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It happened that Ruan Sixian lived there, and finally it was her who sent Ni Tong over.

But when they got there and knocked on the door, no one responded.

Only after she called did she know that her friend went back to her hometown.

Ni Tong’s face had become a disheveled look, couldn’t say a word and just squatted on the ground.

So, Ruan Sixian had to take her to her own home to rest.

At first, Ni Tong was not willing, and hummed as she said that she wanted to go home.

Ruan Sixian knew that she minded the embarrassment when the two met for the first time, so she did not want to go to her house.

Ruan Sixian did not insist on it either and she only said, “Go back by yourself then.”

Ni Tong said she will and immediately do it.

She stands up while leaning on the wall and moves step by step towards the elevator.

Ruan Sixian looked at her back and said: “Your skirt is dirty.”

“Ah Where is it, where is it Is it a lot Is it obvious”

Ruan Sixian’s thumb and index finger made an egg size circle, “This big.”

Ni tong also couldn’t see her own butt.

She hesitated for two seconds between going to Ruan Sixian’s house and returning home with blood on her skirt, and said: “Then I will go to your house to wash the skirt first.”

That’s what she said, but Ni Tong fell on the bed and couldn’t get up as soon as she arrived at Ruan Sixian’s house.

She rolled and said that she would never drink ice drinks again.

Ruan Sixian ignored her and went to the kitchen to cook ginger with brown sugar.

It was only then that she had time to take out her mobile phone and take a look.

It was also a coincidence that when she turned on the mobile phone, it happened that Fu Mingyu’s message came in.

Why she did not reply to his message

Ruan Sixian thinks there is nothing to reply to, because the last one he sent was ‘She is not my girlfriend’.

It was his reply to her ‘President Fu, you took your girlfriend to go out but also care about me.

Isn’t it inappropriate’

When Ruan Sixian saw this message, she thought to herself, what’s this got to do with me

And it seemed like Fu Mingyu was explaining to her.

Wouldn’t it be even stranger if she responded with ‘Oh, got it’

So Ruan Sixian simply didn’t reply to him.

But she didn’t expect that he would come to ask why she didn’t reply more than ten hours later.

As if he must get an answer from her.

Ruan Sixian casually typed a few words to perfuse him.

[Ruan Sixian]: Oh, I went to play games after that and didn’t see it.

That’s all right if I said it like this, right boss No problem, right

However, as soon as the message was sent, Fu Mingyu responded in seconds.

[Fu Mingyu]:

[Fu Mingyu]: It’s impolite not to reply to a message.

Ruan Sixian: “……”

Regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, Ruan Sixian has also scolded Fu Mingyu many times and has already vomited whatever fragrant words she has.

How could he think she would be polite to him

[Ruan Sixian]: Do you know me for the first day today Do I have courtesy, this kind of thing

[Fu Mingyu]: Ruan Sixian, stop before you are going too far.

I don’t have so much patience for you to kill.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Talking to this person is so tiring! Who is killing whose patience actually!

Just as the water at hand was boiling, Ruan Sixian hurriedly poured the brown sugar in, and was impatient to type to him.

She held down the voice button and said, “President Fu, are you free now Are you tired or not Don’t you have to work Don’t you have to attend meetings Don’t you need to rest after flying for ten hours”

Can you stop for a while

At the same time when she sent the voice message out, Ruan Sixian heard the movement behind her and looked back.

Ni Tong was holding the door frame with a pale face, but his eyes were piercingly bright.

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“Uh… I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.

I came out to go to the bathroom.”

Ruan Sixian ignored her and turned around to stir the brown sugar water in the pot.

Ni Tong walked towards the toilet with weak steps.

When she passed by Ruan Sixian, she hesitated for a moment and whispered: “You can’t talk to him like this.”

Ruan Sixian: “What”

Ni Tong added: “If you ask it this way, it is easy to backfire.

You must know how to use it.”

After speaking, she went into the bathroom feebly.

At the same time, Fu Mingyu replied to the message.

[Fu Mingyu]: Since you know I am busy, so stop a little bit.

I’ll be back next Saturday.

Ruan Sixian:

If you want to come back just come back then what do you mean by telling me this do you still want me to put on the red carpet and bring the horn to welcome you back [1]

Is Hengshi Airlines’ bureaucracy so heavy

She turned off the fire and tried very seriously to understand his crazy words from Fu Mingyu’s perspective.

Two minutes later, she chose to give up.

But she wanted to understand what Ni Tong just said.

Yesterday she asked if she was chasing President Fu.

So, Ni Tong thought she was pestering Fu Mingyu to chat

In order to verify her own thoughts, when Ni Tong came out, Ruan Sixian asked: “What do you mean by what you just said”

Ni Tong’s stomach is uncomfortable, but in order to thank Ruan Sixian for her kind deeds today, it is not impossible to remind her too.

“Even if you care about him, you shouldn’t do it like this too.

You have to go step by step.

Asking so many questions at once will make him feel annoyed.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

“What do I care about him for Do I have to care whether his coffin wants the slide one or the touch screen one”

[1] Yep no punctuation marks, so RSX like.


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