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18 Wanting More of Him

At the end of the workday, our team headed to a restaurant that one of the members helped to book. The restaurant was quite small, but it served very interesting foods and the atmosphere was one of the best things about the place. The orange and dim light was the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing dinner after a tiring and long day of team building exercises. Everyone was in high spirits and after ordering our food, everyone started chatting immediately.

For most of the people it was their first fulltime job. Only two people had a fulltime job prior to this one and had moved over from another company. Overall, everyone was extremely excited to get a chance to work for this company and obviously I shared the same sentiment as everybody else in my team.

“Is anyone still looking for a place to stay close to the office” Susanna asked.

“Im actually still searching for a place. My old place is very far from the office, so I was hoping to find a place closer,” I chimed in.

“I think I know a few good real estate agencies,” Kyle said as he turned to look at me.

Kyle was sitting next to me, and I wasnt sure if it was just my own imagination, but I felt like he was sitting a little close, not that I minded.

“Would you mind showing me the list I did some research last night but Im still not sure whether these agents that I found are trustworthy or not,” I said.

“Sure thing,” Kyle replied enthusiastically.

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“Do you already have a place, Kyle” another member of the team asked.


“Yes, I already got a place,” he replied casually.

It seemed that Kyle was well prepared for starting this new job. He had a place, and he also had a car. For some reason, I felt like he came from a well-off family, and it showed in everything that he does. His mannerism, the way he carried himself, the clothes that he had on, the fact that he had a car and so on.

The conversation quickly steered away to more cheerful topics as the people started talking about their potential bosses and what they thought their new bosses were going to be like. That reminded me of the devil CEO rumors that were floating around in the lobby of the building from this morning. From my personal experience of running into Ace a couple of times, it wasnt hard for me to imagine him being a devil CEO.

I definitely could see him being very strict, mischievous, and perhaps even on the edge of evil. Despite all that, I didnt doubt for a moment that he had the skills to really take this company forward and I was excited and anxious to see what changes he would bring now that he had taken over this company from his father.

The food tasted great, and it wasnt too greasy. There was just a decent amount of spice to it. When dinner came to an end, and everyone was excited to head off to our next destination which was a nearby bar. Apparently one of the girls on the team knew a bartender who worked there, and I didnt ask for any more details. The bar was small, but it seemed to cater to a very niche clientele. Just like the restaurant, the atmosphere was great for conversing and just chilling out.

“What would you like for a drink” Kyle asked.

I turned towards him as he handed me a small drinks menu.

“Im actually not very good at ordering these things because I dont really drink...” I replied honestly.

“Hmm...then what about a cocktail,” Kyle suggested as he pointed to a cocktail with a mix of apple juice.

“Sure, Ill trust you on this one,” I replied before smiling sweetly at him.

We were seated at the bar and some of the other guys had started walking around. It was getting late and I knew that I should head back home before my mother started to worry. My house was also far away from here so it would take time for me to get back and I didnt want to arrive home too late. I glanced at my watch and decided that I should leave soon.

“Do you have to go somewhere” Kyle asked.

He probably saw me glancing at my watch and wondered if I had to leave in a hurry.

“Not really, I just dont want to get home late thats all,” I replied truthfully.

“You did mention that your place was far away. Is it that far away” Kyle asked with apparent concern.

“Yeah, its very far. Thats why Im desperately looking for a new place, but Ive got a limited budget, though. So, I dont think that I can be too picky,” I replied while feeling a little shy.

“If you dont mind lets go see some places together. I can help you out,” Kyle kindly offered.

“Sure...that would be nice,” I readily agreed before I smiled at him.

Kyle was so kind and moving to the city was new for me, so I was thankful for his guidance. Soon the drinks that we ordered arrived and after clinking our glasses together I placed the small cocktail glass to my lips and started sipping. The sweet and aromatic taste of the cocktail entered my mouth and soothe my tongue. It was a pleasantly sweet drink and it wasnt hard to drink at all unlike the other alcoholic drinks that Ive experienced before.

It didnt take long for me to like the flavor.

“I wondered if we will still get to see each other after we start working for our different departments,” Kyle said and for a moment he looked slightly depressed.

That was a good question. I wasnt sure what life would be like after we ended our orientation and started working for our respective departments. Kyle and I were going to work in different departments, so I wasnt sure whether I would be seeing him often anymore. A small aching pain in my chest told me that I wanted to see more of him, and I wondered if he felt the same way. I felt his eyes on my face and when I looked towards him our eyes met.

–To be continued...



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