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The more Ruan Sixian thought about it, the more angry she was.

She took a picture of her breakfast with her mobile phone and sent it to a circle of friends.

On the other side, Fu Mingyu was standing beside the hospital bed, and Helan Xiang was talking to her cousin.

The two chatted for a long time, and Fu Mingyu’s mind wandered outside, staring at a flower on a branch that came in by the window.

He doesn’t know how long he stare at it.

When he turned his head around, Helan Xiang was still talking.

His aunt’s spirit was also very good, and it seems as if she could immediately pull out the needle and go shopping with her in Milan for three days and three nights.

What entered his ears were all the topics that he was not interested in, so Fu Mingyu had to take out his mobile phone and have a look at it.

When he opened WeChat, the interface still stayed in the dialog box with Ruan Sixian.

The other party didn’t reply, so he exited and looked at the circle of friends.

The small pattern on the upper right corner was precisely Ruan Sixian’s profile picture.

He clicked in and took a look.

Half a minute ago, she posted a picture of her breakfast.

[Baby, thank you for the breakfast.

Love you, muachh @Si Xiaozhen]

Fu Mingyu knows what Ruan Sixian meant by this.

He squinted his eyes and looked out the window again, feeling inexplicably irritable.

His eyes returned to the phone again.

Fu Mingyu clicked into Ruan Sixian’s circle of friends again to see if she had posted any contents in the past two days that was missed by him.

However, as soon as he entered, the background of Ruan Sixian’s circle of friends’ photo album caught Fu Mingyu’s attention.

Black letters on a white background, with a very arrogant line of words.

“You came to see me again.

Admit it, you just like me.”

Fu Mingyu: “…”

He turned off his mobile phone.

Things like the circle of friends are a waste of time.

It’s really best not to look at it.

After the incident that she mistakenly thought the breakfast was sent by Fu Mingyu, Ruan Sixian felt that this person would definitely seize this opportunity to show his presence in front of her.

However, this time she miscalculated, Fu Mingyu really stopped.

Of course, maybe it was because he was busy.

Anyway, he never showed up again.

It was a morning five days later when the two met again.

Ruan Sixian arrived at Hengshi Airlines on time to prepare for her last flight before she officially took the post of co-pilot.

The Hengshi Airlines in the early morning was still busy.

Ruan Sixian was wearing the uniform and pulling the flight box.

When passing by the large meeting room of the flight department, the door was suddenly pulled open from the inside.

Then, the sound of footsteps followed.

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Ruan Sixian inexplicably felt that it was mostly Fu Mingyu.

She stopped and looked over, and saw him as she expected.

The lights were brightly lit behind the door, and the participants inside were silent, all watching Fu Mingyu walk out.

He seems to be in a bad mood.

With one hand in his pocket and his eyebrows that are slightly wrinkled, he walked out with a big stride like a meteor, making the air around him two degrees colder.

Ruan Sixian was standing less than five meters away from the door.

At this position, it was bound to meet Fu Mingyu.

Two or three steps later, Fu Mingyu really saw Ruan Sixian.

However, the line of sight intersected briefly.

Just as Ruan Sixian wanted to say hello, he turned his head to listen to what the assistant said, and no longer looked at Ruan Sixian.

A group of people passed by Ruan Sixian’s side just like that.

When Bo Yang came out later, he paused and wanted to say hello.

But seeing that Fu Mingyu didn’t have any reaction just now, I thought that the two of them probably had another fight last time.

Maybe the two were in the state of incompatibility like fire and water right now.

It’s better for him not to go there and light the firecracker.

Who knows if he would be blown up into the most gorgeous fireworks in the sky afterwards.

After all the people in the meeting room left, the surroundings returned to quiet.

Ruan Sixian looked back at Fu Mingyu’s back figure and slowly twisted her brows.

She was recalling carefully, did she forget what she had done that offended him the night she got drunk

Did she beat Fu Mingyu

No, she should not be able to beat him.

Too much scolding

Probably not.

He was the one who wanted to get inside and still lingered around and wouldn’t go away.

She was already very polite.

Or did she say something to hurt his self-esteem


Ruan Sixian suddenly recovered.

Why does she have to reflect about it here Fu Mingyu has never played the cards according to the routine.

How can she analyze his behavior patterns with normal human’s thinking

He can do whatever he likes, and it’s none of her business.

She scolded herself secretly in her heart and strode away with the flight box.

Today’s flight is also a coincidental one.

This is Ruan Sixian’ last time to fly in the back row, and the crew happened to be Captain Fan and Co-pilot Yu who had flown with her on the first flight.


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