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Book 8: Chapter 109: Candra United Federation States

Four hundred kilometers south of the Lamaske Province, there was another province that once belonged to the Candra Empire, the Merinda Province.

Like the Lamaske Province, the Merinda Province had announced early on that they were leaving the central leadership of the Candra Empire.

But different from the Lamaske Province was that the Merinda Province didnt reach this point because of a worker riot, being forced to leave. The Merinda Provinces Governor Manor announced that they would no longer follow the orders of the Candra Empires parliament.

Although they didnt formally announce their independence, it was no different from if they did.

Now that the Candra Empires capital Wimbledon City had fallen into the hands of the Marlow Empires army, the Candra Empire could be considered destroyed. The Merinda Province didnt embrace the Marlow Empire like the northern provinces had and announced their self governance.

Out of the Candra Empires original thirty seven provinces, the Merinda Provinces display could be considered loyalty to the Candra Empires royal family to most people.

But the Merinda Provinces Governor Manor never made a statement, so no one knew what the Lord Duke Governor was really thinking.

After Wimbledon City fell and the Merinda Province declared their autonomy, the Merinda Provinces Governor Manor had always focused on stabilizing the Merinda Province and didnt make much contact with others.

With the efforts of Duke Valant, the Merinda Province had been stable and was considered a peaceful paradise in the Candra Empire.

This day, the Merinda Provinces Governor Manor welcomed a guest.

“Sir prime minister, I really am happy to be able to see you again.” Duke Valant stretched out his arms as he warmly hugged his guest. The full smile on his face showed that he truly was happy to see this guest.

The Candra Empires prime minister, Duke Rostov hugged Duke Valant before revealing a happy smile.

“Im also very happy to see you, Duke Valant.”

After letting go, Duke Rostovs eyes swept over Duke Valant before he said with an emotional sigh, “For the Merinda Province to be as stable as it is, it really has been hard on you, Duke Valant.”

Duke Valant revealed a faint smile, “As the lord here, this is my responsibility.”

Hearing the wordlord, Duke Rostovs brows knitted a bit before he calmed down. He said with a smile, “Being able to do this at this kind of time, its no wonder that his majesty had commended Duke Valant as one of the few loyal ministers of the empire that could be depended on.”

“His majesty” Duke Valants expression changed a bit before he revealed a smile and didnt continue this topic. He looked at the middle aged man who was beside Duke Rostov, “Chairman Montier, the cooperation that you discussed with me yesterday, could it be related to sir prime minister”

“Thats right.” The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Merinda Province branch chairman Reese Montier gave a nod with a faint smile, “Ive come with sir prime minister today to discuss this new cooperation project with the Lord Governor. I wonder, is the Lord Governor interested”

Duke Valant looked at Duke Rostov before turning back to chairman Montier and shaking his head with a smile, “If I said that I wasnt interested, how would the two of you respond”

Of course, this was only a joke.

After saying those words, Duke Valant invited the two of them to come in and have a seat.

“Sir prime minister, Ive heard……that after his majesty left Wimbledon City, he went to the Stantine Duchy. I didnt believe it at the time, but now it seems like it was true” After taking a sip of his tea, Duke Valant spoke first.

“Yes, his majesty went to the Stantine Duchy to ask for the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Duke Rostov spoke frankly, “Right now, his majesty has already reached a preliminary agreement with chairman Freya. This time, chairman Montier and I came together to discuss cooperation with the Merinda Province.”

“Cooperation” Duke Valant looked at chairman Montier, “Chairman Montier, Im very grateful to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces coordination with the Governors Manor during this time to help stabilize the provinces situation, but this cooperation that you mentioned now……”

Chairman Montier revealed a smile and took out a thick document from his bag that he gave Duke Valant.

“Lord Duke, this is the plan for the cooperation, please have a look.”

Duke Valant gave a nod. This was more like the Frestech Chamber of Commerces style, which confirmed that this was something that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce agreed with and it wasnt just something that he was discussing in secret with Duke Rostov and chairman Montier.

After picking up the packet, Duke Valant was shocked by the first few words he saw.

“Abolishing the empire system and changing to the Candra United Federation States formed from various provinces” Duke Valant was shocked as he looked at Duke Rostov and chairman Montier, “This……what does this mean”

Chairman Montier signaled to Duke Rostov with his eyes.

Duke Rostov gave a cough before explaining, “The Candra United Federation States is to have the provinces of the empire join up while having autonomy, forming a new country. It would have the same unity and power as the past empire, while also giving each province a large degree of autonomy, which would give each province their own power……”

With Duke Rostovs explanation, Duke Valant finally had a good idea of what the Candra United Federation States was.

“This means……that his majesty really isnt planning on restoring the honour of the empire and becoming the supreme emperor again”

Duke Rostov gave a bitter laugh, “Duke Valant, do you think……that theres a chance now”

Duke Valant was silent for a bit before shaking his head.


“Then thats that.” Duke Rostov said with a sigh, “If possible, his majesty would naturally want to restore the glory of the empire, but his majesty is wise and can clearly recognize the reality, knowing that this idea is impossible to implement. So he knows how to back off and at least maintain the original unity of the empire.”

Duke Valant was silent for a bit before giving a deep sigh. He shook his head, but he didnt say anything else as he read through the plan in his hand.

After a while, he suddenly knitted his brows and looked up to ask, “This united federation states needs a president”

“It is a country in name after all, so it needs a unified leader that would represent the will of the united federation states.” Duke Rostov explained with a faint smile.

“Then is his majesty planning on taking this position” Duke Valant asked.

“No, after everything his majesty has experienced, he knows to retreat. He no longer wants to participate in this matter. The one who is interested in this position is his highness Frank.”

“His highness Frank” Duke Valant nodded to show he understood.

If it was said that his majesty didnt care about face and ran to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for help in restoring the basic territory of the Candra Empire, but had no idea about the foundation of the Candra United Federation States, Duke Valant definitely wouldnt have believed it.

Now that his majesty had chosen to retreat and let his highness Frank come forward, this was a very wise choice. It would obtain the approval of many people.

After reading through the plan again, Duke Valant was silent for a long time before saying to chairman Montier with a deep voice, “Chairman Montier, I can see the shadow of chairman Xu in this plan.”

Chairman Montier started laughing, “Thats right. When this plan was being discussed, we solicited many suggestions from sir chairman.”

“Then what is chairman Xus final opinion on this plan”

“Sir chairmans original words were……Im just giving them a method, if the people of the Candra Empire arent willing to accept it, that is their matter.” Chairman Montier imitated Xu Yis tone as he said this.

“That means that chairman Xu hasnt made a clear statement”

“If sir chairman didnt support this plan, would he have given so many detailed suggestions” Chairman Montier said, “Sir chairman has already not cared about the matters of the Sines Continent for many years, but this time he put in his attention. He even held conference calls with the high level members many times, even giving them suggestions face to face.”

“Its like this……” Duke Valant gave a nod. He was silent for a while longer before finally turning back to Duke Rostov, “I have a rough understanding of your intentions, but sir prime minister, I cant give you a reply right now because I dont see any chance of success from this plan.”

“Even with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces help, you dont think its possible” Duke Rostov said in a surprised voice.

“Of course its possible if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to help with their full strength, but right now……” Duke Valant looked at chairman Montier and shook his head, “I cant see the Frestech Chamber of Commerces sincerity right now.”

Duke Rostov knitted his brows and wanted to say something, but chairman Montier took the initiative to say with a laugh, “Lord Governor is correct, the objective of us merchants is to exchange money for goods. We havent taken out enough valuable things, so naturally the Lord Governor wouldnt believe us that easily. Sir prime minster, dont you think so”

Duke Rostov looked at chairman Montier with knitted brows. After thinking about, he gave a nod.

Chairman Montier continued, “But I ask the Lord Governor to be assured, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt do anything without sincerity. Since we invited the Lord Governor to cooperate, we wouldnt just speak empty words. We will take some corresponding action that I believe will show the Lord Governor our sincerity.”

Duke Valant just gave an honest nod, “I look forward to it.”

Chairman Montier and Duke Rostov exchanged a look before standing up together and leaving.-

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