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This is the February issue of a domestic aviation magazine in China.

The theme focuses on the international treaty on aviation environmental protection.

Fu Mingyu, who signed the treaty on behalf of Hengshi Airlines, is naturally one of the main characters that is interviewed in this magazine.

A picture of him when he signed the treaty is attached to the inside page.

Behind them is a huge curtain, which simply indicates the theme.

Fu Mingyu stood in the middle, shaking hands with several foreigners.

Because of the camera around him, he showed a decent smile, weakening his fierce temperament and highlighting a bit of gentleness.

[Bian Xuan]: I must say that after seeing this photo, I think he is qualified to be a narcissistic.

[Bian Xuan]: This is a real no touch up and non-photoshopped picture!

[Bian Xuan]: That’s all.

[Si Xiaozhen]: I second that.

[Ruan Sixian]: I’m out.

Although Ruan Sixian did not really quit the group, she no longer participated in the group chat anymore.

She opened the picture and looked at it for several minutes.

How could those two go as far as that

Those who didn’t know, will think that Fu Mingyu was on the cover of ‘Gentlemen’S Quarterly’.

Thinking of this, Ruan Sixian angrily opened the music software and shared a song to her circle of friends.

She hopes that he will have a little bit of clear estimation of himself when he hears this song tomorrow.

Nevertheless, one night passed.

When Ruan Sixian woke up, she opened WeChat and saw more than 100 likes and dozens of comments in her circle of friends.

She turned over one by one and didn’t see Fu Mingyu react to it.

Suddenly there was a feeling of punching her fist on the cotton.

Ruan Sixian drilled into the quilt on the bed for a long time before she finally got up.

Fu Mingyu has never liked rummaging through the circles of friends.

What’s more, he received a call from the company on the way back to Huguang Mansion last night, and immediately went back to deal with the matter, docked with the European sales department, and was busy until noon today.

Then someone took over, and Fu Mingyu went home to catch up with his sleep.

It was seven o’clock in the evening when he woke up.

From the floor-to-ceiling window of the room, the vague reflection of the setting sun rippling in the middle of the lake, suddenly blown away by the wind, rippling in circles.

Fu Mingyu picked up his mobile phone and took a look at the situation of today’s real-time flight monitoring.

Looking down line by line, his eyes suddenly freeze in the middle line of the data.

Hengshi Airlines 1569, ACJ31 model, was delayed due to weather and has not taken off yet.

Fu Mingyu curled his lips into a sneer at the thought of Ruan Sixian on this flight.

He put down his mobile phone and took a shower.

When he came back, there was a missed call from Zhu Dong.

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Fu Mingyu called him back.

“What’s the matter”

“Tonight is Zheng Shan’s birthday party.

Have you forgotten”

Fu Mingyu opened the calendar and took a look.

He really forgot about it.

Zhu Dong: “You are really something huh.

Bo Yang delivered the gift this morning and I thought you remembered it.

So it was your secretary who remembered it”

Fu Mingyu: “Fine, I’ll go over right now.”

As it was a birthday party for his friend’s girlfriend, Fu Mingyu just casually changed his clothes and went out.

The birthday party was held in a private club in the southern suburb and Fu Mingyu was indeed the last one to arrive.

As Zhu Dong’s girlfriend, Zheng Shan does not dare to complain about it.

As long as the person comes, it’s already giving her a face.

Most of the people present today were acquaintances who were invited by Zhudong to celebrate Zheng Shan’s birthday.

Fu Mingyu took a seat, which happened to be just opposite of Yan’an.

As soon as he saw him, he automatically remembered what happened last night and Fu Mingyu’s eyes sank again.

And Yan’an has taken off his coat, loosened a few buttons and his face, and the part of his face connected to his neck was red.

He seemed to have drunk a lot, whispering to the person next to him.

Fu Mingyu’s side is more quiet.

Zhu Dong sits on his right and an unfamiliar woman sits on his left.

Fu Mingyu has not spoken since he sat down.

Everyone can see that he is not in high spirits.

Except for a few people who are very familiar with him, such as Zhu Dong, others dare not take the initiative to talk to him.

After three rounds of wine, even the chatting around the table never stopped and was endless.


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