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Finished speaking, Ruan Sixian only blinked after a few seconds had passed.

Give me a reaction

But the person next to him seemed to be asleep, only a smile spread slowly from the corner of his mouth.

Ruan Sixian knew that this was definitely not a kind smile, and what he is going to say next will absolutely not be a pleasant thing.

“It turns out that I can still hear this from your mouth.”

Sure enough.

“I’m really thanking you sincerely, and…”

After a pause, she added, “I’m sorry about what happened last night.”

Fu Mingyu opened his eyes and looked at Ruan Sixian playfully, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“So I also received an apology now”

“Will you accept it or not”

Fu Mingyu turned back slowly and looked straight at the front rearview mirror.

“I accept your thanks, there’s no need for apology.”

Ruan Sixian pondered for a long time and didn’t understand what he meant.

And the untimely ringtone of her mobile phone interrupted her thinking.

It’s from Yan’an.

“President Yan”

Yan’an’ side is very noisy.

Obviously, he just got off the plane.

He just learned about it, and immediately called to ask about the situation.

“They didn’t do anything to you, did they What’s the situation now Shall I send someone to help you “

“No, it’s settled.” Ruan Sixian thought about it for a while, and said what she had just learned.

“The two of them are detained for ten days, and your ex-girlfriend was crying and making trouble in there.”

After all, she is an internet celebrity, and the detention cannot be hidden from the public.

They don’t have a professional public relations team like celebrities——even if they do, they don’t have a strong fan base like celebrities.

So if it was revealed that she broke into a private house and was detained for ten days, her image in the public would be completely ruined.

When Yan’an heard this, he was also silent for a while, and then said, “I’m really sorry for you.

I didn’t handle it well.

I just got off the plane now and will be back tomorrow.

I’ll personally apologize to you by then.”

“It’s really not necessary, President Yan.” Ruan Sixian thought of something and said, “and the thing you gave me last night is too expensive.

I’ll give it back to you.”

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“No no no, don’t give it back to me.

It’s fine if you didn’t accept it last night, but you must accept it today.

Consider it as my apology.”

“It’s fine to just apologize verbally, President Yan.


I have said that this incident is over and I won’t take it to heart.

I’m not a petty person, so you don’t have to care so much about it either.”

When Ruan Sixian said this, she didn’t notice Fu Mingyu glancing at her.

——A look of extreme disbelief.

“You really don’t have to give this to me, President Yan…” Ruan Sixian said, almost impatiently, “Moreover, I don’t like this kind of thing too.”

——”Then, what do you like”

Upon hearing this sentence, Ruan Sixian was taken aback for a moment.

She covered her mobile phone and looked at Fu Mingyu.

Fu Mingyu also looked at her.

It turns out that she heard it right.

He and Yan’an really asked this question at the same time.

The mobile phone is connected to Yan’an, but Ruan Sixian looks at Fu Mingyu suspiciously, while saying it word by word.

“I love airplanes.”

“Airbus 380, a large double-decker plane.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone and in the car at the same time.

When their eyes met, it was Fu Mingyu who withdrew his gaze first.

Turned away his face, with a somewhat speechless look in his eyes.

On the other side, Yan’an, even though he knew it was a joke, he couldn’t continue to talk about this topic anymore, so he just said, “Let’s talk about it again when I go back to Jiangcheng.”

After she hung up the phone, the car fell silent again.

Ruan Sixian looked at the car window quietly.

Fu Mingyu’s face was reflected on the car window.

She was thinking, why did Fu Mingyu suddenly ask her what she likes just now.


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