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15 The New CEO

“Dont worry. Ill be fine living alone. I have good friends in this neighborhood so theres nothing for you to worry about. Get a nice new place close to the office so you dont have to waste time and money commuting,” my mother said before I could explain anything.

“Thank you, mother,” I thanked her wholeheartedly.

“Dont thank me. Thank all the efforts that you put into landing this job. Dont worry about me and just focus on your career,” my mother said encouragingly.

“Ill come back to visit or you can come visit me,” I said with a smile.

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“Sure, Ill do that. Dont go to bed too late,” she said before she returned my smile.

“I know. Good night, mother,” I wished her goodnight.

My mother had to start work very early tomorrow and I knew that she needed to go to bed early. I wished her goodnight with a smile. I was always so thankful of how understanding she is. Once Ive settled into my new life, Ill take care of her better.

Now that my mother has gone to bed, I should focus on researching for my new accommodation. Although I was hesitant to leave my mother, I knew that she was right. The sooner I move, the better. It would be best if I could find a place before my orientation ended because I had a feeling that when the real work started, I would become very busy and wasting time commuting might not be a viable option anymore.

I turned on the television with the intent to passively catch up on some news while I did my research on finding an apartment for rent. The sound from the television filled the quiet room as I began going through some real estate agency websites. There were many options available across various budget ranges. Of course, I was going for the cheapest options available. I didnt mind if the building was old or if there wasnt an elevator. All I wanted for a decently convenient location that wasnt so far from the office via some kind of public transportation.


My eyes narrowed as I scrolled through the various websites. Suddenly, something on the news caught my attention because I believed the name of my company was just mentioned. Jessen and Hills is a very famous company and it was always on the news in the business segment and sometimes in the entertainment segment as well. The mention of Jessen and Hills caught my attention and I turned towards the television to watch the news on the screen.

It has been publicly announced that Jessen and Hills will have a new CEO after the current CEO has decided to step down. Mr. Eric Hill, the current CEO of Jessens and Hills has announced his retirement from his current position earlier this evening in a press conference. After many years leading the company, Mr. Hill will be handing his position over to his son, Mr. Ace Hill, as of today,” a woman reported politely on the news.

This is so sudden. I worked for the company now, but I didnt hear anything about this before. Mr. Eric Hill is famous for being the co-founder of the company along with his friend Mr. Jessens. It was unfortunate that Mr. Jessens passed away earlier on from cancer leaving Mr. Hill to take over the management of the company solely by himself. From then on, the company truly grew and prospered into what it is today.

Although I have seen Eric Hill on television multiples times before and knew his face well, the same couldnt be said about my knowledge of his son. The news reporter continued on and the image on the screen transitioned from Eric Hill to a smoking hot man dressed formally in a smart suit.

It cant be...

Are my eyes playing tricks on me right now because it isnt very funny...

I approached the television and brought my face closer to the screen as my eyes narrowed and strained to see the face of the man more clearly.

It cant be him...it just cant be him...

Dressed in a smart navy suit and looking so confident and as cocky as can be is the man that shoved that thick wad of cash into my hands in the park. Then he kissed me and then I met him again as my interviewer...then we kissed again...

What is going on That man is now the CEO of the company What more, hes Eric Hills son!

I gasped before covering my mouth with both hands as my eyes flew open in shock as this new piece of information started setting into my mind. How can this be possible

That man was the CEOs son all along And now hes the new CEO!

Oh...and I acted like that in front of the CEO. My fingertips traced my lips as I began remembering the feel and taste of his kiss on my lips and his tongue inside my mouth. A shiver ran through my body before it froze in shock.

I just couldnt believe that that man is now the CEO of my company. He did help me, but he was a very twisted man.

Wait Does that mean that he kissed me even though he knew about the no dating rule Or was it fine because all we did was kiss and we were not in a relationship or anything Suddenly, my mind was a mess, and I could no longer pay attention to the news reporter who still continued to report on the CEO change.

I grabbed the remote control and changed channel in search for something lighter so that I wouldnt go crazy. My fingers changed the channel to an entertainment one. Seeing gossip around celebrities would probably be good for easing my stress and shock right now.

Although Mr. Ace Hill has tried to keep himself away from the spotlight, it is evident from various leaks regarding his numerous love affairs with the rich and famous that his efforts hasnt been all that successful. Now that he is officially the new CEO of Jessens and Hills, we present to you the top ten list of his hot and steamy love affairs with the rich and famous from over the years. Please enjoy!” a cheerful young TV host said.

–To be continued...



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