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24 Productive Weekend

“Should I walk you to the closest station Is not far from here,” he offered.

“That would be nice,” I replied with a smile.

I love the feel of my hand in his as we walked side-by-side. I enjoyed his company and was conscious of the way that he was holding my hand. We shared small talk and every time he would turn to smile at me, my heart would skip a beat. I was so in love with his smile and probably everything else about him.

“Thank you for walking me here,” I said sweetly when we arrived at the station.

“Have a safe trip back home,” Kyle said before placing a large hand on top of my head.

That gentle gesture put a smile to my lips, and I felt my heart skipped a beat again. He really knows how to get to my heart. After smiling at him, I boarded the train and was on my way home. I waved to him through the window, and he waved back until I couldnt see him anymore.


Saturday arrived in a blink of an eye. After two days of orientation and three days of working at the design department, the weekends have finally arrived. I was so excited about my first weekend date with Kyle that I couldnt catch a wink of sleep the night before. I spent almost the whole night tossing and turning in bed and thinking about what outfit I should wear for tomorrow. Although we were just going to visit some apartments to help me pick a new place for myself, I couldnt help but look forward to our day tomorrow.

I hoped that the apartments that we will be visiting would be what I was looking for, and that Ill end up with a rent contract in my hands by the end of tomorrow. My mother was right, commuting from home to work became a challenge. After a week of doing that, I was undoubtedly tired of travelling back and forth across long distances. I guess moving out as soon as possible is probably the right option after all.


After a long while tossing and turning in bed, I finally fell asleep. The sound of the alarm the next morning woke me up and I bolted upright in bed. Unlike other the mornings where I would laze around in bed before getting up, I got out of bed immediately and headed for the shower. After that, I rummaged through my closet trying to find the right outfit.

I thought that I had envisioned the right outfit that I would wear today last night. But when I tried it out, it just didnt look right. Maybe this skirt is a little too short. Maybe this shirt makes my chest look flat. I tried on a couple of outfits and in the end settled with a dress. It was a light pink dress with flowery patterns. I thought it looked cute and wasnt too revealing.

After applying some makeup, I glanced at my watch and found out that I should leave right now. If I didnt leave now, I risked running late and I didnt want Kyle to wait. After rushing to get on the train, I somehow managed to arrive at our appointment place in time. When I arrived at the train station, Kyle was already waiting for me.

“Did you wait long” I asked breathlessly.

“Not at all. Actually, I just got here,” he replied calmly with a smile.

I could feel his eyes looking up and down my body, and I hoped that he liked what he was seeing.

“My car is parked this way,” he said invitingly.

I glanced down as I felt something warm encompass my hand and found that he had held my hand in his. He smiled at me, and I smiled back as I let him lead me to where he had parked his car. Our first stop was at a real estate agency that Kyle had chosen. When we arrived, we were greeted by a middle-aged man who was supposed to take us to see the apartments that we were interested in.

“Welcome to our agency. So today well be visiting these three places and hopefully youll like one of them,” he greeted us with a pleasant smile.

The three places that Kyle had helped me shortlist during our dinner were where we were headed today. Just like the man had just said, I hoped that I would like one of them so that I didnt have to waste more time searching for accommodations.

“Lets go then, Kyle,” I said enthusiastically.

“Yes, lets,” Kyle readily agreed.

The first apartment that we visited was in a pretty modern building. It was conveniently located close to a subway station and a grocery store as well. However, the room was a little on the small side, but the convenient location probably overcompensated for that.

“What do you think” Kyle asked.

“I like it. Its simple and clean. The location is works well too,” I replied as I looked around the room.

“The balcony should let in a lot of sunlight and and air flow,” Kyle added.

“Lets go see the second apartment,” I suggested.

“Sure, lets go,” Kyle readily agreed.

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The second apartment building wasnt that far away from the forest. The location of the second apartment was also great, but it was a walk farther from the closest subway station. To compensate for that, the building was newer and looked cleaner. The room was also slightly bigger. However, the rent was a little higher.

“Do you like this place” Kyle asked.

“I think its fine. What do you think” I asked for his opinion.

“Youre the one whos going to be living here,” he reminded me with a small laugh.

“I guess youre right about that...” I mumbled as I looked around the room.

The room was clean, and it had all the basics. Honestly, I didnt have a clear preference between the first and the second option.

“Maybe we should go see the third option now,” Kyle suggested.

–To be continued...



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