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Chapter 214 The Green Dragon Crescent Blades Reward, Unparalleled Benevolence (2)

He didnt mention that he wanted to learn the Iron Smelting Hands Technique.

How could such a divine technique be learned so easily

He had yet to achieve anything, so there was no point saying it now.

When he joined the Huaxia Pavilion and made a great contribution, that would be the time to make his request!

“Old Shi, Ill give you a chance.

But whether you can grasp it will depend on yourself,” Zhou Shu slowly said.

If an opportunity presented itself, Zhou Shu didnt mind passing the Iron Smelting Hands Technique on to others.

But whether or not they could master it wasnt something he could control.

He knew very well that the training process of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique was not something ordinary people could endure.

If not for the fact that his cultivation of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique could be improved through the benefits from the Legendary Armament Canon, he would definitely not choose to cultivate it.

… Even though the power of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique was extraordinary.

Zhou Shu didnt think that Shi Songtao could cultivate the Iron Smelting Hands Technique, but he didnt need to tell him that so early.

If he joined the Huaxia Pavilion, Shi Songtao would definitely not lose out.

Zhou Shu had always been very generous to his own people.

After Shi Songtao left, Chen Ji was about to leave when Zhou Shu stopped him.

“General Chen, wait a minute.”

Chen Ji stopped and asked, “What are your orders, Marquis”

Zhou Shu looked around.

“General Chen, come with me.”

He took the lead and walked into the courtyard.

Chen Ji was a little confused, but he still followed.

As the official envoy of the diplomatic mission, he had the right to have an independent courtyard even in other countries.

Upon entering the small courtyard, only Zhou Shu, Chen Ji, Yin Wuyou, and Lu Wenshuang were present.

The guards of the diplomatic mission were standing guard outside the courtyard.

Even Great General Meng Bai stayed elsewhere.

After Zhou Shu confirmed that no one else was present, his gaze fell on the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in Chen Jis hand.

“General Chen, is this Green Dragon Crescent Blade suitable for you”

“Its suitable! I havent thanked you yet.

With this Green Dragon Crescent Blade, my strength increases by at least thirty percent!” Chen Ji said gratefully.

“You flatter me.” Zhou Shu shook his head.

In Zhou Shus opinion, a fifth-rank martial artist should at least be using a black-grade weapon.

But the reality was that a fifth-rank martial artist would be lucky to have a good yellow-grade weapon.

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Generally, only fourth or third-rank martial artists would be able to own black-grade weapons.

As for earth-grade weapons, only third or second-rank martial artists had them.

There was no need to mention heaven-grade weapons.

Only first-rank supreme martial artists were qualified to possess one.

At the end of the day, it was because the entire lands forging techniques were rather backward, and there were too few yellow-grade weapons.

“As long as you use it well,” Zhou Shu continued, “General Chen, tomorrow is the day that the host of the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament will be decided.

I have a bad feeling about it.”

“Marquis, do you think that something unexpected might happen tomorrow” Chen Ji said seriously.

“Yeah.” Zhou Shu nodded.

“Dont worry, Marquis.

Ill have the guards be more vigilant,” Chen Ji said.

Even if Zhou Shu didnt say anything, he wouldnt let down his guard.

The safety of the diplomatic mission was his responsibility.

“Im not worried about that.

I trust your leadership skills,” Zhou Shu said.

“However, we are still within the borders of another country.

Great Qins attitude is a little unclear.

If something unexpected happens, we cant just let them do whatever they want.”

“Marquis, what do you mean”

Zhou Shu looked at Chen Ji and suddenly asked, “General Chen, do you want to improve your strength”

Chen Ji was stunned.

Improve my strength

Isnt that obvious

Which martial artist wouldnt want to improve their strength

He was now a fifth-rank martial artist.

One step further, and he would be a fourth-rank martial artist.

But this step was not so easy to achieve.

Even with Mi Ziwens background, he was only a fourth-rank martial artist.

Without sufficient aptitude and opportunities, most martial artists could forget about reaching the third rank of the Martial Dao for the rest of their lives.

It could be said that the fourth rank was already the peak that 90% of martial artists couldnt reach.

Chen Jis aptitude was decent, and his background was passable.

The goal he set for himself was to break through to the fourth rank at the age of 40.

He was not thirty years old yet.

This was just his own estimation.

He still needed ten years of hard work before he could break through to the fourth rank.

Now that Zhou Shu suddenly asked him this question, he didnt know how to answer.

“Marquis, of course I want to improve my strength.

But this isnt something that can be done overnight…” Chen Ji smiled bitterly.

In fact, he felt that his fifth-rank cultivation was not considered low among the various diplomatic missions.

After all, Grandmasters were rare in the military.

Not to mention Grandmasters, but there were not many people above the fourth rank.

“My senior brother taught me a secret technique,” Zhou Shu said, “Dont ask me who my senior brother is.

All you need to know is that this secret technique can double your strength in a short period of time.”

“Marquis, are there any side effects to this secret technique” Chen Ji asked in a low voice.

He wasnt as impulsive as Yang Hong.

Although it was good to increase his cultivation by one rank, it was only a matter of time before he became a fourth-rank martial artist.

Meng Bais evaluation of him was that he was steady, and Chen Ji was definitely not someone who was anxious for quick results.

“Side effects” Zhou Shu shook his head.

The message flashed past his mind.

[The Green Dragon Crescent Blade you forged effectively completed a kill.

You are rewarded with the divine ability, Unparalleled Benevolence!]

Divine ability, Unparalleled Benevolence! This was the first divine ability that Zhou Shu had obtained from the Legendary Armament Canon.

It was completely different from the benefits he had received previously.

Unparalleled Benevolence was very interesting and also very useless.

… At least for Zhou Shu.

The so-called Unparalleled Benevolence could allow Zhou Shu to share one of his abilities with others for a certain period of time.

Simply put, Zhou Shu could share one of his cultivation techniques with another person for a period of time.

At the current level, his Unparalleled Benevolence would only last for one day.

Within a day, if Zhou Shu shared his spiritual essence cultivation with an ordinary person, this person would have half the cultivation of a sixth-rank martial artist, while Zhou Shus cultivation would not change.

He could share his spiritual essence and the Heavenly Saber Art Technique, Astounding Heavenly Eighteen Swords Technique, Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, and Golden Bell Shield Technique as well.

The person could only get half of Zhou Shus cultivation, and the duration was limited.

In the end, this increase in strength was not permanent.

It could only be used temporarily in emergencies.

Zhou Shu had a premonition that something unexpected might happen tomorrow, so he planned on testing out the Unparalleled Benevolence divine ability.

For now, Zhou Shu could only use the Unparalleled Benevolence divine ability on one person, and he could only share the cultivation of one cultivation technique.

This was why he targeted Chen Ji.

After all, Chen Ji was the one who had helped him get this divine ability.

Zhou Shu continued, “There are no side effects to this secret technique.

But it only lasts for one day.

After one day, the effect of the secret technique will disappear.” Chen Ji thought for a moment and said, “In that case, Im willing to give it a try.”

“Very good.” Zhou Shu nodded.

He took a step forward and extended his right hand at lightning speed.

He raised two fingers like a sword and pointed them accurately at Chen Jis glabella.

Chen Ji didnt dodge.

When Zhou Shus fingers touched his glabella, countless shadows appeared in his eyes.

The profundities of saber techniques appeared in his mind as if he already knew them.

The Heavenly Saber Art!

Chen Ji let out a long roar.

He kicked the handle of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and held the saber with both hands.

He followed the saber and started practicing his saber techniques.

The Heavenly Saber Art Technique emphasized intent rather than technique.

Even without a saber in hand, he could still execute it.

Even though the Green Dragon Crescent Blade was a long saber, it was still a saber.

The Heavenly Saber Art intent automatically transformed into a Green Dragon Crescent Blade move.

Chen Jis saber technique was swifter and fiercer by 30%!


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