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Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss R18 Chapter 26

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26 Pleasure from His Fingers

Our kiss deepened when his tongue thrusted deeply inside my eagerly awaiting mouth. He tasted me as his tongue mingled with mine in a passionate dance. My body started responding to his seductive caresses and actions. He changed the angle of our kiss a couple of times, each time deepening our kiss. He was such a good kisser and I found myself wanting even more of him. His hand slide down from my waist to caress the side of my hip before stroking its way down even further to my thighs.

I moaned into our heated kiss as our tongue continued to grind hungrily against each other. His other hand cupped my breast over my clothes, and I let out another soft moan of pleasure. My body felt hot with need as desire clouded my brain. I no longer paid any attention to the movie as my attention shifted to the pleasure that Kyle was making me experience.

“Kyle...maybe we should...stop” I whimpered weakly when he finally broke our heated kiss.

“Shhh...let me play with you some more,” Kyle said lustily as his hand began squeezing and kneading my breast.

It felt so good. He was being a little rough, but I loved how he stimulated my breasts and nipples through my clothes. I threw my head back and moaned while feeling thankful for the loud sound effects of the movie. While his hand continued pumping my breasts in turn, his other hand stroked my thighs until my legs felt weak from the pleasure. He kissed my lips again as his hand slipped under the hem of my dress. The heat of his hand against my thigh felt so good and I was eagerly anticipating what was to come next as his hand slowly slid up the inside of my thighs teasingly.

“Spread your legs...” Kyle whispered seductively in my ears.

His hand nudged my thighs apart as he urged for me to spread my legs for him. I knew that he wanted but I felt slightly embarrassed. I have never done anything like this in public before. Although it was dark and no one could see us clearly, I was still very conscious that we were inside a movie theatre. There werent many people around but there were still people. His exploring hand stroked its way up my inner thighs until I felt the pressure of his hand against my crotch.

My core throbbed with heat, and I knew that I was already wet down there. Kyle pressed his hand skillfully against my love opening through the thin fabric of my panties. My body reacted so strongly to him, and I felt my legs loosening. It wasnt long before I was willingly parting my legs to welcome his touch. I wanted him to touch me more and pleasure my throbbing pussy.

“Youre so wet. Your panties are completely soaked here...” he whispered teasingly into my ear.


His dirty and naughty words filled my senses and turned me on even more than before. His fingers began stroking my wet opening through my panties and I moaned louder in response. He hasnt touched me directly yet, but it already felt so good. I couldnt wait for him to touch me there.

“Ahhh...Kyle...” I moaned and whimpered his name.

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“Does doing it in public excite you” he asked seductively.

I bit my lower lip to stifle my moans of pleasure as I felt his fingers pulling the thin fabric that was covering my sopping wet love hole to the side. I felt the air in the theatre against my wet pussy before it was quickly replaced by the heat of his fingers.

“Ahhh...yes...” I moaned from the intense pleasure of his fingers stroking my wet slit.

His fingers skillfully stroked up and down my wet opening. It felt so good that my hips had started thrusting up and down against his fingers. Although I tried to bite on my lower lip, I couldnt keep my moans of ecstasy from growing louder and louder.

“Shh...keep your voice down. You dont want anyone to see us doing this, right” Kyle whispered into my ear.

I couldnt tell if he was being serious or if he was just teasing me for the fun of it. Kyle made matters worse for me by nibbling on my earlobe before licking my ear. He kissed and sucked on my ear before inserting the tip of his tongue into my ear. It tickled but it felt so good. The dirty sound of his sucking and kisses filed my senses as his fingers began stroking me faster down there. His fingers found my swollen clit and began stimulating it in circular motions. I cried out his name as my hips moved up and down in abandon, grinding my clit against his fingers.

“Ahh...Oh...Ahh...” I moaned before I had to place my hand over my mouth to shut myself up.

Kyle pinched the little nub in between my legs a few times before rolling it in between his fingertips. My core grew hotter in desire, and I felt a gush of hot wetness spurting out from the hole in between my legs. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter as my love juices poured out non-stop.

“Youre wetting my fingers. Do you want me to ** you with my fingers” Kyle offered knowingly.

I didnt have to reply to him. In the next instant, Kyle screwed two fingers deeply into my sopping wet hole. I screamed into my hand as I closed my eyes tightly. His thick and long fingers stretched my love opening. It felt so good to be stretched and filled. Sensing that I had adjusted to his fingers, Kyle began thrusting his fingers in and out of my hole.

Just like he had offered, Kyle was **ing my cunt with his fingers. It felt mind-blowingly good. My pussy clenched and spasmed wildly around his fingers as it tried to suck his fingers in even deeper. Kyle moved his fingers in and out of my hole, always thrusting it back at a slightly different angle. It felt so good that I felt like I was about to lose my mind. My hips rocked in rhythm to his fingers pumping fast and deep into my wet hole.

–To be continued...



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