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694 Pixiu Takes the Bait (1)


A tail suddenly whipped over from somewhere.

A first-rank demonic beast couldnt dodge in time and was hit.

He screamed and flew dozens of feet away before turning into a bloody mist in the air.

Yao Qing and the other demonic beasts were all shocked.

They activated their spiritual essence and looked around warily.

After killing a demonic beast, the tail suddenly disappeared.

The wind blew through the forest, making a low whistle.

All the demonic beasts felt their hair stand on end.

Didnt they say that there were no demonic beasts in the Demon Realm Ancestral Court

What was with that tail just now

Why was there a powerful demonic beast hidden here

Zhou Shus figure swayed, and he silently stood behind Yao Qing.

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Yao Wudi was seriously injured, so none of the demonic beasts placed their hopes on him, and not many demonic beasts paid attention to his reaction.

On the other hand, Yao Qing looked at Zhou Shu strangely, but he didnt think too much about it.

“Everyone, there might really be danger here,” a demonic beast said.

“Nonsense! If there was no danger, would Lord Pixiu make us go in first” Yao Buqi rolled his eyes.

He didnt know if it was intentional or not, but he had actually been sticking close to Yao Qing.

Those who didnt know better would think that he had a good relationship with Yao Qing.

Behind him was Sun Chuang.

What was funny was that Zhou Shus Myriad Transformations divine ability had yet to lose its effect.

Now, Yao Buqi was wearing Sun Chuangs face while Sun Chuang was wearing Demon King Aos face.

“Even Lord Pixiu and the Demon Kings dont dare to enter easily.

Do you think anything good will happen if we enter” Yao Buqi continued.

“In this situation, how do you think we can dig three feet into the ground Im afraid we wont even be able to dig a foot before we all die.”

“Yao Buqi, anyone can make sarcastic remarks.

Tell me, what good ideas do you have” a demonic beast said coldly.

Although these demonic beasts didnt resist Pixiu previously, it didnt mean that they really wanted to die as cannon fodder.

They just knew that resisting Pixiu was useless.

After all, the difference in cultivation between the two sides was too great.

But they were unwilling to wait for death.

Of course, they had to think of a way to save themselves.

“I dont even know what the situation is here.

What can I do” Yao Buqi sighed.

Unfortunately, I dont know where King Zhou is.

If only he could get me out…

King Zhou, oh King Zhou, I let your people camp on the Two Region Mountain as agreed, but you havent done what you promised me.

The deal with Zhou Shu was his greatest trump card.

The Ten Nations Alliance was still stationed on the Two Region Mountain.

If Yao Buqi died, the Ten Nations Alliance would be in trouble.

Since Zhou Shu wouldnt watch anything untoward happen to the Ten Nations Alliance, he would definitely ensure that Yao Buqi wouldnt die.

Yao Buqi could see very clearly that no matter how dangerous the Demon Realm Ancestral Court was, with Zhou Shus cultivation, it shouldnt be a problem to save his life.

Therefore, even though he knew that he was in a dangerous situation, Yao Buqi was still very calm.

He even had the mood to constantly size up his demonic beast companions.

He suspected that Zhou Shu might already be hiding in their team.

Perhaps one of the demonic beasts was Zhou Shu!

Pixiu had mistaken Zhou Shu for Shi Changsheng, so all his deductions were wrong.

Zhou Shu didnt care at all about what Shi Changsheng was afraid of, or rather, he didnt know at all.

Shi Changsheng didnt dare to wander around the Demon Realm Ancestral Court, but Zhou Shu had no restrictions here.

Yao Buqi was a smart demonic beast.

When Pixiu said the name Shi Changsheng, Yao Buqi knew that Pixiu definitely couldnt defeat Zhou Shu.

He didnt even know who the other party was.

How could he possibly defeat Zhou Shu

Yao Buqi sized up the demonic beasts one by one, trying to use his intuition to find out who Zhou Shu was in disguise.

Unfortunately, he had already probed several suspects, and the final outcome disappointed him.

“Dig,” Yao Qing said in a muffled voice.

“The longer we delay, the more dangerous it will be.

“Half of you, dig three feet into the ground, and the other half, guard against the demonic beast that ambushed us just now.

Well exchange with each other later.”

The demonic beasts had no choice but to nod in agreement.

The so-called digging three feet into the ground was not really digging three feet into the ground.

It was a general statement.

They wanted to find out if there was a peerless divine weapon hidden here.

As for what the peerless divine weapon was, they knew nothing.

The only thing they could do was to do a thorough search.

The demonic beasts spread out slightly and began to search this forest.

Zhou Shu had transformed into Yao Wudi.

Although he was seriously injured, Yao Wudi was still the publicly acknowledged strongest person among the younger generation.

At this moment, he was among a group of demonic beasts on guard.

He looked around as if he wanted to see where the demonic beast had come from.

In fact, although the demonic beast that had ambushed him was fast, it couldnt hide from Zhou Shus divine sense.

If not for the fact that he was worried about exposing his identity again, he would have already found the demonic beast on the spot.

But now, he wasnt in a hurry.


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