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(Thursday 24th 2019)

(Ocean high-school)

( Maxwell John Drake and some other male and female friends were all seated at the lunch table)

Random girl 1 " Senior Max, I heard you started dating some girl in class 5" in a whiney tone.

Random girl 2 " Aww" in a sad tone. " Is that true senior?"

John " Yap! thats right ladies Mr perfect is now officially off the table" he says as he laughs.

Random girl 2 " No senior, come on don tell me you actually fell for that plane jane"

Random girl 1 " Yeah you can possibly like her when you have girls like us with you, am I right" seductively puts her hands on Maxwell.

Drake " Come on now girls, lay off the man hes taken now so you shouldn get all up in his space like that"

Random " Aww senior Drake, I was only showing him that we

e all her if he ever needs us"

Drake " Just let it be Drake"

Random girl 2 " See senior, senior Max does care about us!!"

Drake" Hmmm" looks at Maxwell with an uneasy expression.

(Later that day after school)

(Maxwell just arrived at the train station to meet up with Ella)

Maxwell " Oh no Im late, I really hope she hasn been waiting long " he says as she rushes to the waiting area.

(He finally arrives at the waiting area and there he sees Ella waiting by herself, he couldn help but notice her long red gown that showed off her petite yet appealing body, seeing her he could only wonder is it true that when you see someone everyday in the same clothing they appear less beautiful than they really are, he was shocked to see he had never noticed he luscious brown hair and crystal caramel eyes with her light brown skin that all just blended beautifully. As he stopped for a second to admire her beauty she faced him and their yes locked together, she smiled gently as she waved at him with her little purse in hand. "Senior" she called out for Maxwell in a soft voice as she approached him. Maxwell then noticed Ella was extremely nervous as she was shacking all the way to her feet.)

Maxwell " Hey there, hope you weren waiting for long"

Ella " Oh no don worry I actually just got here" she says in a shaky tone.

Maxwell " Well thats a relief, it would be bad if I let someone beautiful as you all by your self" he then hands over the gift hed brought" here i got you some flowers"

Ella" Thank you senior!, so shall we go?" she smiles brightly holding the flowers tightly.

Waw Ella is looking gorgeous right now, Im sure any guy would kill to be going out with her right now and even to be her boyfriend, but instead of someone who can really love her shes stuck with me, I may not be able to love her the way she deservers but I can at least try to make her happy even if its just for tonight.

Maxwell " Yeah lets go" smiles softly.

(The movie theater)

Maxwell " So what do you want to see?"

Ella "Well theres this really nice romance movie that Ive wanted to see for a while"

Maxwell " Uhm...romance? isn there any other genre you wanna see"

Ella "Hmm?" looks at Maxwell with a confused look on her face " Whats wrong senior? you don like romance films?"

Maxwell " Well its complicated you see its not like I don like them I just don think... well I just don think...mmm" Maxwell mumbles.

What are am I doing, Im mumbling right in front of Ella, but I can watch a romance with her, something like that thatll ruin my image in front of her, no I have to find a way to get out of this to stall for now.

Maxwell " Well you see I just don think a romance is the best for a first date you know"

Ella " Aww no I really want to see this film though!!" makes sad puppy eyes at Maxwell.

( People begin to whisper at the couple saying things like " Is that guy making her cry" " what an asshole" " such a jerk" "hes king of cute though")

Oh no people are starting to look!!, I don really like to draw attention to myself, and I really don want to make Ella sad, but isn she being a little too pushy about the genre of the movie I mean does it really matter what kind we watch.

Maxwell "Okay okay fine we can watch the romance film no need to get so worked up" says Maxwell hesitantly.

Well there no backing out now, Ill just have to keep myself together.

Ella " Oh really thanks senior!! come on lets go get the tickets, I promise youll love it" smiles sinisterly.

( Ella and Maxwell make their way to the ticket booth then finally enter the theater)

< I want to embrace you once more under the warm sun Jois, tomorrow I will wait for you under the tree and if you decide to come I will brandish our love in holy matrimony but if departure with your family and that deceitful man is what you choose then I will still wait under the tree for hours days months and years till my soul leaves this earth I will wait for you my love because what is a man who does not have a heart, and when the time comes that I am no longer of this earth all I wish is for you to remember me fondly with the memories of our time together>

Maxwell "Ahhhh!!! Haaaaa! (sobbing) noo! why would she leave, this is so sad!! I can help it" Maxwell wails.

(Though Maxwell has been on many dates and has had many movie dates as well he would always be cautious about what hed watch on those dates and him being the handsome charming guy he is all the girls would happily agree to anything Maxwell preferred to watch, but todays date was with a girl who wouldn take no for an answer and thus Maxwell found himself in quiet the dilemma now that he has been forced to watch a romance film in public he could no longer hide the fact that he was the type of guy who would get anxious and always break out in tears while watching a romantic film)

Ella " Oh!! Maxwell I didn know you were so passionate about romance films" chuckles silently.

(Outside the theater after the movie ended)

Hhhh oh man I totally screwed up in there, Im sure she doesn want anything to do with me anymore, damn how could I let my guard down like that. I don know what to do, but Ella hasn said anything yet Im such a fool, Im just gonna go back to my old life. HHHH hhhh Im starting to lose my cool again, it feels like I can breathe I don want to go back.

Ella " Hahaha" Ella laughs gently " wasn that movie great senior"

Maxwell "Huh?"

What? she isn disgusted by me?

Ella " So senior, Its still pretty early so do you want to get out of here, If your not busy or anything"

After I disgraced myself in the theater she still wants to hang out with me?

Ella "Senior?"

Maxwell "Uhm.... Yeah sure lets go get a drink or something"

Ella " Alright!!" smiles cheerfully.

( Maxwell and Ella explore the town stopping at various attractions around the city, Ella smiles all through as she drags Maxwell through the town making him do things he wouldn usually try on a date him being too anxious to let his guard down, but as time flies and the night begins to fall Maxwell begins to also laugh and smile with Ella as this date slowly comes to end)

( At the train station)

Ella " And when the clown put his hand on that girl I just couldn hold in my laughter"

(both laugh)

Ella " Well Senior Its getting pretty late I should get going and thanks for today"

Maxwell " Wait a second don thank me your the one that made us go to all those places and...you might think Im lame for asking this but I have to know, earlier in the theater when I went and made a total fool of myself why didn you make fun of me or just leave me there, there was no need for you to make yourself look bad by staying with me, I mean Im supposed to be the Maxwell Freeman but I got emotional while watching a movie, how pathetic"

"hahah" Ella chuckles. " Well senior the truth is I was actually relieved in a way when I saw the way you watched the movie with so much passion and even though some would say that wasn exactly perfect behavior, I say Its great to see that there are still people who can show so much passion when doing the simplest things and even though you don always show it, it was nice to see that part of you that was so lively and passionate about something, even if it was just a movie it made me so happy" smiles gently at Maxwell " and also senior I know that back when you accepted to being my boyfriend it was just to save me from embarrassment in front of my class mates and honestly that just made my love for you grow even more and then you even went through the trouble on taking me out on this date and you were so nice to me even when even I knew you didn like me that way I still went along with it and that was so selfish of me so I apologize but I also want to promise you that no matter what it takes I will win you over, I want to to make you happy and be like a warm light in your life that brings you joy and that makes you smile and I wanna give you all the love in my heart senior"

Maxwell " Ella" in a shaky voice.

Ella \ Anyway senior Ill leave now" rushes into the train.

Ella....shes such a great girl.


( Ocean high)

(Assembly ground)

" Hey senior looking great today" " Waw senior you look even better than usual"

Maxwell " Hello ladies thanks for the complements"

Drake " Whats up bro, your looking happy today"

John " Yeah come on tell us, see a cute girl on your way?"

Maxwell " Well you could say my lifes gotten a little brighter"

John " Ha! if you say so lover boy "

Headmaster " Alright students please be quiet and for those students participating in the double promotion exams please be ready to take it this afternoon and now a speech from the student body president"

Ive gotten a light in my life now, its been one thing after another these few weeks but I can wait to see where it goes.

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