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21 Desperate Passion

It was fast and intense. His hot hands reached in front of me to squeeze my breasts while he continued to pound his large member in and out of my woman hole. I clenched around him to suck him in deeper inside of my cave. I cried out his name when he pinched my nipples simultaneously while his cock hit deep inside of me.

“Kyle...Im cumming!” I screamed loudly with abandon before the world went white as my orgasm hit me hard.

“Me too,” he panted his reply.

I felt Kyles body tremble as he came after thrusting hard into me a couple of times. He hugged me from behind as we both slid down onto the floor right there in the doorway. We didnt even make it to the bed in our rush to have each other.

I never knew that sex could feel this good. Ive never had sex this satisfying before.

After catching our breath, we made our way to the bed where we continued to make love all throughout the night. I gave my body to him over and over again until we were both exhausted from our wild coupling. At some point, I must have passed out. When I woke up the next morning, I found myself in Kyles loving arms.

We decided to become a couple immediately when we both woke up the following morning. It just felt so natural that he didnt even have to ask. We connected well on so many levels and we got along great as well. Kyle was loving, kind, and extremely good looking. He was everything that I was looking for in a man and I was glad that he wanted me too. It wasnt just our character that got along famously well with each other, our bodies were also very compatible in bed...and out of bed...

“Im so happy that we met and that we did...what we did...” Kyle whispered seductively into my ear and I found myself blushing red at his loving words.

“Me too...” I replied with the only words that I could think of.


Everything moved so fast between us, but it felt so right. I blushed a little more as I thought of the passion that we shared last night. I soon found out that there was nothing to fear at all because there was no awkwardness between us at all when morning arrived. There was just love and our laughter as we enjoyed more of each other company. Kyle continued to hold me in his strong arms as I nuzzled my face into his muscular chest. He smells so good and the warmth in his embrace helped me to relax. After cuddling in bed for a while, we both came to the realization that we had to go to work.

“I wish that I could spend the whole day with you in bed but unfortunately, we both have to go to work...” Kyle said regretfully as he flashed me a saddened smile.

“Thats ok. Well have a lot more time to spend together in the future,” I replied reassuringly.

“Lets head to work separately,” Kyle suggested casually.

At first his suggestion confused me, but it didnt take me very long to figure out the reason behind his strange suggestion. It almost slipped my mind that our company does not condone dating or any kind of romance between employees. Yet despite that strict rule, Kyle and I had decide to start dating in secret.

“Youre right. It would be bad if anyone saw us...” I said as I watched Kyle get up from the bed.

In the end, we decided for Kyle to head to the office first and I would follow separately around 15 minutes after. That worked well in my favor because he required a lot less time than I did to get ready for work in the morning.

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“Have a good day at work!” I told him enthusiastically.

Kyle was at the door when he turned back and pulled me into a firm hug before his lips found and captured mine in a sweet kiss that left my heart pounding wildly in my chest. I found myself blushing as I smiled back at him.

“You sound like a housewife,” Kyle teased me.

Now that he had pointed it out, I guessed I did sound a little like a housewife sending her husband off to work in the morning.

“Stop teasing me. You should head to work now,” I said as I tried to hide my shyness.

“Take care of yourself, Rina,” Kyle said and I could feel the care that he felt for me.

I waved my hand at him until he exited the room and the door closed firmly behind him. Noticing that I hardly had any time to spare, I quickly gathered myself and began preparing to go to work.


Since I didnt make it home the night before, I discovered with dread that my mother had left many miscalls on my mobile. While on my way to work, I decided to give her a call. This had never really happened before, so I bet that she was super worried about me. I didnt quite have an excuse prepared when my mother answered the call.

“Rina” my mother said questioningly through the phone.

She sounded so worried but relief at the same time.

“Im sorry for disappearing on you. The company had an event last night for new recruits and it ended very late so I decided to stay over at my friends place,” I quickly explained.

I hated lying to my mother but technically it wasnt that far from the complete truth. It just didnt seem necessary for me to tell her that I ended up having sex with a colleague.

“You should have called. I was so worried about you, you know Im glad that youre fine,” my mother replied and relief flooded her voice.

“Im so sorry, mum. Ill see you later tonight when I get home, ok Sorry but I have to hang up now, I need to work...” I said apologetically.

“Alright then, see you...” my mother replied before the line disconnected.

–To be continued...



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