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The only special thing is that there is a woman next to him.

Wearing a nude pink dress with long fluttering hair and a white knitted hat on her head, she looks like a person who is going out to play.

Ruan Sixian twitched the corners of her mouth.

Going out to play with a woman but still taking so many people with him.

Didn’t even feel disgusted with so many light bulbs[1].

She thought that he was so busy these days that she couldn’t even see his figure.

It turned out that he was with a woman.

No wonder he looked a little haggard lately, afraid it was really for the image only.

As the two sides got closer and closer, and their sight collided, Ruan Sixian quietly looked away, pretended not to see it, and raised the corners of her lips into a sneer.

Unfortunately, the captain in the front stopped to greet Fu Mingyu, and Ruan Sixian had to stop.

The moment she looked at Fu Mingyu, the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of Zheng You’an on the side.

Then, the expression on her face suddenly paused, and the curvature on the corners of her mouth slowly collapsed.

Zheng You’an is very thin, with shiny pink diamonds hanging around her slender neck, making her skin more fair and tender.

The bird’s legs under the skirt are stepping on a pair of thin high heels, which has the feeling of a very weak beauty.

At first sight, it’s a princess who has grown up with careful care and protection from the people around her.

Ruan Sixian’s eyes flashed slightly, and she pressed her lips tightly.

She wanted to look away, but she could not help looking at her.

In fact, this is the first time she has seen Zheng You’an.

In the past, she only occasionally checked her Weibo to see her daily life.

Feeling a little bit like a peeping tom, Ruan Sixian has always been burying this dark side of her heart deeply.

She wanted to see whether her mother, who ran away to be someone else’s mother, did a good job at it.

As it turns out, she always does it well.

Zheng You’an should have accepted Dong Xian a long time ago, and got the missing maternal love from her.

She looked at her photos when traveling abroad, looked at her photos with the cats and dogs at home, and looked at her photos on her birthday party.

That’s why she can recognize her when she meets her for the first time today.

Ruan Sixian was absent-minded for a long time.

Even Zheng You’an feels that her eyes stayed on herself for a long time, so she unconsciously takes a step back.

Fu Mingyu, who had a brief chat with the captain, seemed to perceive something, and looked at Ruan Sixian.

He happened to meet her gaze that was forcibly withdrawn away.

But Ruan Sixian didn’t want him to find anything.

So she turned her head away and looked into the distance.

But at the moment when their eyes crossed, he still saw the complex emotions in Ruan Sixian’s eyes.

After a few words, the two sides went to the boarding gate respectively.

A few steps later, Fu Mingyu suddenly turned around to see Ruan Sixian, who had always been tall and straight.

At this time, her back is a little lonely.

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“What’s the matter”

Zheng You’an asked.

“Nothing.” Fu Mingyu turned and went on.

Get on the plane, climb high in the sky, until the level flight status is established.

The employees who went to Spain this time all performed their duties and were not idle on the plane.

Fu Mingyu was the only one who was idle.

There was a lot of material in front of him, but he never looked at it.

All that’s in his mind was Ruan Sixian’s eyes that were always looking at Zheng You’an just now.

And her back.

Suddenly, the sound of music beside him interrupted Fu Mingyu’s thoughts.

Zheng You’an covered her iPad and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, the headset is not plugged in correctly.”

Fu Mingyu’s eyes swept over her face.

A moment later, he has a sudden realization.

The depression that had been held in his chest for a long time also disappeared in an instant.

After a while, he picked up his mobile phone and forwarded a piece of news to Ruan Sixian.

At this time, Ruan Sixian had not yet taken off.

The news is an early warning of a rainstorm for the place where Ruan Sixian is about to land.

After a few minutes.

[Ruan Sixian]:

[Fu Mingyu]: Remember to bring an umbrella.

[Ruan Sixian]: …

[Ruan Sixian]: President Fu, you took your girlfriend to go out but also care about me.

Isn’t it inappropriate

When Fu Mingyu saw the news, he finally confirmed his thoughts.

A soft snort flowed out from his nose, and his lips curled into a smile.

[1] light bulb: the other people who are obstructing the eyes of male and female lovers when they are talking about love or dating.


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