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Chapter 213 The Green Dragon Crescent Blades Reward, Unparalleled Benevolence (1)

Xu Shi stared intently at the flame in Zhou Shus hand.

The flame seemed to come alive as it constantly changed shape, turning into a small bird one moment and a lion the next.

His heart was in turmoil!

He hadnt displayed the Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art purely for the sake of showing off.

He wanted to use it to attract Zhou Shu to stay in Great Qin.

He didnt expect Zhou Shus strange cultivation technique to steal the True Fire from his hands!

Although he hadnt used his full strength just now, it was beyond his imagination for him to lose contact with the True Fire of the Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art.

What method is Zhou Shu using!

Not only was Xu Shi shocked, but Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, Chen Ji, and Shi Songtao were also shocked.

They never knew that Zhou Shu possessed such a technique.

To control fire and swallow the heavens, to attract others fire with it, to use fire to draw fire, to control fire to attack the enemy, there were countless variations!

This was one of the characteristics of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique.

With Zhou Shus previous personality, he might not have displayed his Iron Smelting Hands Technique so directly.

But now, he was more or less affected by his previous dream.

He had transformed into Wang Xin for a year with Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique.

Wang Xins flamboyant and straightforward personality had somewhat affected Zhou Shu.

In other words, deep within Zhou Shu, there was a part of him that wanted to show off in front of others.

At the end of the day, with his current cultivation, there was no need for him to care about too many things.

To put it bluntly, he had reached perfection in the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique Technique and Golden Bell Shield Technique.

Thus, there might be people in the world who could defeat him, but there were probably none who could kill him.

His Golden Bell Shield Technique had reached perfection, and he no longer had any weaknesses.

In other words, he had an invincible body.

Even if he stood still, ordinary martial artists wouldnt be able to hurt him at all.

If he was determined to leave, then even Great Qin wouldnt be able to stop him.

It was precisely because of this that he wasnt afraid of revealing himself in Great Qin.

“What kind of cultivation technique is this” Xu Chengs pupils constricted, and the smile on his face disappeared for the first time.

His cultivation and knowledge far surpassed Yin Wuyou and the others.

Perhaps Yin Wuyou and the others only felt that Zhou Shus methods were somewhat miraculous.

But Xu Shi could tell that Zhou Shus Iron Smelting Hands Technique was extraordinary!

It was even far above his Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art!

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“Iron Smelting Hands.” Zhou Shu clenched his fist, extinguishing the ball of flames in his palm.

“Iron Smelting Hands.” Xu Shi frowned.

The name of this cultivation method is so… common.

Compared to his Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art, the nameIron Smelting Hands was too rustic.

But the quality of a cultivation technique did not lie in its name.

“Lord Xu, weve had enough to eat and drink.

We shall take our leave.” Zhou Shu cupped his hands and stood up.

After all, Xu Shi was not an ordinary person.

The expression on his face had returned to normal, and he revealed a gentle smile again.

“Please forgive me for my lack of hospitality.” Xu Shi said meaningfully, “I hope I can have a long talk with you another day, Marquis Zhou.”

“There will be a chance.” Zhou Shu laughed.

On the way back to the post house after leaving Xu Shis residence, Zhou Shu asked curiously, “Grand Minister, does our Great Xia have a technique that can produce True Fire on its own like Great Qins Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art”

In Zhou Shus opinion, although the martial artists of this world could topple mountains and overturn seas, it was mostly just martial strength.

To put it bluntly, it was a high martial arts world.

Although high-level martial artists also had various divine abilities, this was the first time Zhou Shu had seen a technique that could directly control True Fire.

“No,” Yin Wuyou said.

“Great Qins Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art is unique in this world…”

She looked at Zhou Shu.

Not unique anymore.

“Dont look at me like that.

My Iron Smelting Hands Technique isnt the same as the Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art.” Zhou Shu shrugged.

“Zhou Shu, will you really stay in Great Qin” Yin Wuyou suddenly asked.

“Why would I stay here” Zhou Shu asked.

“Because Great Qin is the most powerful country among the ten nations.

They even promised you the position of a duke and—” Yin Wuyous face was a little red.

“And the twin princesses of Great Qin…”

Zhou Shu laughed.

Other things aside, twin sisters…

Its quite exciting thinking about it.


“Thats all” Zhou Shu said with a smile.

“Wealth and riches are not things I wish for, and the jade palace where the jade emperor lives is not something I can hope to obtain.

“In Great Xia, I have my brothers, my friends, my Huaxia Pavilion, and… Why should I stay in Great Qin” Zhou Shu stepped forward and spoke without turning his head.

“What else” Yin Wuyou asked curiously.

“You… guess!” Zhou Shu drawled.

He laughed and walked away.

When she heard Zhou Shu sayyou, her heart almost stopped beating.

Just as her face was about to turn red, Zhou Shu continued with the wordguess.

Embarrassed and annoyed, she stomped her foot.

After returning to the post house, Shi Songtao, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly rushed in front of Zhou Shu and said, “I want to join the Huaxia Pavilion!” “Have you decided” Zhou Shu looked at Shi Songtao.

He had tried to recruit Shi Songtao before, but Shi Songtao had said that he needed to consider it.

Now that he suddenly said that he wanted to join the Huaxia Pavilion, Zhou Shu knew the reason even without thinking.

It was probably because he saw his Iron Smelting Hands Technique!

Cultivation techniques like the Iron Smelting Hands were definitely extremely attractive to forgers.

“Yes!” Shi Songtao said seriously.


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