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Chapter 4104 – Obtaining the World Fruit

Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Without the bottle gourds holding him down, Pu Bai Xiong regained his freedom and lay on top of Yang Kai with his limbs stretched out.

With a grin, he said, “Brat, you’ve just obtained an invaluable treasure.

I’m telling you, these bottle gourds are all fresh and fleshy.

If you stew them… What are you doing”

Upon finishing his words, Pu Bai Xiong became horrified because Yang Kai was grabbing him and looking fervently at his head.

By just looking at Yang Kai’s eyes, he knew what Yang Kai was up to.

Hence, he hurriedly covered his head and barked, “Brat, you can’t do this to me because I’ve just risked my life to save you!”

Yang Kai gulped and said, “Just one will do.

You have so many grapes, so losing one more won’t matter.”

Without waiting for permission, Yang Kai pulled out a grape from Pu Bai Xiong’s head and stuffed it into his mouth.

The pure medicinal efficacies exploded in his mouth, and in an instant, he no longer felt exhausted as his energy was restoring at an incredible speed.

He had a taste of the medicinal efficacies of the grapes before, so he knew that they were extraordinary healing tonics.

That was the reason he decided to snatch another from Pu Bai Xiong.

Although the man surnamed Gou was knocked out by Little Mushroom, no one knew when he would wake up.

To prevent things from getting out of hand, Yang Kai decided to quickly restore himself first.

With his head covered, Pu Bai Xiong was seated on Yang Kai’s chest and cursed, “What an ungrateful man! I’ve saved you for nothing!”

As he scolded, he lashed out his roots at Yang Kai; however, given his abilities, he was unable to harm Yang Kai one bit.

After just half an hour, Yang Kai became energised again.

Although he hadn’t fully recovered, he had restored sixty percent of his strength, and the medicinal efficacies of the grape were still working.

Taking his own restorative abilities into consideration, Yang Kai estimated he would be back at full strength in a couple of days at most.

Seeing as Yang Kai got to his feet, Pu Bai Xiong hurriedly shut his mouth and appeared meek.

With a cautious gaze, he stole a glance at Yang Kai, and upon seeing that the latter didn’t seem to have the intention of settling scores with him, he buttered him up by saying, “Master, that gourd vine is a treasure.

You mustn’t miss it.”

Yang Kai didn’t need his reminder as he had suffered a setback because of that.

The reason the man surnamed Gou could even compete with him was all thanks to the gourd vine’s power.

Although he was fairly strong as well, he still wasn’t a match for Yang Kai without this Divine Medicine.

After telling Little Mushroom to come back, Yang Kai took the gourd vine from her and shook it, to which the seven bottle gourds said in unison, “Stop bothering us.

We’re sleeping!”

To the side, Pu Bai Xiong explained, “Master, there’s something you need to know about the gourd vine.

Whoever holds the vine can control these seven little things.”

“Is there no need to refine it” Yang Kai was stunned.

After giving it a thought, Pu Bai Xiong replied hesitantly, “Well, I think so”

After some deliberation, Yang Kai felt that just like what Pu Bai Xiong had said, a cultivator wouldn’t have to refine the gourd vine to utilize its power; after all, just like Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom, the vine was also a Divine Medicine, so how could one refine it

That also explained why after Little Mushroom took the gourd vine, she was able to make the bottle gourds return at once.

Upon that realization, Yang Kai was ecstatic.

The gourd vine was an incredible weapon.

Now that it was in his possession, his power would increase significantly.

Nevertheless, it was still an external aid.

To a cultivator, a powerful foundation was the most important.

Although Yang Kai was elated, he didn’t let it go to his head.

To him, the biggest value of the gourd vine was the Fifth-Order Elements these bottle gourds contained.

With this Divine Medicine in his possession, he could draw on an inexhaustible source of Fifth-Order Elements to create countless Fifth-Order Open Heaven Masters.

It was truly invaluable!

If this treasure fell into anyone’s hands, it would be kept as a trump card and not exposed easily; otherwise, that person would draw danger to themselves.

With caution, Yang Kai put the gourd vine inside the Small Sealed World, and upon realising that the Small Sealed World could accommodate this thing, he set his mind at ease.

Then, he directly planted the gourd vine in his medicine garden.

Although the Small Sealed World was also an independent world, its World Principles had their limits.

It could accommodate most living creatures, but it couldn’t hold Open Heaven Realm Masters or beings of equal strength inside it.

That was because an Open Heaven Realm Master had a Small Universe inside their body.

If such a being was forcefully put inside the Small Sealed World, it could cause the latter to crack and even shatter it.

Upon grabbing Little Mushroom and Pu Bai Xiong, Yang Kai placed them on his shoulders and shuffled forward.

After just a moment, he reached the man surnamed Gou.

The fact that he was snoring peacefully suggested that he was sound asleep, completely unaware that danger would soon befall him.

Although Little Mushroom had almost no offensive power, she was still a Profound Multi-Coloured Illusionary Mushroom that had assumed human form.

The man surnamed Gou had taken in her spores, so without some kind of antidote, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him continue sleeping for six months to a year.

Yang Kai crouched down and took off his opponent’s Space Ring before rummaging through it, but he couldn’t find any Identity Token.

The man surnamed Gou had repeatedly used the Shattering Dao Seal Technique and previously, Xu Zhen even suspected that he was from Purple Jade Cave Heaven.

If that were the case, he would certainly have an Identity Token.

This thing wasn’t only the symbol of his disciple status from a Cave-Heaven, but also a life-saving treasure containing a sealed Divine Ability left behind by his Master.

That was why Yang Kai had to be careful.

However, the fact that this guy didn’t possess an Identity Token suggested that he wasn’t from Purple Jade Cave Heaven.

The reason he was able to use Shattering Dao Seal Technique must be that it had been passed down to him by Jin Wu.

Just like how Zhu Jiu Yin taught Yang Kai a Secret Technique that allowed him to condense the Five Elements without follow the natural order, Jin Wu likely had a Bearer from Purple Jade Cave Heaven in the past, so it wasn’t surprising that he could use the Shattering Dao Seal Technique.

Upon making sure that there wouldn’t be any further danger, Yang Kai pushed out his palm as his power surged.

Following a grunt, the man surnamed Gou, who was snoring, exploded into mist, leaving no corpse behind.

Yang Kai didn’t have any mercy on him because the latter had the intention to end his life as well.

After he was done dealing with the man surnamed Gou, Yang Kai looked up at the only bubble left in this World.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this bubble was the key to controlling the World in this fruit.

Earlier, this world was made from countless gigantic bubbles; however, this particular bubble was only the size of a palm.

Yang Kai walked up to the bubble and examined it, but he couldn’t see anything special about it.

Then, he extended his hand and easily grabbed the bubble.

After he exerted more force with his hand, the bubble exploded with a pop.

Pu Bai Xiong exclaimed, “Master, you made it pop!”

There was a look of disbelief on Yang Kai’s face as well.

Just now, he hadn’t really used any force.

He never expected that this bubble would be so fragile.

Just when he wasn’t sure what to do, the world around him started spinning, and when he came to his senses, Yang Kai found himself standing beside a huge tree.

The tree crown was so wide that the entire sky seemed to have been covered.

There were also several thousand translucent fruits hanging on its branches.

It was none other than the 3,000 Worlds Tree!

[Have I come out] Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

Just when he was still trying to figure out what had happened, he realised there was something in his hand.

Upon closer look, he saw that it was a World Fruit.

Yang Kai wasn’t certain why the fruit appeared in his hand all of a sudden.

Just like the bubble he saw earlier, the fruit was only the size of a palm.

Yang Kai gulped as he looked at this translucent and fragrant fruit.

While Pu Bai Xiong stared fixedly at the World Fruit with a longing gaze, Little Mushroom gulped and said, “This fruit looks delicious!”

Yang Kai examined it and confirmed that it was indeed a Low-Rank World Fruit, which could help a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master ascend to the next Order, with the limit being the Third Order.

In other words, it was useless for a Third-Order cultivator to consume this fruit as it wouldn’t help them reach the Fourth-Order, which was already in the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm.

Only a Mid-Rank World Fruit was useful for a Third-Order cultivator.

He recalled that after he grabbed the last bubble in the World inside the fruit, he obtained the World Fruit.

Now, it seemed that the last bubble was indeed a key item.

At that instant, Yang Kai felt fortunate that he had gotten into a battle with the man surnamed Gou, which caused all other bubbles to burst; otherwise, he couldn’t have found such a small bubble.

This little thing was hidden among countless bubbles, so no one would notice it.

It was a shame that this was only a Low-Rank World Fruit.

Although it was valuable, it couldn’t be sold for a high price.

Then, Yang Kai glanced at the World Tree and became startled.

At this moment, there were still 2,999 fruits on the tree.

In other words, he was the only one who had obtained a fruit from this tree so far.

[Has no one else come out yet] Previously, several hundred people had entered the fruits and the battle between Yang Kai and the man surnamed Gou had lasted for days, so he thought that he would be lagging far behind the others.

He hadn’t expected that he would be the first to come out.

After gazing around, he took a look down the mountain and became astounded.

Pu Bai Xiong followed his gaze and asked doubtfully, “Master, what are you looking at”

“Those people!” Yang Kai looked down and saw many cultivators moving forward.

It seemed that they were going down the mountain.

These cultivators were the ones who had backed down.

Xu Zhen had said that even though these World Fruits were amazing, one would never get out if they couldn’t pass its test.

At that time, many people were terrified and decided to back down.

While it was difficult to come up to the peak, the road leading to the bottom of the mountain was also paved with danger.

From time to time, insect fog and lightning would strike them, which made them flustered.

A puzzled Pu Bai Xiong asked, “Why are you looking at them”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Don’t you find it strange We stayed inside the World in the fruit for over a month, so why are they still here”

Pu Bai Xiong pretended to give it a thought before nodding his head, “You’re right.

It’s indeed strange.”

Right then, Yang Kai’s gaze brightened, “Perhaps the passage of time inside the fruit is different from that in the outside world.”

The scuffle between the man surnamed Gou and him had lasted a month, but perhaps only a short time had passed in the outside world.

Thus, Yang Kai lifted his hand, whereupon a cultivator was pulled towards him.

This person was closest to Yang Kai, and he was evading a beam of lightning earlier.

Realising that he was back on the summit, he became despondent but was unable to shed a tear, “Senior Yang, please let me go.

I’m from Emperor Heaven, and our leader is your friend.

Please let me go!”

Yang Kai said gently, “Calm down.

I just want to ask you something.”

“Sir, please ask me straight away.

I’ll tell you all I know.”

“How long has passed since your leader entered the fruit”

Hearing that, the person became startled.

Although he had no idea why Yang Kai would bring up this question, he wouldn’t dare to hide anything from him so he hurriedly replied, “It has been roughly half an incense stick.”

[I knew it!] Yang Kai’s eyes brightened.

Just like what he had expected, the rate at which time passed inside the fruit was different from that of the outside world.


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