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Chapter 25: This Person was Bai Qi!

As soon as she entered the classroom, a few more of her classmates went closer, wanting to find out why she did not attend class.

Zhang Li Xue explained that her father got into an accident and told them that he was now recuperating well. The classmates began to discuss on accident. A few minutes later, they got distracted and their conversation shifted into something else.

Soon, the crowd started to disperse.

Zhang Li Xue took a deep breath and chatted with her deskmate, Fang Su Jin.

At this time, the chubby boy in class, Meng Hao walked over to their table. The boy placed a few pieces of candy on the table and smiled shyly. “Li Xue, you havent shown up in school for a few days. I saved a few candies for you.”

“Thank you, Meng Hao.” Zhang Li Xue picked took the candies and hid them in her bag quickly. If their teacher saw them, her candies might be confiscated later on.

“Its good to see that you have returned,” Meng Hao said. “I hope that you can cheer up.”


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The group of kids chatted for a while until their classroom teacher entered. The kids scattered to their places and listened to their teachers instructions.

Zhang Li Xue finally remember that she had planned to find Bai Qi when the lesson began. By then, it was too late for her to go and find Bai Qi.

The little girl exhaled a long sigh.

It seemed that she will have to rush out after school to find Bai Qi. Now that she knew where his classroom was, Zhang Li Xue planned to head over.

The class continued as usual. It has been a while since she had attended class and the little girl was having so much fun with her friends.

Still, Zhang Li Xue made a note to herself so that she would not forget that she had a mission.

Once the class ended, Zhang Li Xue grabbed her bag and rushed out to leave.

Her deskmate, Fang Su Jin watched as she run off with a puzzled look on her face. However, thinking that Zhang Li Xue was probably anxious to return home and see her father, Fang Su Jin decided to shrug it off.

Meanwhile, Zhang Li Xue finally arrived in front of Bai Qis classroom.

The little girl looked around and could not hide her disappointment when she could not find the person she was looking for.

Zhang Li Xue stopped a senior sister who was walking out of the classroom anxiously. “Hello, sister. Is this Bai Qis class Is he not here today”

The elder sister looked at Zhang Li Xues adorable face and wondered why would she come to look for Bai Qi. “Bai Qi He had left the classroom a couple of minutes ago. Little sister, you might be able to catch up with him if you hurry.”

Her eyes lit up. Zhang Li Xue thanked the elder sister and run off to catch up with Bai Qi. She was afraid that if she was too late, it would be hard to find the chance to look for the boy again.

Her eyes were looking around as she looked for Bai Qi. Zhang Li Xue tried to recall the bag he was carrying but she did not remember anything.

Just as they were approaching the gate, Zhang Li Xue finally found the person she was looking for. She dashed forward and grabbed the boys wrist. She tugged at his hand causing the boy to turn around.

Her eyes lit up brightly when she saw his face.

She had guessed it right! This person was Bai Qi!

Meanwhile, Bai Qi was looking at the little girl with a surprised look on his face. Early this morning, he had wanted to look for this little fairy but had missed his chance when she was surrounded by her classmates.

Bai Qi had thought that he would have to find her again tomorrow. But who would have thought that the girl would be coming to look for him instead

“Li... Xue” Noticing that they were in the middle of the path, Bai Qi pulled her over aside. He noticed that the girl was catching up her breath and guessed that she should be running over. A thought came to his mind, but Bai Qi quickly dispersed it. “Are you... looking for me”

The little girl nodded her head enthusiastically. “Ive been looking for you.”

The light that beginning to dim in his eyes was lit up again.

Bai Qi thought that it was silly how he could be this happy upon hearing her words.


Zhang Li Xue thought over what had happened a few weeks ago. “You... are you still angry Last time, Brother Zhen Yu pushed you.”

Bai Qi lowered his gaze as he recalled the incident. The incident made him uncomfortable. But he was not angry.

His gaze fell on their hands. It seemed that Zhang Li Xue had not noticed that she was still holding his hand.

Bai Qi wanted to pull his hand away, but he was unwilling to do so. He seemed to like the feeling of her soft hands against his.

“Im not angry,” Bai Qi spoke.

Zhang Li Xue was relieved. As she thought that she was not going to lose this teammate, made her happy. She had the urge to lurch over and hug him.

“Then, you will still come over for practice right”

Bai Qi hesitated.

He had known Mu Zhen Yu for a while and did not doubt that the boy would be telling Li Xue about what he had done at the wedding. Then, does it mean that she did not mind

“You still wanted to play with me Li Xue, you dont mind it” Bai Qi saw her puzzled look and hesitated. “Im sure that Mu Zhen Yu had told you right What I have done at your aunts wedding”

Zhang Li Xue had forgotten this matter.

If Bai Qi did not mention it, she would not remember what Mu Zhen Yu had told her.

The little girl stared at the boys face, wondering if he was worried about this matter. “But you have apologized.” Her face turned pink as she recalled another matter. “Then, I also kicked you and havent apologized for it.”

Her mother had reminded her the next time she saw the boy, she have to apologize since she had done something wrong.

A long time has passed but she only found the chance to apologize now.



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