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693 Since I Was Born, No One Has Ever Taken Advantage of Me (2)

Pixiu glanced at Yao Qing and the other demonic beasts and said casually, “Anyone below the Demon King realm wont be able to capture Shi Changsheng.

In order to prevent Shi Changsheng from becoming a demonic beast, kill all these demonic beasts.”

It was as if killing a hundred demonic beasts was not worth mentioning to him.

“No!” The expressions of the Demon Kings changed drastically at the same time.

“Pixiu, these demonic beasts are all geniuses of the younger generation of the Demon Realm.

They are qualified to become the Holy Sons of the Demon Realm.

If we kill them all, it will be a massive loss to our Demon Realm!”

Although Demon King Ao was respectful to Pixiu, he had to speak at this moment.

Before this, he had always been the number one Demon King of the Demon Realm, and he still greatly valued the development of the Demon Realm.

These demonic beasts were not only experts of the younger generation, but they also had forces behind them.

Even though they were Demon Kings, they could not underestimate them.

After killing them, Pixiu could leave, but Demon King Ao and the others would face the backlash of the forces behind these demonic beasts.

“Such demonic beasts are considered geniuses Are you trying to make me laugh to death” Pixiu sneered.

“So what if we kill them How big a loss could it be

“But since youre unwilling to kill them, then forget it.

Watch these demonic beasts yourself.

If they ruin my plans, dont blame me for being impolite!”

“Thank you, Lord Pixiu!” Demon King Ao and the other Demon Kings cupped their hands.

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“Hurry up and thank Lord Pixiu for sparing your lives!” Tiangou shouted at Yao Qing and the other demonic beasts.

“Thank you, Lord Pixiu!” all the demonic beasts said fearfully.

“Hmph! Although I spared your lives, whether you can survive depends on your luck!” Pixiu snorted.

The Demon Kings frowned, not understanding what Pixiu meant.

But Pixiu soon let them understand what he meant.

“According to my analysis, the Demon Ancestors peerless divine weapon might be hidden in a few places…”

The few places mentioned by Pixiu were the most dangerous places in the Demon Realm Ancestral Court.

Even Demon Kings didnt dare to enter casually.

Pixiu was clearly planning to make the candidates for the Holy Son of the Demon Realm cannon fodder!

The demon Kings had already dissuaded Pixiu once.

They looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each others eyes.

In the past, it was always them giving orders.

But now, it was their turn to experience the grievance of having their cultivation levels be inferior to others.

If these demonic beasts were going to be used as cannon fodder, then what was the point of them trying so hard to protect them

Noticing that the Demon Kings wanted to say something but hesitated, Pixiu said coldly, “Ive given you face, so dont be brazen.

If you push your luck, youll embarrass yourselves in the end!”

Pixius words were very unpleasant, but the Demon Kings couldnt refute them.

Their strength was inferior to his, so they naturally didnt have much right to speak.

If they really angered Pixiu, they would be the ones embarrassed in the end.

Zhou Shu, disguised as the seriously injured Yao Wudi and blended in with the demonic beasts, would cough twice from time to time to show his presence.

The demonic beasts didnt react much to being treated as cannon fodder by Pixiu.

As demonic beasts, they were already used to such things.

The Demon Realm was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

When ones strength was inferior to others, one could only be at the mercy of others.

It was meaningless to resist.

Pixiu drove the demonic beasts to a place and said bluntly, “All of you, go in.

Dig three feet into the ground within a five-kilometer radius!”

Zhou Shu found that the demonic beasts of the Demon Realm didnt have much resistance.

Under such circumstances, none of them jumped out to resist the Pixiu.

Instead, they obediently walked into this place.

It was a very dense forest, with trees more than a hundred feet tall.

After walking in, it was almost impossible to see the sun.

The weakest candidate of the Demon Realm was at least a first-rank martial artist.

Many of them were already in the Great Demon realm.

If it was just the forest, it naturally wouldnt be a problem for them.

But this was the Demon Realm Ancestral Court.

This forest was also a dangerous place in the Demon Realm Ancestral Court.

Although he didnt know what the specific danger was, Zhou Shu still raised his guard.

He blended in with the demonic beasts and deliberately got closer to Yao Qing.

Yao Qing was Ji Lutians son.

With Ji Lutians calculations, Zhou Shu didnt believe that Yao Qing didnt have any life-saving methods.

If anything really happened, he could use him as a shield if he was closer to Yao Qing.

Although Zhou Shu was quite confident in his strength, he was definitely not arrogant enough to risk his life.

After all, this was the Demon Realm Ancestral Court, and the Demon Ancestor was a legendary expert.

Zhou Shu would definitely not underestimate her.

After driving the candidates of the Demon Realm into the forest, although Demon King Ao, Tiangou, and He Yuan didnt look too good, none of the Demon Kings took the initiative to follow.

Standing outside the forest, they could feel a sense of danger coming from the forest, as if there was a ferocious beast hiding inside.

They had a feeling that if they barged into this forest without permission, even with their cultivation, it would be very dangerous.

Clearly, Pixiu knew that it was dangerous.

This was why he didnt personally search the forest but drove the Great Demons and first-rank demonic beasts into it.

Tiangou hesitated for a moment before asking, “Lord Pixiu, has Shi Changsheng already entered”

Among the Demon Kings present, other than Demon King Ao, the one who hated Shi Changsheng the most was Tiangou.

Back then, when Shi Changsheng became LiuEr, he had really fooled him.

Tiangou was a vengeful person, and he had always wanted to settle this score with Shi Changsheng.

“Impossible,” Pixiu said with certainty.

“Shi Changsheng wouldnt dare.

If Im not wrong, he should be hiding in the dark now.

When we find the peerless divine weapon, hell jump out and snatch it.

“Hmph, he would never have thought that I knew him better than he imagined.

He was wrong to want to take advantage of me!

“Ever since I was born, no one has been able to take anything from me.

The peerless divine weapon is mine.

Even Shi Changsheng can forget about taking it from me!”

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