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In the forest, Yang Hong was wearing clothes made of leaves and hiding in a tree.

He looked at the demonic beasts fleeing below and trembled.

Damn it.

Where did so many demonic beasts come from

If Im discovered, Ill die.

I was careless.

He originally wanted to kill a few more demonic beasts before returning to the camp.

But just as he was happily killing, the powerful force suddenly disappeared from his body.

Only then did he remember the time limit Zhou Shu had said.

When he regretted it, he encountered a large number of demonic beasts fleeing.

Therefore, he could only hide again.

Without the power of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, he was no match for demonic beasts at all.

Through the gaps in the leaves, Yang Hong secretly looked at the fleeing demonic beasts under the tree.

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Did His Highness defeat the Demon Realm army outside the camp

It seems highly possible!

As Yang Hong was thinking, a demonic beast suddenly knocked down the tree he was hiding in in a panic.

Yang Hong fell from the tree and looked at the demonic beast that had knocked down the tree.


A moment later, the same thought flashed through their minds as they pounced at each other.


The sound of sword qi piercing into flesh rang out.

Lu Wenshuang stood in front of everyone with a single sword.

In front of her, countless demonic beasts were charging over.

Liang Hongxiu and the others supported each other.

It was already difficult for them to even stand, let alone fight.

The only person who could still help Lu Wenshuang was the Demon Executing Armys Lieutenant Zhang Heng.

But his cultivation was limited.

Facing too many demonic beasts, he clearly couldnt last long.

“Lieutenant Zhang, how far is the camp you mentioned from here” Lu Wenshuang asked as she swung her sword.

“Its not far, about another two hundred kilometers!” Zhang Heng said loudly.

“Miss Lu, His Highness gave me a Cloud-Piercing Arrow to ask for help.

Lets ask for help!”

“No need,” Lu Wenshuang said coldly.

“Step back.

These demonic beasts are clearly a defeated army!

“If Zhou Shu can defeat them, so can I, Lu Wenshuang!”

They were only 200 kilometers away from the camp.

These demonic beasts didnt seem to be attacking them but fleeing for their lives.

Lu Wenshuang instantly guessed what had happened.

The pride in her wouldnt allow her to call for help now.

If she couldnt even deal with a group of fleeing demonic beasts, how could she raise her head in front of that man in the future!


Lu Wenshuangs aura surged, and her sharp sword qi spread out in all directions.

Sword qi filled a radius of several meters around her.

A strange blush flashed across Lu Wenshuangs face, and her eyes were full of determination.

She took a step forward, and countless sword qi seemed to transform into a giant dragon that swept forward.

“Lets go!” Lu Wenshuang shouted and moved with the sword, opening up a path!

With Yin Wuyous help, Zhou Shu returned to the camp with Mi Ziwen and the others.

What greeted them was thunderous cheers from the rest of the crowd.

Zhou Shu smiled and waved at everyone.

Only a few people knew about the weakness of the divine ability Total Annihilation.

No one knew he was in a weakened state.

Everyone praised Zhou Shu in their hearts when they saw how calm he was.

The king looked weak, but he was frighteningly strong.

How many demonic beasts had he killed with that move just now

When everyone in Great Xia cheered, Yao Buqi was trembling in the corner.

All defeated!

Yao Qings army was defeated just like that!

Ten thousand demonic beasts! A total of ten thousand demonic beasts!

This man is simply too abnormal!

Yao Buqi was a captive, but Zhou Shu was no longer personally guarding him.

In fact, there wasnt even anyone to guard him.

But Yao Buqi didnt dare to escape now.

Even if his spiritual essence wasnt sealed, he wouldnt dare to do so.

If Zhou Shu could kill Yao Ji with a single strike, he could also kill him with a single strike.

Yao Buqi was weaker than the other two humanoid demonic beasts.

If he dared to escape, Zhou Shu could send him on his way with a single strike.

It was impossible for him to be faster than the other party.

He was suddenly suspicious.

Would Lord Yao Lian be this persons match

If even Lord Yao Lian was no match for him, where should he go

His gaze fell on his subordinates who were still mining in the distance.

If he wanted to live, he had to have value.

Mining didnt seem like a bad idea…

After celebrating his victory with everyone in Great Xia, Zhou Shu came to a stone house.

“Yao Qing, stop playing dead.

I know how powerful my attack was.

You should be awake by now.”

Yao Qing, who was seriously injured and unconscious, had long been sent here.

Yao Qing lay there with his eyes open.

He didnt get up.

He just lay there on his back with a skeptical expression.

“Why didnt you kill me” he asked in a muffled voice.

“I kept you alive because you still have value.” Zhou Shu smiled.

“What value can I have” Yao Qing said.

“Im just a piece of trash that can be killed with one strike.

What value can I have”

Yao Qings words seemed to be directed at Zhou Shu but also at himself.

He had cultivated diligently day and night for decades and thought that he was an expert.

In the end, he couldnt even withstand a single strike from someone else.

His heart was dead now, and he wished he was dead.


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