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That day, she asked Fu Mingyu and speculated that he had bought it as a gift.

Necklaces are naturally given to girls, and this natural pearl is expensive, which shows that the girl’s identity is of course not ordinary.

Who knows that a few days has passed, the pearl has been left at home and even has not been touched.

Helan Xiang only turned on a warm yellow floor lamp, while Fu Mingyu had already walked up the stairs.

She couldn’t see his expression clearly from so far away and only heard him said: “Just send it to Mrs.

Zheng as a gift.”

Helan Xiang hummed softly, slightly dissatisfied, and muttered: “I don’t know whether she will take a fancy to this kind of vulgar thing or not.”


Zheng was the one who gave Helan Xiang the silk scarf.

Her name was Dong Xian.

She is a painter and an artist.

She is different from Helan Xiang, who opens a gallery to make money.

However, Helan Xiang and her are not considered as opposing each other either.

After all, people like them always have to maintain superficial harmony.

It’s just that usually, Helan Xiang felt somewhat can’t bear the sight of her fake loftiness.

For example, the silk scarf she sent this time, it seems that she gave her friends some worthless gifts which focuses heavily on her feelings only.

The patterns on it were painted by herself.

But who doesn’t know the brand that designed and manufactured the silk scarves for her is notoriously difficult to deal with.

Even Helan Xiang does not have a customized silk scarf from this brand.

Thinking of this, Helan Xiang thought again: I really don’t know what’s so good about commemorating a second marriage.

I don’t even want my son to go.

It’s so unlucky.

Fortunately, Fu Mingyu walked fast, otherwise he would have to listen to Helan Xiang’s talk again, and his bad mood would only add fuel to the fire.

When he went to the second floor and saw the pearl necklace that Aunt Luo had put together, he was even more agitated.

This necklace was indeed bought for Ruan Sixian, and the price was indeed high.

At that time when he went to Lincheng, he learned about Ruan Sixian’s past when he boarded the plane.

Later, he went directly to Paris for work.

When he came back, he wanted to have a talk with Ruan Sixian.

Or, to apologize to her.

In Fu Mingyu’s life, there was really insufficient experience in the matter of ‘apologizing’.

So he thought, choose a valuable gift to externalize his apology, lest that female ancestor feels that he lacks sincerity because of his lack of speech.

But now, Fu Mingyu’s mind was still reverberating with that song, and at the same time all kinds of things during this period of time still emerged in his mind too.

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Suddenly, he felt that it was unnecessary.

Absolutely unnecessary.


It was not his fault alone, and to tolerate her time and time again was already his greatest regression.

What’s more, Ruan Sixian’s behavior has already exceeded his endurance limit.

Meanwhile, the flight, which had been delayed for several hours due to the weather, finally took off.

When waiting, the passengers were emotionally unstable and the flight crew could not comfort them.

Later, it was the captain who appeared in person that stabilized the emotions of the passengers.

After entering the level flight cruise state, Captain Fan asked for a cup of tea, took a sip leisurely, and asked Co-pilot Yu: “When are you getting married”

“Next year.” Co-pilot Yu said with a smile, “Why, do you want to teach me any experience”

Captain Fan waved his hand again and again, “No, no.

Women are all the same after they get married.

By all means, just treat yourself as the grandson[1].”

After speaking, she turned around and asked Ruan Sixian, “Little Ruan, do you have a boyfriend”

Before Ruan Sixian could answer, Co-pilot Yu said: “Again You are doing it again Captain Fan, you’re only in your early fifties, so why do you already have the hobby of matchmaking Could it be that after you got off the plane every day, you didn’t go home but go square dancing”

“Nonsense!” Captain Fan pretended to slap him, and said with a smile, “I am just casually asking.

Little Ruan is so outstanding, you must already have a boyfriend, right”

Ruan Sixian said no, then Captain Fan only nodded and said nothing more.

But after a few minutes, he still couldn’t help it.

He turned back and asked: “Well… my son is twenty-four this year, one year younger than you.

He is a postgraduate and will soon graduate.

He has even signed a job contract with a research institute.

“Come, I will help you with the next sentence.”Co-pilot Yu continued, “Little Ruan, do you want to get to know my son”

Captain Fan did not refute, and looked at Ruan Sixian with a smile.

Yesterday, she had just chased away one Yan’an.

Ruan Si Xian has no time to get in touch with another one again, but it is not easy to say it directly.

[1] I don’t quite understand this one, but perhaps it means, just follow what the wife wants.


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