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It was already half past ten at night when he returned to Huguang Mansion.

This hour is not considered that late, but the surroundings were already quiet.

When the car drove smoothly to the door, Fu Mingyu looked up and saw that only the light on the first floor was on, and occasionally the figure under the light was swaying.

The door was tightly closed, and when Fu Mingyu stepped up the first step, there were sounds of scratching the door.

As Aunt Luo opened the door, a golden retriever stretched out its leg and rushed out, turning around Fu Mingyu’s leg.

Fu Mingyu didn’t rush to go inside but bent over to play with Doudou for a while.

Helan Xiang came out wrapped in a shawl, leaned against the door and looked at the scene for a while, “That’s enough, your Aunt Luo is going to bring Doudou to get her eye drops.

All get inside.”

Hearing this, Fu Mingyu shook Doudou’s head and looked at it for a while, “Are you sick”

“It’s eyes got inflamed.” Helan Xiang squinted at him, “You don’t take good care of your own dog, and don’t even know that it was sick.”

After dropping that sentence, she walked inside.

Fu Mingyu turned around and asked Aunt Luo, “Is she in a bad mood today”

Aunt Luo secretly looked at Helan Xiang’s back and nodded quietly.

After entering the house, Aunt Luo found the medicine and called Doudou to go to the side to apply the medicine.

“I will do it.” Fu Mingyu took the medicine from her hand and went to the sofa.

Doudou followed him with a wagging tail.

Helan Xiang sat on the sofa and flipped through the book in silence.

The whole room was very quiet, only Doudou made sounds from time to time.

In the end, it is still only a dog.

No matter how good it usually was, when it comes to applying medicine, it becomes disobedient.

Fu Mingyu didn’t succeed after dropping the medicine several times.

Impatiently, he put down the medicine and said to Aunt Luo who was on the side: “It would be better to hand this back to you.”

Doudou is five years old and was sent to the Fu’s house just two months after it was born.

At first, Helan Xiang was not sure whether to keep it or not.

She didn’t like cats and dogs, but she felt lonely when she was at home alone on weekdays.

Fu Shengyu, the eldest son, has been stationed in the foreign business departments all year round, and they only saw each other for several times a year.

The youngest son is in China, but it’s no different from not being here.

Even if the person is in front of her, he didn’t talk that much.

At that time, Helan Xiang hesitated, but Fu Mingyu said it could be kept.

Now Doudou is already five years old.

On weekdays, it is close to Fu Mingyu, and Fu Mingyu is very patient with it.

Occasionally, he will bath it himself.

It’s the first time she has seen him with an impatient appearance such as today.

Helan Xiang looked at him sideways, “Did you encounter something uncomfortable at work today”


“Then what’s wrong with you”


Helan Xiang turned the book hard and looked at him coldly, “The older you get, the more of a mute you become.”

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Fu Mingyu stopped talking, got up and prepared to go upstairs.

The aunt who was doing housekeeping passed by him with some miscellaneous things.

He glanced at it and saw that the aunt was holding an open box in her hand, with a silk scarf neatly folded in it, embroidered with the word ‘Xian’.

After a short pause, the aunt keenly noticed his gaze and stopped to ask: “What’s the matter Is there any problem”

Fu Mingyu asked, “What is this”

According to his understanding of Helan Xiang, she usually does not own silk scarves embroidered with words.

Even if there is, it will only be the clothing embroidered with the word ‘Xiang customized by a specific brand for her.

Sure enough, Helan Xiang, who was on the side, said: “A gift from someone else.”

After that, she flipped through the book in her hand and whispered in a low voice: “What’s there to be shown off anyway Who will wear a silk scarf embroidered with other people’s names huh If it’s not for the beautiful design, I will just use it to wipe the table.”

Noticing Helan Xiang’s desire to complain through her words just now, Fu Mingyu hurried upstairs.

It’s a pity that people’s wishes are inferior to heaven’s wishes, and he was stopped when he was halfway there.

“By the way, I would have forgotten it if you didn’t mention it.” Helan Xiang put down the book and looked up at Fu Mingyu, “President Zheng and his wife invited us on their wedding anniversary next month, but your brother and your father will not be in China for the time being.

I don’t care if it was others, but President Zheng invited me and it would be inappropriate for me to show up alone.

Remember to go together with me.”

The President Zheng that Helan Xiang talked about made his fortune from the hotel business, and naturally he is also the partner of Hengshi Airlines.

In fact, there is no need for Helan Xiang to remind Fu Mingyu to show up.

“And your natural pearl necklace…”

Helan Xiang suddenly changed her smiling face and looked at Fu Mingyu teasingly, “I think it has been kept at home for several days.

Are you still going to give it away to someone or not”

TN : In Chapter 18 part 2, the author wrote it as a bracelet, and here, she turned it into a necklace.

I had considered editing the previous chapter and changed it into necklace too, but in the end I just translated it as what it is.


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