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28 Not Built to Last

“Im cumming! Ahhhh!” I cried out when my climax suddenly arrived.

I cried so loudly that I was ashamed of my lack of control as my orgasm claimed my mind and took over my body. My pussy spasmed wildly around his cock as my entire body trembled. Kyles cock pounded into my hole faster and I knew that he was close to his release as well. His groans of pleasure got louder as he raced towards his own release.

“Rina! Oh...yeah...your pussy feels so good...” he groaned.

After a few forceful thrusts, I felt his body still behind me a moment before his hot release shot deep inside of me. He came inside of me in waves as he planted his seed inside of my love hole. He moaned and I whimpered as he continued to fill me up deep inside. The heat of his release filled my lower


**Back to the present**

The cold wind blew harshly against my face, fluttering my long hair around my face. I didnt know why Kyle wanted to meet me so suddenly like this. A little before lunch break, I got a text from him to meet him on the rooftop of our office building. It was unusual for him to ask to meet me close to the office, let alone at the office itself, since dating between employees is strictly prohibited in our company.

The punishment for dating in the office was harsh and simple: Immediate job termination. I wasnt sure who came up with this rule, but this long-standing rule is known to be absolute leading to zero romantic relationship in the office. Well, at least publicly known romantic relationships were non-existence.

Kyle and I have been secretly dating for over two years now. We first met each other in the orientation for new staff at Jessens & Hills company, the largest multimedia production company in this country. Although we were joining different departments, we met during a group activity and hit it off right away.


Kyle is kind, friendly and very handsome with his blond hair and striking light blue eyes. It was love at first sight for both of us as we noticed our chemistry for each other right away. Within days, we kept in touch and went on dates. From there things moved quite fast and we were officially a couple within a few days of meeting.

I loved everything about Kyle especially his supportive nature and how open and kind he is towards me. My closest friends adore him and envies me for being able to snatch up such a good catch like him. Kyle was also a good cook, and he was outstandingly amazing in bed. This is something I found out on our first date when we went directly to a hotel to spend a passionate night together after having a few drinks. Our attraction to each other was that strong, we couldnt wait to test each other out in bed.


That was around two years ago. I smiled as I thought back on the first night we spent together. The first of the many wild nights that were to follow. Its been more than two years now since weve been dating, and I still get the butterflies when Im with him. I work in the design department while Kyle works in planning. Our department gets to work with each other sometimes but so far, to our relief, we have never been staffed on the same team.

Looking down at my phone screen at the message he sent, I wonder what he wanted to talk about so urgently that we needed to meet here during our lunch break. No need to overthink things though, Kyle should be here any moment now.

“Rina...” I heard Kyles familiar voice call my name and I immediately turned around to face him.

“Kyle...its unusual for you to call me out here,” I greeted him, showing my surprise.

“Its cold so...Ill make this quick,” Kyle began before pausing as if considering his words.

“Ok...” I said with a bit of confusion.

“Rina...lets break up,” Kyle said in a soft voice that I almost didnt catch what he said.

I didnt just hear what I just heard, did I

“...What” I replied blankly in shock.

“Im sorry, Rina. I think we should end our relationship here,” Kyle said as he gently took my hand in his.

“What Why” I asked in shock.

“Im sorry, Rina,” Kyle repeated his apology but didnt answer any of my questions.

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“If theres something that you want me to fix, I would gladly do it. Please, Kyle,” I said truthfully, my voice shaking as tears threatened to fall from my eyes. I didnt want to cry...not right now in front of Kyle.

Kyle went silent and I could tell that his decision was firm. For some reason, Kyle wanted to break up with me. I surely did not see this coming. At all.

“Ok...” I whispered in defeat. If he truly wanted to end this, there was nothing more I could do or say.

I nodded at him and pretended that I was fine. However, my face felt numb, and it took all that I had to keep myself from breaking down right then and there. I wish that he would just walk away now that he was done saying what he wanted to say. I just want to be left alone right now.

“Thank you for everything...lets keep in touch,” Kyle said vaguely.

Such nice and pretty words but with no real intention behind them. He didnt want to keep in touch, and to be honest, neither did I. Hanging around my ex was not really my thing and I never believed in a friendship after a breakup either. At least, that sort of relationship never worked out for me.

“Yeah...” I also replied vaguely while wishing with all my heart that he would just shut up and leave. The wind that was howling all around me suddenly felt a hundred times colder than before. Although he was standing directly in front of me, I have never felt so alone as I did in that moment.

–To be continued...



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