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The few first-rank demonic beasts chased after Yang Hong.

Just as they disappeared, a figure appeared in the sky.

It was Zhou Shu.

Zhou Shu rubbed his chin as his gaze fell on the severed hand of the first-rank demonic beast on the ground.

The power of a connate divine weapon isnt bad.

But the main reason why it could cut off the hand of a first-rank demonic beast is because of the phenomenon of the weapons initial form.

Zhou Shu pondered. Unfortunately, Yang Hongs cultivation can only reach this level.

Otherwise, the benefits of the phenomenon would be enough to push his cultivation to the second rank of the Martial Dao.

Zhou Shu shook his head regretfully.

There was only one chance for the phenomenon caused by the forging of a connate divine weapon.

If one missed it, there would be no more.

But to Yang Hong, being able to break through to the third rank of the Martial Dao was already not bad.

The phenomenon has disappeared, and Yang Hong has a connate divine weapon.

With his luck and experience, it shouldnt be difficult for him to escape from those first-rank demonic beasts.

Zhou Shu didnt save Yang Hong but returned to the camp.

Although he had succeeded in forging a connate divine weapon this time, he had also discovered many problems in the process.

He still needed to improve it further.

He was lucky to have succeeded this time.

But forging couldnt be done by luck alone.

If it couldnt be replicated, it meant that his method was wrong.

Yang Hong fled frantically in the forest.

The tree branches whipped at his bare skin, causing him to grimace in pain.

But the few first-rank demonic beasts behind him were hot on his heels, leaving him no time to stop and wear clothes.

He was now Yang-Naked-Hong.

If not for the complicated terrain in the forest, he would have long been caught up by the first-rank demonic beasts.

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Even so, it probably wouldnt buy him much time.

He raced to familiarize himself with the sword in his hand.

Whether he could survive or not depended on this sword!

Yang Hong had already realized that this sword was very magical.

With a thought, the sword could be retracted into his body, as if it had fused with his body.

Then with a thought, the sword could appear in his hand.

This was much faster than him drawing it.

At the same time, he also discovered that the star paths inside the sword seemed to have a connection to the meridians in his body.

How should he put it He felt that the star paths inside the sword were also a part of his meridians.

When he circulated his spiritual essence, there was also a strand of spiritual essence circulating in the same trajectory inside the sword.

It was as if they were cultivating at the same time.

A sword could also be cultivated.

This almost overturned Yang Hongs worldview.

He had never heard of such a thing before.

Yang Hong could even sense that as his spiritual essence circulated, the sword was actually becoming stronger.

This feeling was very subtle.

Perhaps to outsiders, the power of this sword didnt change.

But Yang Hong was very sure that it was really becoming stronger, like a person cultivating.

After sensing this, Yang Hong even felt a little dazed.

What has His Highness done Has the weapon he forged formed a spirit

But Yang Hong clearly felt that this sword didnt have any evil aura at all.

It was completely like a part of his body.

With a thought, Yang Hong felt a force surge out of his meridians and instantly transform into a three-foot-long sword.

Holding the sword, he had the illusion that he was extremely powerful.

He even felt that the first-rank demonic beasts behind him were not his match.

Of course, he wasnt crazy yet.

He knew very well that this was just an illusion.

He was definitely no match for the first-rank demonic beasts behind him.

“Where are you going Stop!” A loud shout came from behind.

It was a first-rank demonic beast.

He erupted with a powerful divine power and directly charged through countless trees, instantly arriving a few feet behind Yang Hong.

Yang Hong didnt have time to think.

He bent his body and slashed backward.

The surrounding spiritual energy surged into the sword in Yang Hongs hand, and it suddenly erupted with flames like a fire dragon.

The entire body of the sword turned red and emitted intense heat.

The first-rank demonic beast was afraid of the sword in Yang Hongs hand and subconsciously moved dozens of feet to avoid it.

Taking this opportunity, Yang Hong once again distanced himself from the first-rank demonic beast.

Seeing the power of the sword in his hand again, Yang Hong couldnt help laughing.

So what if its a first-rank demonic beast Its still eating dust behind my butt!

Yang Hong liked this sword more and more.

He even temporarily forgot about the Mo Mei Sword.

Too bad His Highness didnt tell me the name of this sword, Yang Hong thought regretfully, but he didnt dare to stop at all and fled desperately.

In the forging room of the Huaxia Pavilions Demon Realm branch…

Shi Songtaos face was rigid as he held a small mirror in his hand.

On the mirror, lines of writing were projected.

Beside him was a group of people, including Li Chengliang and the others.

They were also staring at the handwriting projected by the mirror in Shi Songtaos hand, their expressions almost identical to Shi Songtaos.

“What is this situation Why hasnt the armament manual changed” Li Chengliang seemed to be muttering to himself and asking everyone.

Naturally, no one could give him an answer.

They were equally puzzled.


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