couldnt wait.

He had to charge with all his might.

“Recently, the sealing power of that gate has weakened.

Qin Lin and the other demonic cultivators cant wait anymore.”

Hu Taisheng shook his head and whispered.

The sealing power weakened

Han Muye remembered Huang Laolius underground cultivation.

Could this be related to Huang Six

“Theyre begging for this court, and so are you” Han Muye looked at Hu Taisheng and asked.

Hu Taisheng shook his head and sighed.

“Im doing this for the last chance of survival for my fox race.

“If we dont retrieve the Patriarchs jade bones, Im afraid our fox race will really be destroyed.”

At this point, he looked at Han Muye and said, “You know about the Central Continents Mystic Sun Guards, right”

Mystic Sun Guards

What did this have to do with the extinction of the fox race

“The South Emissary of the Mystic Sun Guards of the Central Continent, Qian Yiming, wants to compete with the new expert of the Mystic Sun Guard, Butcher Lu.

“Qian Yiming is prepared to suppress the Southern Wasteland within a hundred years.

“The various races of the Southern Wasteland have already suffered heavy losses.

We can only seek other methods.”

Han Muye did not expect that the battle between the two experts of the Central Continents Mystic Sun Guards would cause the Southern Wasteland to be so chaotic that it was about to be exterminated.

The fox races combat strength was the weakest among the Southern Wasteland big clans.

They were the first to be forced to fight to the death with the Central Continents Mystic Sun Guards.

“Do you know the love story between the Matriarch of the fox race who was suppressed here and the Central Continent Dynasty”

Hu Taisheng asked softly.

Han Muye remembered that the fox demon had once said that the world would be in chaos.

He had to make that person regret it.

That person was the scholar of the Central Continent Dynasty, the number one scholar in the world

“Back then, when my Matriarch transformed and went to the Central Continent, she became that scholars maidservant.

“At that time, the Prime Minister was just an ordinary scholar.

“My Matriarch fell in love with him and accompanied him for a hundred years.”

Hatred appeared on Hu Taishengs face.

He said in a low voice, “But that hypocrite suppressed my Matriarch here for 10,000 years for the sake of the so-called world.

“He only has his own Saint Great Dao in his heart.”

It was hard to tell if a story from 10,000 years ago was true or not, so Han Muye couldnt be bothered to investigate further.

Besides, the fox race had always been good at making up stories.

“What does this have to do with you coming here”

Han Muye looked at Hu Taisheng.

If Hu Taishengs answer did not satisfy him, he would attack.

He knew the answer.

At this moment, the scene of Hu Taisheng and Qin Lin forming an alliance appeared in his mind.

They both told him what they wanted.

“Because the Matriarch said that if the fox race was in trouble, take her jade bones and send them to the Central Continent.

“That person will protect the fox race.”

Hu Taishengs face revealed grief and indignation.

So what if he was jealous

In the end, wouldnt he have to use the Matriarchs jade bones to beg that person

How could he not bow his head for the sake of the entire fox race

It was the same for the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

In the past 300 years, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had been suppressed countless times, and many talented disciples had died.

Several Sword Pavilion elders had died.

Sect Master Jin Ze had ruined his path.

But in the end, didnt the Nine Mystic Sword Sect still have to guard the decree of the Spiritual Dao Sect and not take action

If the Core Formation realm did not take action and watched the sect master of the Wind Spiritual Sword Sect recuperate, he would be a great threat to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect in the future.

But in the Western Frontier, would the Nine Mystic Sword Sect dare to challenge the Spiritual Dao Sect

Would they dare to disobey the decree

The cultivation world was very realistic.

“Young Master Han, as long as you return the Matriarchs jade bones, the Demon Race of the Southern Wasteland will owe you a big favor.”

Hu Taisheng looked at Han Muye and said in a low voice, “This favor can help you step into that supreme realm at a critical time.

“There are very few opportunities like this in the Western Frontier.”

Supreme Realm, Heaven Realm

With the decline of cultivation in the Western Frontier and the suppression of the three major sects, very few outsiders could step into the Heaven Realm.

But there was still a chance in the Southern Wasteland.

A favor from the fox race was indeed tempting.

“I wont give you the jade bones.” Han Muye released the broken sword hilt in his palm and said calmly.

Hu Taishengs expression changed slightly.

He did not expect Han Muye to refuse.

With Han Muyes intelligence, how could he refuse

Since he refused, why did he leave his soul behind just now

“But let me tell you something.”

Han Muye looked at Hu Taisheng with a calm expression.

“Your Matriarchs soul has been reborn.”

Divine Soul Rebirth!

Hu Taisheng stared at Han Muye excitedly.


The soul of the Matriarch was much more useful than jade bones.

With the Matriarchs soul, that person would definitely protect the fox race!

“Sixth Brother took it away.”

Han Muye spread his hands.

Hu Taishengs eyes widened.

He wanted to say more, but Han Muye raised his hand and pointed.

Countless sword lights enveloped his soul body and turned into half a wooden staff.

Putting away his wooden staff, Han Muye took a deep breath and stood in front of the third floor window of the Sword Pavilion.

Outside the Sword Pavilion, immortal light lingered.

In the distance, mountains overlapped.

This was the Nine Mystic Mountain.

Immortal weather.

Unfortunately, the people here were still mortals.

Mortals had obsessions and worries.

The next day, Zhao Pu came to visit and chatted with Han Muye and the others for half a day.

Tuoba Cheng came out of seclusion and his cultivation improved greatly.

Zhao Pu brought back the demon bones.

Tuoba Cheng accepted him as his last disciple and he obtained the identity of a legacy disciple.

Zhao Pu had been looking forward to this legacy for more than 10 years.

This was supposed to make him happy.

However, he had seen Lin Shens combat strength in the Abyss Valley.

Lin Shens sword was stronger than several of his.

“Junior Brother Lin, actually, this legacy should be yours,” Zhao Pu said softly as he looked at Lin Shen.

Lin Shen laughed and shook his head.

“Ill be in the Sword Pavilion from now on.

Three Stones House is yours.”

Zhao Pu was silent for a moment, then nodded and left.

Watching Zhao Pu leave, Lin Shen sighed and said, “Senior Brother Zhao and I are not quick-witted.

Brother Han, its actually best for you to be in charge of Three Stones House.”

Han Muye smiled and waved his hand.

“I dont want to deal with those one-track minded guys every day.”

Three Stones House mainly focused on body refinement inheritance.

From Zhao Pu to the other disciples, their combat strength was very strong, but their brains were average.

Lin Shen grinned when he heard Han Muye say that.

Isnt it just the simplicity that I want

“Senior Brother Han, Ill go look for Sixth Brother.” Lin Shen turned around and looked at Han Muye solemnly.

“Lets not talk about anything else.

Im confident that I can deal with two or three peak Meridian Opening experts.”

Lin Shens combat strength was indeed extraordinary.

At least among the people from the Sword Pavilion, other than Han Muye, it should be him.

Han Muye didnt answer and looked into the distance.

Liu Hong, dressed in a white robe, flew over.

“As expected, Tang Second led hundreds of experts to intercept those traitors.”

Panting, Liu Hong recounted the information he had obtained.

Tang Chi led a group of experts to take a detour and stopped between Fengshou Mountain and the defected sect.

With these experts, it was really possible to intercept the defected sect.

If this battle went well, Tang Chis name would immediately spread throughout the Western Frontier.

“If its just to intercept these sects, its still fine.”

A faint sword qi rose from Han Muyes body.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and said softly, “Im just afraid that this rising elite of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect is unwilling to only intercept these sects.”

What does that mean

Liu Hong looked at Han Muye blankly.

Han Muye didnt explain.

He turned and walked into the Sword Pavilion.

When they reached the second floor of the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye took a deep breath and walked to the wooden shelf where the swords were placed.

Reaching out, he grasped the hilt.

A day later, when Han Muye walked down the Sword Pavilion again, Jiang Ming, Yang Mingxuan, and the others widened their eyes.

At this moment, Han Muyes temples were white, and he actually looked a little old.

However, his eyes were so bright that no one could look at him directly.

The 99 sword intents entered his Qi Sea, and his lifespan was constantly depleting.

This was the limit of the sword intent that his Qi Sea could withstand.

“Any news from Fengshou Mountain”

Standing in front of the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye spoke calmly.

His voice was hoarse.

Liu Hong nodded, not daring to look at him.

“Tang Second, stop the rebel sect.

Dont advance or retreat.

“On the Fengshou Mountain, the South Wasteland Army is going to receive these rebel sects.

They are attacking non-stop, and the battle is extremely intense.”

“Those rebellious sects.” Liu Hong lowered his head and said softly, “Weve found out Sixth Sister-in-laws identity…”

Han Muye nodded, straightened his clothes, and raised his hands.

An ancient sword case was slung across his back, with green and red light swirling on it.

He turned to look at Lu Gao, Lin Shen, and the others.

“Guard the Sword Pavilion well.”

He patted Liu Hongs shoulder and chuckled.

“When I return, Ill take you in.”

Liu Hong trembled and looked up excitedly.

“Uncle-Master, where are you going”

Sword light lit up on Han Muyes body, illuminating the entire space in front of the Sword Pavilion.

“To Fengshou Mountain.”


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