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“New product, Sunset Boulevard.

Try it”

Si Xiaozhen took the lead in taking a sip.

“How much is this”

“Um…” Bian Xuan thought for a while, “Probably about the same as Long Island Iced Tea.”

Si Xiaozhen almost burst out the drink in one breath.

“Long Island Iced Tea That’s a liquor! Why does it taste so sweet”

“How It’s good, isn’t it” Bian Xuan raised her eyebrows.

“The female customer will definitely like it.

The degree is enough and the taste is good.”

“Not bad.” Si Xiaozhen couldn’t help tasting it again before she turned her head and asked Ruan Sixian, “Do you want to taste a sip”

Ruan Sixian took it over and drank a big gulp.

It’s not until after she had swallowed it for a long time that she blinked, “Is this really liquor Why is it so sweet”

Bian Xuan also somewhat hesitated when she heard the two girls say that in a row.

She took a sip and said awkwardly, “Oh, I put too much honey…”



“Just think of it as honey water! For beauty!”

Bian Xuan said so and she was going to dump it out, “Forget it, I will make another glass.”

“Don’t waste it.

Give it to me.”

Ruan Sixian stretched out her hand, “I can only drink this kind of taste anyway.”

Of course Bian Xuan was happy and she gave the wine to Ruan Sixian, then turned to Si Xiaozhen and said, “I’ll make you another glass.”

Not long after, the band came out to perform, and the atmosphere in the bar became warmer.

Si Xiaozhen hummed a whole song with the band while sitting at the bar with a drink in her hand.

“Ah, the head singer little brother is a little handsome this time, but he is a little short.

If he is a bit taller…” She said while looking at Ruan Sixian, “Why did you finish your drink so fast”

Si Xiaozhen unbelievably raised the empty glass in front of her and shook it, “Although this tasted like honey water, it is still liquor! It’s liquor!”

It’s useless to say anything now, after all, the person in front of her has already blushed.

“Well…it’s kind of delicious.”

Ruan Sixian supported her chin and looked at her with a smile, “Why don’t you drink it”

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Si Xiaozhen: “…Are you in a bad mood today”

Ruan Sixian smiled and shook her head, “No.”

“Tell me honestly.

What’s there that you can’t tell me about” Si Xiaozhen reached out and touched her face, a little hot, “Is your mother looking for you”

Ruan Sixian still shook her head: “No.”

Si Xiaozhen suddenly fell silent and looked into Ruan Sixian’s eyes, with mixed feelings in her heart.

This ‘No’ made her feel so distressed.

“It’s okay, Ruan Ruan.” Si Xiaozhen helped tidy up her hair, “Let’s go, I’ll take you home.”

“Are we going back now”

“Come on.

Go to bed early, or you’ll get dizzy.”

“Well, okay.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t want to stay any longer either.

She just felt dizzy now.

She grabbed her bag and stood up.

Si Xiaozhen reached out to help her, but she waved her hand.

She hasn’t reached the state where she can’t walk just after one drink.

However, Si Xiaozhen was still not at ease, took a taxi and brought her back to Mingchen Apartment’s gate.

“Be careful on your way back.”

Ruan Sixian waved her hand to the car window: “Yeah.

You too, go back early, and tell me when you get there.”


Having already sent her to the apartment’s gate, Si Xiaozhen has nothing to worry about anymore.

Moreover, she had seen Ruan Sixian drinking, and knew that although she was not good at drinking, her mobility and thinking ability would not be completely lost.

And she will become soft and tender after drinking.

After watching the taxi drive away from her sight, Ruan Sixian turned around and walked home.

The wind is very comfortable tonight.

There are many small insects flying around the halo of the street lamp, like the alley where she lived when she was a child.

The brightest street lamp always attracted the most mosquitoes.

Every time Ruan Sixian passes by, she will subconsciously avoid it.


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