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“Even if we can gather all the Ten Nations armies in this world, we might not be a match for the Demon Realm army,” Wang Mu continued.

Great Qin was the strongest of the Ten Nations, and its remaining main force only had seven or eight thousand people left.

Even if there were other small surviving units, there wouldnt be many of them.

If this was already the case for Great Qin, how much better would the other nations be

Even if they gathered all the armies of the various nations, there would be only tens of thousands of them.

How far were they from the million-strong Demon Realm army

Even Wang Mu didnt have much confidence.

It had to be known that the Demon Realms army was not weak.

Be it individual strength or overall strength, they were above those of the human armies.

If not for Zhou Shu, the Demon Realm army would have already destroyed all the human armies.

“Whether it works or not, we cant just sit back and do nothing, can we” Zhou Shu said.

“Are we going to admit defeat just because we have no chance of winning”

“Of course not!” everyone said.

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“In that case, why dont we give it a try” Zhou Shu said.

“As you can see, its not like we dont have any advantages.

This world is rich in mineral mines, and there are high-grade forging materials everywhere.

“As long as Im given a certain amount of time, I can provide the armies with superior weapons and military supplies.

“So, everyone, we still have hope.”

Zhou Shu was confident.

Meng Bai, Wang Mu, Tang Chengshi, and Cao Chenyang looked at each other.

“So, what should we do now” Tang Chengshi asked.

“King Zhou, Ive seen the Dark Cloud Armor you forged.

If you can give Great Jin three thousand sets of Dark Cloud Armor, Great Jin can kill one hundred thousand demonic beasts!”

“Three thousand” Wang Mu said.

“Old Tang, youre really bold.”

“Your Highness.” Wang Mu looked at Zhou Shu and cupped his hands.

“Great Qin doesnt need three thousand sets.

I only need a thousand, and Ill dare to lead troops and kill my way through the Demon Realm army!”

Meng Bai rolled his eyes.

Did these two fellows really think that the Dark Cloud Armor was so easy to forge

Asking for 3,000 and 1,000 Dark Cloud Armor sets at once… This was Great Xias Huaxia Pavilion!

Even if he had so many Dark Cloud Armor sets, he should equip the Great Xia army first!

“There will be more Dark Cloud Armor,” Zhou Shu said.

He had to push Divine Constable Yang.

The more enemies he killed, the more Dark Cloud Armor sets there would be.

“Big Brother.” Zhou Shu turned to Mi Ziwen.

“There were many casualties within the Hundred Wars Armored Army in this battle.

Select some people to make up for the casualties.

I still have some Dark Cloud Armor sets.

Ill get Deputy Pavilion Master Shi to bring them to you later.

“Although the Demon Realm army has temporarily retreated, they definitely wont give up so easily.

In the future, our people have to be doubly careful when leaving the camp.

“Its best if the Hundred Wars Armored Army goes and contact the remaining armies of the various nations.

Also, its best if theres a first-rank martial artist accompanying them!”

With Zhou Shu in the camp and Yao Lian as a hostage, the Demon Realm army definitely wouldnt dare to launch a large-scale attack for the time being.

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But if they wanted to find the remaining troops of the various nations, they had to leave the camp, and they had to be wary of the Demon Realm army.

“Your Highness, Great Qin can also join!” Wang Mus eyes lit up.

Zhou Shu had more Dark Cloud Armor sets Of course he had to fight for some.

“The same goes for Great Jin!” Tang Chengshi said bitterly.

Wang Mu glanced at him with contempt in his eyes. Zhou Shu is the Side-by-side King of Great Qin.

What business does Great Jin have here

Tang Chengshi felt a little guilty.

Among the four nations present, Zhou Shu was the king of three nations.

Great Jin was the only one who didnt have any relationship with him.

But Tang Chengshi didnt have the right to rope in Zhou Shu.

“Big Brother, youll be in charge of this matter.

If you dont have enough manpower, you can also choose from Great Qin,” Zhou Shu said.

“General Wang, if I send General Wang Xin out to gather the other nations armies, you wont object, right”

Leaving the camp at this time was definitely a very dangerous thing.

“Of course not!” Wang Mu was shocked to see Wang Xin this time.

When he entered the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament, Wang Xin was still a fourth-rank martial artist.

In less than a year, he broke through two major realms in a row and entered the second rank of the Martial Dao.

At first, Wang Mu thought that he had seen wrongly!

Later, he learned that this was all thanks to Zhou Shu.

Wang Mu was the leader of the Great Qin Wang familys younger generation.

The higher his cultivation level, the more stable the Wang familys status.

He had obtained Zhou Shus help to advance two ranks in a row.

The Wang family owed Zhou Shu a huge favor.

Moreover, even without this matter, Wang Mu wouldnt object to Wang Xin leaving the camp.

The Great Qin Wang family had never been afraid of battle.

Every man of the Wang family had grown up with a strong will and had a spirit that was not afraid of sacrifice…

If Wang Xin died, it could only be said that he was not skilled enough!

Zhou Shus God of War Catalog had only reached lesser mastery, so he naturally couldnt let Wang Xin, the strongest worker, idle around.

Unfortunately, Chen Ji and Yin Chengshan were nowhere to be found.

If not for the fact that the Flaming Sunset Saber and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade were still completing kills from time to time, Zhou Shu would have thought that the two of them had already died in battle.

But he couldnt be sure that they were still alive.

After all, even if they were dead, the Flaming Sunset Saber and the Green Dragon Crescent Saber could be in the hands of others.

If the two of them were in the camp now, they could also follow Wang Xin to fight.

The progress of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique rewarded by the Flaming Sunset Saber had already fallen behind.

The progress of the divine ability Unparalleled Benevolence rewarded by the Green Dragon Crescent Blade was also barely satisfactory.

Clearly, the owners of these two weapons were probably hiding somewhere now.

“Leave it to me.” Mi Ziwen nodded in agreement.

This was both a risk and an opportunity.

Leaving the camp to gather the remaining troops of the various countries was a huge favor to those struggling in danger.

If the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament could end normally, Mi Ziwen would definitely make a great contribution.

Mi Ziwen sighed in his heart.

Back then, when they became sworn brothers, he originally wanted to take care of this junior brother of his.

At the time, he never thought that one day, his junior brother would be the one taking care of him.

Mi Ziwen had a clear mind and could naturally see the opportunities.

Zhou Shu was only concerned about the opportunity to kill the enemies.

As for the details, he left it up to the others.

In any case, there were generals like Meng Bai, Wang Mu, and Tang Chengshi now.

Mi Ziwen and Wang Xin were also leading generals.

They would naturally consider the specific operation.

While everyone was discussing, Zhou Shu carried Yao Lian to the place where Yao Buqi was imprisoned.

Although Yao Buqi already knew that the Demon Realm army had been defeated, he still fell to the ground when he saw Yao Lian with his own eyes.

He thought that Zhou Shu was very strong, but he hadnt expected Zhou Shu to be so strong.

Even the great demon Yao Lian was captured alive by him.

Yao Buqi was even more glad that he had always been very cooperative with him.

Otherwise, the grass on his grave would probably be three feet tall now.


Zhou Shu slapped Yao Lian on the head.

The impact of his spiritual essence and divine sense made Yao Lian groan and wake up from his coma.

His eyes were blank for a moment, then instantly sharp.

As expected of a great demon, he was faster to wake up than ordinary demonic beasts.

Yao Lians gaze landed on Zhou Shu, and killing intent appeared.

Rings of spiritual energy vortexes appeared on the surface of his body.

The moment he woke up, he began to condense his spiritual essence.

His fast reaction was not something an ordinary first-rank martial artist could compare to!

Unfortunately, the Zhou Shu he was facing was not an ordinary first-rank martial artist.


Zhou Shu interrupted Yao Lian with another attack.

“You dont have to look at me like that.” Zhou Shu looked straight into Yao Lians eyes.

“If you lose, you have to have the awareness that you have lost.”

“Who are you” Yao Lian gritted his teeth.

“Its impossible that theres a first-rank martial artist in the human race!”

“Yao Lian, remember your current situation.

You are now my prisoner, so you have no right to ask questions,” Zhou Shu said.

“Youre not convinced, are you Ill give you another chance.

“Have your army dig out a million kilograms of ore for me, and Ill give you another chance to fight me fairly.”


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