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It was already two o’clock in the morning the next day when the plane landed in Madrid.

During this period, Helan Xiang sent several messages to Fu Mingyu.

“When will it arrive”

“How’s the weather over there”

“I don’t know if there is a bit of chaos in Europe right now or not.

You should pay more attention to it than you usually did, and you should take the bodyguard with you.”

The nagging topic finally came to the girl next to him, as Fu Mingyu expected.

“Is Zheng You’an alright on the road”

“Her parents arranged for someone to pick her up.

Don’t worry too much about it.

Just have a good rest when you get off the plane.

You are too tired these days.”

When Fu Mingyu saw the message, he gave a short reply.

“We have arrived.”

“I don’t have so much idle time to worry about others too.”

Bringing along Zheng You’an on the way, was what Helan Xiang promised and Fu Mingyu had no objection.

But this does not mean that he has any other meanings.

The Great Mother’s worries are too much.

Regarding Zheng You’an, the Fu family has a small disagreement.

On Helan Xiang’s birthday last year, Dong Xian brought Zheng You’an to attend it.

That was the first time Fu Mingyu and Zheng You’an met.

Unlike other young ladies from wealthy families, Zheng Youan doesn’t seem to like this kind of occasion very much.

She is a little shy when communicating with others.

When Dong Xian brought her over to greet Fu Mingyu, she was also a little shy.

Her voice was very small too.

Fu Mingyu only looked at her and frequently nodded his head while smiling.

In fact, he didn’t catch what she was saying several times.

In the eyes of Fu Chengzhou and Zheng Huajing on the other side of the scene, the two fathers feel that they are a perfect match.

Since then, they have the meaning of matching them.

Fu Chengzhou naturally said this to Helan Xiang.

At that time, Helan Xiang showed a dignified smile and said that Fu Chengzhou’s idea was good.

The two children are young and suitable, with talents and good looks.

If they can get a couple together, it will be of great benefit to the two companies.

However, He Lanxiang’s heart is 10,000 times unwilling.

She doesn’t have any opinions about Zheng You’an.

She even likes the little girl a little bit, but——wants her to be in laws with Dong Xian!

She would rather her son never get married forever!

No, this one is a bit vicious.

But when she thought that if Fu Mingyu and Zheng You’an really become a couple, the number of times she will meet Dong Xian in the future will rise by orders of magnitude, and her future life will be suffocated.

Fortunately, Zheng You’an has been studying abroad, and Fu Mingyu is so busy that there’s no chance to match them up.

After more than a year, the two have only met twice.

But now Zheng You’an has graduated and returned to China, and has grown more beautiful.

When she smiles, a pair of dimples are so deathly sweet that no man can stand it.

Thinking of this, Helan Xiang began to think about her future life.

She will have to attend the wedding with Dong Xian, and give a speech together.

In the future, she also have to participate in the grandson’s one month’s celebration, then the birthday celebrations, and the two families even have to get together every Chinese New Year, and she have to pretend to have a deep affection for the in-law’s family.

These days are really too difficult.

What on earth did she do wrong to be in-laws with Dong Xian!

If Heaven arranges a real heavenly beauty to catch Fu Mingyu’s heart at this time, she is willing to be a vegetarian for a year to show her gratitude.

At this time, the plane was taxiing, and the speed gradually slowed down.

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Fu Mingyu glanced sideways at the woman sitting next to him.

She got busy since half an hour before landing.

It was unknown where she took out a small bag from.

She took out a bunch of things and started to pat them on her face in one moment, then curled up her body and wiped things on her feet in another moment, and finally smeared things on her neck.

She tilted her head back and her neck was dazzling white.

Fu Mingyu caught a glimpse of this scene and suddenly remembered that Ruan Sixian’s neck was also very long and straight, like a swan, always held high.

Today is the first time he saw her dejected appearance.

Fu Mingyu’s thoughts drifted far away, feeling funny and angry, and he was completely unaware that his eyes were overflowed with an undisguised smile.

When the smile spreads, even the person has become softer.

Fu Mingyu looks at his mobile phone and the news that he sent out more than ten hours ago to Ruan Sixian hasn’t been replied yet.

He doesn’t even feel angry.

Instead, he sent another message.

[Fu Mingyu]: Why don’t you reply to the message

Ruan Sixian had just arrived home when she received the message.

Because of the heavy rainstorm, the flight was delayed.

It took more than ten hours for their flight to return, and now she has just arrived at home.

She also brought Ni Tong back.

Speaking of this, Ruan Sixian was also a little speechless.

Recently, the weather has been hot.

She was greedy for the cool and drank ice drinks for several days.

The retribution just came today.

On their return flight, Ni Tong’s period suddenly came.

At the beginning, her abdomen was only aching.

Later, it was like an electric drill had been stirring inside.

But she didn’t say it.

She only gritted her teeth and finished the flight, and finally couldn’t hold on anymore when she got off the plane.

She squatted in the corner and couldn’t stand up.

In the middle of the night, she didn’t want to bother others, so she said she was going to her best friend’s house in Mingchen Apartment.


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