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When Si Xiaozhen was halfway through, she looked at Ruan Sixian’s face, stopped talking, and didn’t say the remaining words.

Others don’t understand, but she thinks she still knows Ruan Sixian enough.

She has lived alone with her father since she was fourteen.

When her father died of illness when she was eighteen, she went to University alone.

The money her father left was only enough for her four-year tuition, and her living expenses depended on her own part-time work.

There are no relatives in the family, and she is unwilling to live with her mother.

In this case, a big beauty with no money and power is actually having a bit more difficulty in life rather than ordinary people, because there are always malicious people staring at her.

Such an environment forces her to be more independent than others, and it is also harder to trust others easily.

Many emotions are always digested by one person silently, and only showing the appearance of those beautiful years to the outside world.

But after living like this for a long time, once she encounters a container that can unconditionally hold all her emotions, she will presumptuously pour her temper and head into it.

Therefore, Si Xiaozhen felt that she was accustomed to Fu Mingyu who always tolerated her infinitely, so she vented all her anger towards Zheng You’an and her anger towards Dong Xian on Fu Mingyu.

As the saying goes…

“Are you finished” Ruan Sixian waited for a long time but Si Xiaozhen did not pour out the next words, and asked, “What did you want to say about me”

“I think you are…” Si Xiaozhen suddenly speeded up her speech, “Arrogant because of being pampered.”

“What did you say”

“I said you are arrogant because of being pampered! Arrogant because of being pampered!”

The voice fell and the room was suddenly silent.

Ruan Sixian looked at Si Xiaozhen, their gaze met with each other, and no one spoke.

And only Ruan Sixian knew that, her heart fluctuated briefly.

“What nonsense are you talking about” Ruan Sixian rolled her eyes, “Can’t wait to show off a few idioms you knew”

Si Xiaozhen shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes and smiled dryly, “Whatever you said.

I will not leave today.

I will take a bath first.”

After two steps, she turned back and said, “I suggest that you read ‘Nonviolent Communication’”

“Why do you talk so much today”

“Okay, Okay!!”

Si Xiaozhen ran into the bathroom and closed the door with a ‘bang’.

The living room became quiet again.

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Ruan Sixian slowly raised her leg and shrank on the sofa, then quietly opened Baidu[1] and searched for ‘Nonviolent Communication’.

Go to the directory.

Chapter One, ‘Let love be integrated into life’.

Chapter Two, ‘What blinds love’

What book is this

What to love or not to love

Ruan Sixian shut down the webpage angrily, and started playing games instead.

After playing the same level a few times, she still didn’t pass the level.

It’s boring playing a broken game.

Ruan Sixian quit the game, opened WeChat, and checked the circle of friends, unexpectedly saw Fu Mingyu have an update for the first time.

He shared a link——’The largest hangar in Asia officially sealed the construction of the new airport base in Jiangcheng into a new stage’.

Really a calm and self-contained workaholic.

Why about giving him a thumbs up Today, after all, because her period is coming, she gave him a tantrum.

Ruan Sixian moved her finger but feeling as if the sincerity was not enough.

Although she always blasted Fu Mingyu, one yard is one yard and Fu Mingyu is indeed quite innocent today.

So Ruan Sixian sent another comment: [Like] [Like] [Like].

She touched her nose, thinking that Fu Mingyu was definitely not a person who would reply to the circles of friends, let alone such innutritious comments.

After waiting for a while, there really was no response.

Ruan Sixian suddenly realized that she seemed to have never seen Fu Mingyu’s circle of friends, and she didn’t know what people like him would usually post.

[1] Baidu : Like google in China.


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