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Chapter 212 Great Qins Recruitment, Iron Smelting Hands Technique vs.

Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art (2)

They walked into a quiet alley and entered a simple courtyard.

It was Xu Shis home.

His home was not even as big as the courtyard of the residence that Mi Ziwen gave Zhou Shu.

“Marquis Zhou, please excuse my humble home.” Xu Shi received a report from the gatekeeper and personally came to the gate to welcome Zhou Shu and the others in.

Zhou Shu sized up Xu Shi.

He looked very ordinary.

His height was ordinary, his appearance was ordinary, and his aura was very weak.

If one didnt pay attention to him while walking on the streets, one might think that he was just an ordinary person.

But Zhou Shu felt a sense of danger from him.

His heart trembled slightly.

Those whom he could sense danger were at least first-rank experts! With Zhou Shus current cultivation level, he might not even sense danger from ordinary first-rank martial artists.

It had to be known that Great Weis Imperial Preceptor Xiao Shunzhi had been defeated and killed by Zhou Shu when he was a first-rank martial artist!

Zhou Shu was now much stronger than before.

He had reached perfection in both his Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique and Golden Bell Shield Technique.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that if the current Zhou Shu encountered Xiao Shunzhi at his peak, he could easily kill him.

Great Weis Imperial Preceptor Xiao Shunzhi was not an ordinary person.

He could be considered one of the few first-rank experts in the world.

Zhou Shu even thought that there were only a handful of people in the entire land who could threaten him.

Now, he actually sensed danger from Xu Shi.

It was simply unbelievable!

Before coming here, Zhou Shu had specifically learned about Xu Shi.

Xu Shis reputation wasnt that great.

Even though he was Great Qins Weapon Bureaus grand superintendent, he was still extremely low-profile.

There were rumors that said that his cultivation level was not low, but he had never made a move in front of others, so there were all sorts of opinions about his cultivation level.

There was no clear explanation.

Zhou Shu originally thought that Xu Shi was an academic official who focused on forging.

Now that he had met him, he realized that Xu Shi was definitely not simple!

He definitely had a first-rank Martial Dao cultivation!

And among first-rank martial artists, he was definitely an expert!

“Lord Xu, you are too polite.” Zhou Shu didnt bat an eyelid as he cupped his hands together.

“I have long heard of you, Lord Xu.

To be able to meet you, I am truly honored.”

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“I am only a mediocre person, and I dont deserve your kind words, Marquis Zhou.” Xu Shi smiled.

“Marquis Zhou, you are an elite.

The Hundred Refinements Ring Pommel Saber, the Horse Slaying Saber, and the Great Xia Dragon Sparrow Saber are truly breathtaking.” “The Great Qins dagger-ax, spear, and crossbow are truly unrivaled under the heavens.

I, Zhou Shu, am truly inferior.” Zhou Shu was also trying to sound him out.

Such events were just occasions for people to flatter each other.

After they took their seats, the guests and host enjoyed themselves.

After all, Xu Shi was a second-rank official.

Since he was hosting a banquet, it naturally wouldnt be too shabby.

Various Great Qin delicacies were ceaselessly served to the guests, and there were even various demonic beast meat unique to Great Qin among them.

Although Zhou Shu was used to seeing delicacies, it was still an eye-opener for him.

He ate happily.

“Marquis Zhou, are you enjoying the delicacies of Great Qin” Xu Shi said with a smile.

“Theyre not bad,” Zhou Shu said.

“The meat of demonic beasts makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

But lets not talk about this.

Whether it is roasted or fried, the taste is quite


“As long as you like it,” Xu Shi said with a smile.

“Marquis Zhou, what do you think of our Great Qin”

Zhou Shu ate a piece of demonic beast meat and said casually, “Its pretty good.”

“Its not that Im boasting,” he said.

“But Great Qin is superior in terms of scenery and people than other nations.”

Xu Shi continued proudly, “The most important thing is that Great Qin rules the country by law.

If there is merit, there will be rewards.”

Zhou Shu glanced at Xu Shi confusedly.

What is the point of telling me this

You didnt ask me to come because you wanted me to hear you brag about how great Great Qin is and how strong it is, right

Yin Wuyou, sitting next to Zhou Shu, narrowed her eyes.

She had a bad feeling in her heart.

Xu Shi seems to have another purpose.

Xu Shi glanced at Yin Wuyou, Shi Songtao, and the others and said casually, “Marquis Zhou, since you think Great Qin is good, then why dont you consider staying in Great Qin in the future”

Thump! Yin Wuyou was enraged.

She slammed the table and was about to get up.

Zhou Shu grabbed her wrist and shook his head.

As Zhou Shu held her wrist, Yin Wuyou felt the heat coming from his large hand.

The fury in her heart suddenly vanished, and her entire body began to heat up.

She could no longer stand up.

“Lord Xu, youre being too careless,” Zhou Shu slowly said.

“I am the official envoy of the Great Xia diplomatic mission.

You are speaking like this in front of my colleagues.

Do you want to get me into trouble when I return” “Marquis Zhou, you have misunderstood.” Xu Shi shook his head.

“I am sincerely inviting you.

“With your abilities, Marquis Zhou, if you stay in Great Qin, we will make you a duke.”

Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, Chen Ji, and Shi Songtao frowned at the same time.

The meaning behind Xu Shis words was that with Zhou Shus abilities, he could be a duke in Great Qin.

But Great Xia only gave him the title of a marquis.

Was Great Xia treating Zhou Shu unfairly

“Is that so” The corners of Zhou Shus lips curled up slightly, “Duke, that sounds good.”

“Zhou Shu!” Yin Wuyou was a little anxious.

Zhou Shu tightened his grip on her wrist and smiled as he shook his head.

Xu Shi noticed Zhou Shus actions and smiled.

“Young and full of affection, Marquis Zhou, you are also a romantic.

Great Qin has two princesses, and they are twins.

They are sixteen years old and beautiful.

Marquis Zhou, if you are willing to stay in Great Qin…” “Shut up!” Yin Wuyou shouted angrily, unable to stand it anymore.


Lu Wenshuang was even more straightforward.

She had already unsheathed the sword on her back and pointed it across the table at Xu City.

Xu Shis expression didnt change as he smiled at Zhou Shu.

“Dont be rash.” Zhou Shu pulled Yin Wuyou back to her seat and said to Lu Wenshuang.

“Lord Xu, your plan to sow discord is a little overboard,” Zhou Shu said.

“If you continue to say such things, then I will take my leave.”

“Lets not talk about it.” Xu Shi smiled and raised his wine glass.

“Im getting old, and I like to spout nonsense.

Sorry for offending


He downed his drink in apology.

Later, Xu Shi didnt mention anything about recruiting him.

Instead, he chatted with Zhou Shu about forging.

Xu Shi was a Grand Craftsman, so he was quite knowledgeable and had rather a good chat with Zhou Shu.

The more Yin Wuyou looked at Xu Shi, the angrier she became.

What does Xu Shi mean First, he used wealth and status, and then he used a honey trap.

Now, hes trying to get into his good books

Old thief!

If you piss me off, Ill stab you to death!

“Marquis Zhou, Great Qin has a secret cultivation technique called the Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art.” Xu Shi smiled.

“This cultivation technique is a match made in heaven for forgers like us.

“By cultivating the Eight Quaint Fire Divine Art, you can produce True Fire within your body.

Theres no need to use a furnace or True Fire seed.

You can forge weapons anytime, anywhere.”

“Oh” A look of surprise appeared on Zhou Shus face.

“Theres such a cultivation technique”

“Yes.” Xu Shi nodded.

“I am cultivating this divine art now.”

He raised his hand, and with a whoosh, a foot-tall flame rose from his palm.

The flame was three inches away from his palm, seemingly burning out of thin air.

“Fire control” Zhou Shu said with a strange expression.

“What a coincidence.

I also have a cultivation technique.

Lord Xu, take a look at its effects.”

Zhou Shu raised his right hand.

As he did so, his palm began to turn bright red.

Xu Shi was slightly stunned.

What kind of cultivation technique is this Why does his palm seem to have turned into lava

Zhou Shu gently clenched his scarlet-red palm and faced it up.

The flame on Xu Shis palm suddenly flew toward Zhou Shus palm.

He was greatly alarmed.

Just as he was about to activate his cultivation technique, the flame had already landed in Zhou Shus palm.

On his palm, it constantly transformed into different shapes.

And he could no longer sense this flame!


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