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Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss R18 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: One-Night Stand with a Mysterious Man

The end to my normal, poor, and simple life all started when I had a one-night stand with an unknown man. He was unknown to me because I was too drunk and too heartbroken to remember or care who he was.


My eyelids and body felt so heavy. Is it morning already I have to go to work today...

I breathed in deeply as I still kept my eyes tightly shut. It must be morning already and I didnt want to get up. This bed feels so soft and comfortable, I could sleep in it forever.


I gasped as I bolted up into a sitting position. I knew it...this is not my bed!

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Where am I

Squinting my eyes against the sunlight that was pouring in through a crack in the curtain and onto my face, I started to look around. My body still felt tired and heavy from sleep and perhaps all the drinks I had last night as well.


Looking around, it seemed like I was in a very luxurious hotel room, and I was alone. I was sitting on a king size bed in a large room decorated with burgundy wallpaper. The room was luxuriously decorated with a mix of burgundy and gold color tones.

To my shock, I couldnt remember how I ended up here no matter how hard I tried to remember. What happened to me How did I end up here Where are my friends

Thinking too hard began giving me a nagging headache. What time is it now I need to get to work. As I began getting up, I felt the sheet and blanket rub directly on my skin. Pulling up the blanket that was covering my body confirmed my worst suspicion.

Yes, I was completely naked.

I closed my eyes as I braced myself for the worst-case scenario. I cant believe this is happening to me. What happened last night Did I sleep with someone

I saw my clothes strewn randomly all over the floor as if they were taken off of me in a hurry. I blinked rapidly a few times, willing my hangover to go away so that I could focus on the situation at hand. With the resolve to face the truth, I pull the whole blanket away to expose my naked body.

It aches. There.

Spreading my legs a little confirmed my worst suspicion. I felt an ache that I was used to experiencing after a night of hot and heavy love making. It was clear that last night I went all the way with a man that I didnt even know...and didnt even remember...

I didnt really remember what happened last night, but my pussy seemed satisfied with the attention it had received and undoubted enjoyed. Reaching my hand down to touch the cleft in between my legs, I found myself still dripping wet from the session last night. The warm wetness of my love juices coated my fingers. I looked at the sticky wetness of my love honey and realized that I must have came quite a lot last night. Whoever I slept with did a thorough job of giving it to me...

I moaned softly as I looked around again at the bed. The state of the bed left little room for imagination of what took place here last night. I sighed with relief as I spotted a few used condoms in the room. At least, I dont need to worry much about STDs or unplanned pregnancy. We must have done it so many times last night, judging from the many used condoms, although I couldnt quite recall exactly what happened.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed as I saw the time on my mobile screen. If I dont hurry up, I will be late for work.

I dont even have time to return home to change. I should quickly shower and get dressed before heading straight for work. This is such a disaster!

“Ah...” I sighed loudly as I saw the reflection of my naked body in the mirror. Whoever I slept with last night was quite aggressive in his mating session. There were many love marks on my body such as my neck, shoulder, my chest, my tummy, and a few on my thighs and legs. Thankfully most of them wouldnt be visible if I wore my clothes. Ill conceal the hickey on my neck with some concealer and make up in case my long hair did not cover it completely. That should do.

The love marks on my body brought back hazy memories in bits and pieces of what happened last night on the bed in this hotel room. Short fragments of memories of what the unknown man did last night to me began flooding back into my mind. He supported me to this hotel room, and I remembered that I kissed him passionately before he started kissing me back. Then, he pushed me down onto the bed and continued kissing me as he began stripping me. When I was naked, he started stripping himself.

Then he kissed my neck softly before licking it. This mark here was probably from when he sucked on the side of my neck. Then his hands wandered and explored my body. His hands felt warm on my skin as he caressed and kneaded my naked breasts. This mark on my chest was from when he sucked on my breasts teasingly before he started licking my nipple wildly.

My fingertip stroked my nipple, and a slight stinging pain told me just how sensitive they still were from his rough sucking last night. My nipples were still swollen and a little pink from the loving yet slightly rough attention that they had received from before.

These marks on my thighs were from his kisses before he started sucking on the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. I wondered if he tasted me there and then I was sure that he probably did. The stinging sensation in between my legs that seemed to throb deeply inside of me was a sure sign that something thick, long, and massive had been inside of my love tunnel. My lower abdomen told me that his cock must have stirred up my insides quite deeply when he thrusted his thick and massive rod into my wet hole.

–To be continued...



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