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“Your attitude towards the delivery staff is pretty good.”

“If you go deliver food, I will treat you well too.

What can I do Because I hate the rich.”

Fu Mingyu pressed his neck, half-opened his mouth, and let out another long breath.

When he looked at Ruan Sixian again, he found that she was eating the food that smelled of inferior rapeseed oil very deliciously, while the delicate food in front of him was getting colder.

It was unknown for how long time had passed before Fu Mingyu slowly stood up.

Just as he was walking towards Ruan Sixian, her cell phone rang.

Ruan Sixian took a look and saw that it was a call from Yan’an.

What does he want this late at night

Ruan Sixian held a spoon in one hand and answered the phone in the other.

“Hello, President Yan.

What can I do for you”

Hearing Ruan Sixian’s address, Fu Mingyu’s steps stopped.

Over there, Yan An’s voice was a little drunk.

“Are you asleep”


Some men like to call the women they care about when they drink too much.

Unexpectedly, Yan’an, a President, also has this hypocritical disease.

In this kind of situation, once they talk, it will easily give the other person a chance to have more thoughts, so Ruan Sixian just lied, “I’m going to sleep soon, what’s the matter”

Yan’an was silent for a moment and said: “Well, I want to talk to you.

Can…you come down for a moment I am already downstairs.

Ruan Sixian felt that there was a gaze looking at her back.

She looked back and glared, then moved to the corner of the sofa.

“Sorry, I’m already lying on the bed.”

“Oh…” Yan’an said again, “It’s OK to talk on the phone for a while.

In fact, I am really in the dark about the incident last time.

Actually, my ex-girlfriend and I had already broken up cleanly, and that kind of thing will never happen again.”

Ruan Sixian rubbed her temples.

Why are the two men trying to find troubles for her today Are the presidents so idle these days

“President Yan, I thought I had made it very clear on this matter.”


“It’s getting late.

You should rest early.”

Yan’an sighed again.

After a long pause, he said: “Then have a rest.

I won’t disturb you again.”

Ruan Sixian hung up the phone without hesitation, and when he looked up, he saw that Fu Mingyu was still looking at her.


Ruan Sixian ignored him and continued to eat.

Fu Mingyu wanted to say something more, but his cell phone rang at this time.

It was from Bo Yang.

He actually took time out tonight, and had to go back to the company to have a meeting tonight, and the time was almost up by now.

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He walked up to Ruan Sixian and picked up his suit jacket, “I still have matters to handle in the company.

I’m leaving now.”

“Walk slowly won’t send you out.”

This blunt tone made Fu Mingyu feel helpless again.

He wanted to say something, but found that there was nothing left to say.

“Ruan Sixian.”

Ruan Sixian said impatiently: “What’s wrong again”

“The takeout is not clean, eat less.”

Ruan Sixian still immersed herself in eating, as if she hadn’t heard Fu Mingyu’s words.

Until the sound of closing the door was heard, she paused and looked up at the dish on the table.

Really annoying.

If it weren’t for Fu Mingyu making trouble, how could she eat the claypot rice instead of the Western Banquet’s dishes

When Fu Mingyu came downstairs, it was already dark.

He took his jacket and walked very fast.

Having been busy for a whole day without taking a break, he took time out of his busy schedule to accompany Ruan Sixian for a meal, but was made so angry by her.

He really didn’t know what he was doing.

But before he left the lobby on the first floor, he saw a familiar figure outside.

Yan’an leaned against the car’s body with his back arched and a cigarette in his hand.

Although he didn’t see his expression, his whole body exudes an aura of ‘I’m very sad, I’m very melancholy’.

At first glance, it really has the temperament of a lovelorn person

Fu Mingyu originally wanted to pass him directly as if he hadn’t seen him, but when he walked down the steps, he paused and turned around and said: “Yan’an.”

Yan’an looked up and saw that it was Fu Mingyu, but he didn’t want to speak.

Fu Mingyu just looked downward at him like this and said in a deep voice: “The person has already posted the meaning to you in her circle of friends, and you are still entangled and not letting go.

Can you have some moral integrity”


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