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13 Meeting an Angel

I actually didnt care about it much. Im here to work not to date so the rule, even if it exists, wouldnt have an impact on me anyways. I guess the people who were overly worried about it wanted to find their soulmate in this place, not that I blamed them. This company was huge and had many qualified employees; it wasnt a bad place to find your significant other.

The woman on stage cleared her throat and the murmurs in the auditorium came to a halt. Her face was dead serious as she scanned her eyes across the crowd of audiences in front of her.

“What you understand is correct. Employees in this company are not allowed to date or have any type of romantic relationship with another employee. Anyone caught breaking this rule, will face immediate termination. I hope that I have made myself and the rule extremely clear to all of you,” the woman said, continuing to stress on her every word.

Everyone in the crowd, including myself nodded our heads as the situation got serious and tension filled the air.Immediate termination was what she said just now. If anyone were to get caught breaking this rule, they would lose their job immediately. Now that is one hell of a harsh punishment for breaking the rule.

“Good. That will be all from me. Now, please welcome my colleague who will walk you through a brief presentation of our companys history followed by a short video for you all to watch. Thank you once again for your attention and I wish you the best of luck for your future career,” the woman said before flashing us a smile full of teeth. She bowed slightly before walking off from the stage.

Her younger colleague came on stage and took over from here. The rest of the session was uneventful, and the information was pretty standard. After a brief lunchbreak where we were shown to the companys cafeteria that took up an entire floor. We had lunch there before we continued with the session in the afternoon.

By the time that it was time to go home, I felt so drained of energy that I thought that I would fall over on my face into a deep slumber. Although the session was useful, it was extremely boring and too long in my opinion. I prayed that the team building session tomorrow would be more fun and interactive. It should be, since weve been instructed to wear clothes that were easy to move in because we would be playing some team building games indoors.

I heard the bell-like sound signaling that the elevator that I had been riding on had arrived on the ground floor where the lobby was. I reached into my bag for my mobile phone but for some reason I couldnt find it. I stepped aside and began looking through my bag. Its not here. Did I forget it in the auditorium

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I clicked my tongue in annoyance at my own forgetfulness. Why did I have to be such a clumsy person and on the first day of work no less. There was nothing that I could do beside returning to the auditorium to find my phone. I just hoped that the auditorium wasnt locked up yet, otherwise this will turn into a bigger deal than it has to be.


I walked as quickly as I could in my heels towards the auditorium once the elevator opened. I was relieved to see that the auditorium didnt seemed lock. I was about to push the door open with my hand when the door suddenly moved on its own. Since I had shifted my weight to push open the super heavy door, I found myself loosing balance and falling forward.

This cant be happening to me!!!

I squeezed my eyes closed tightly as I braced my body for the impact of my fall. The only saving grace was that everyone should have left already so no one would be here to witness my downfall, literally.

“Are you alright”


I slowly opened my eyes at the sound of a mans voice. His voice sounded so heavenly calm, gentle and kind. It was as if he was talking to an adorable child that needed tender loving care. The face that greeted me so close to my own when I opened my eyes matched my imagination of the owner of such a heavenly calm voice.

He...looks like an angel...

My eyes widened as I took in his beautiful angelic features. Very light blue eyes, light blonde hair, slightly tanned skin, full lips that was currently curved into a small smile and straight nose. I have never seen a man so beautiful...

“Umm...are you ok Are you hurt anywhere” the man said softly.

I blinked rapidly as the sound of his voice broke the spell that his angelic features seemed to have casted on me. Finally, the reality of what was happening hit me. The man was still holding my body in his arms as he saved me from falling forward onto my face. I see, so he was the one who suddenly opened the door from the other side.

“I...Im fine...Im so sorry...” I managed to say in a stutter when I found my voice.

“Oh no...not at all. Im sorry, I think its actually my fault for opening the door so suddenly...” the man apologized before smiling at me.

Oh...Im still in his arms...

As if he realized this as well, the man slowly loosening the hold he had on my body. We stood facing each other and the atmosphere around us started to feel awkward. Oh hell, I completely forgot why I came here in the first place.

“Sorry, I didnt know that there was still someone here. I thought that everyone had gone home...” I said to break the awkward silence.

“Yeah. Im the last person here. Im about to head back too. What about you Why are you here” he asked curiously as he cocked his head slightly to the side. I didnt know why but I found it so adorable when he did this.

“Oh...actually, I realized that Ive forgotten my phone somewhere and I came here looking for it...” I said a little shyly.

–To be continued...



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