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Since knowing that Ruan Sixian was the flight attendant who delivered him coffee three times back then, Fu Mingyu has also figured out where the hostility of this person, towards him, from time to time came from.

But since there is hostility towards him, why did she go back to Hengshi Airlines

Anyway, Yan’an likes her, and he can afford to pay however much salary she wants.

Why not keep each other’s company in Beihang

Therefore, he thought that Ruan Sixian, while holding her anger, either wanted to come back to prove herself to him, or simply wanted to come back to annoy him.

From this point of view, what he just said can still be considered objective.

However, a book of nearly one hundred thousand words can be read by readers and even turns into one thousand Hamlet.

What’s more, the wording of Fu Mingyu’s sentence is too succinct, giving people unlimited room for interpretation.

Ruan Sixian was about to be blown up by her own interpretation.






“Can the bridge of your nose be used as a slide or can your eyes swim Can your eyelashes swing or can your abs dance[1] Do you think you really have the appearance that makes people want to love their motherland and protect the earth with just a glance at it Even dare to ask whether it was because of you.

If you are so capable, why are you still being a President for Just go straight to heaven, you! “

Ruan Sixian scolded without taking even a breath in between, and did not give Fu Mingyu a chance to speak at all.

Then she turned around and walked into the stairwell.

The elevator, she doesn’t want to wait for it anymore.

She doesn’t want to stay with Fu Mingyu even for a moment.

As for Fu Mingyu’s side, he is also very angry.

He was even amused when he saw Ruan Sixian climb the stairs.

Does she dislike him so much

Yan’an’ ex-girlfriend almost overturned the roof of her house, but she can still talk and laugh with Yan’an.

And he just misunderstood her once, but she still holds the grudge till now

Still, she keeps telling Yan’an that she is not a petty person

So her generosity was given to others, and her pettiness was given to him

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Fu Mingyu turned around and left without letting his anger out at all.

He felt that he must be sick for running to this small house with less than 300 square meters instead of going to the big villa to live.

Ruan Sixian climbed a dozen or so floors, sweating so much that she rushed directly into the bathroom to take a shower.

The hot water poured down, and she felt a burst of pleasure.

She blow-dried her hair and carefully applied the skin care lotion, then lay on the bed fragrantly, but couldn’t fall asleep.

Every time she closes her eyes, she would think of Fu Mingyu’s face, sticking in front of her eyes, “Was it because of me”

Who gave him confidence actually!

Eating rainbow fart since young and grown up with a bad brain because of it!

Who does it because of you

Who does it because of you!

Ruan Sixian tossed and turned time and again, then simply picked up her mobile phone and started to vent in the group.

[Ruan Sixian]: @ Bian Xuan! @Si Xiaozhen! Come out!!!

[Bian Xuan]: Is there any gossip I’m coming! I’m coming!

[Si Xiaozhen]: [Ears] [Ears] [Ears]

[Ruan Sixian]: It’s not gossip, but ridiculing Fu Mingyu this stupid man!

When all the people had arrived, Ruan Sixian felt that typing was not enough, so she simply sent four one-minute voice messages.

[Bian Xuan]: It’s too long.

Won’t listen to it.


I will go greet the guests.

A few minutes later, Si Xiaozhen, who listened obediently, didn’t know what to say, and made a speechless expression.

So, Ruan Sixian began to make one-sided complaints.

Bian Xuan went to greet the guests, and seeing so many messages in the group, almost all of them were sent by Ruan Sixian alone, she couldn’t help but be curious, clicked on the voice messages and listened.

[Bian Xuan]: Listening to you, I’m so curious about this person.

I really regret not taking a closer look at him in London that year.

Do any of you have a photo Let me take a look.

[Ruan Sixian]: No, why would I have his picture in my mobile phone Waiting for the phone to crash

[Si Xiaozhen]: I know where it is! Wait a minute!

After a while, Si Xiaozhen threw a picture to the group.

[1] To be honest, about the eyes part, I don’t quite get it.

But others, it generally means : are you that awesomely extraordinarily super handsome It’s fun actually when I read how RSX scolded FMY.

[2] 886 : Bye bye.


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