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For a moment, Ruan Sixian felt that she had gone too far today.

When she had calmed down and thought about it again, she realized that Fu Mingyu just helped her to hold the flight case.

As for touching her hand, it was probably accidental.

After all, he is also a man with a background and reputation.

No matter how bad he is, it won’t be like this.

But she couldn’t help it too.

She was obviously not a bad-tempered person, but she always exploded when she saw Fu Mingyu.

Ruan Sixian thought the problem must be on his side.

Ruan Sixian turned over again and her mobile phone rang.

Seeing that it was Fu Mingyu who sent the message, Ruan Sixian felt a thump in her heart.

[Fu Mingyu]: What arrangements do you have during the day tomorrow

What’s the meaning of this

Fu Mingyu finally woke up belatedly and invited her to go to the office for tea

[Ruan Sixian]: Very busy.

[Fu Mingyu]: You are on vacation tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Since you know, why do you ask me

[Ruan Sixian]: Can’t you be busy on vacation I want to run and practice boxing.

After sending it out, Ruan Sixian thought for a while and added another sentence.

[Ruan Sixian]: In case there are still people who want to do something to me in the future, I can solve it myself without the help from the police.

There was a long silence on the other side.

Ruan Sixian thought maybe he was so angry that he had passed away suddenly.

Half a minute later, he sent a voice message.

“Ruan Sixian, I will say this for the last time.

I didn’t mean it today!”

Listening to this tone of his, it was indeed very angry.

Ruan Sixian inexplicably felt a little happy, raised the corners of her mouth, and replied with ‘.’.

She doesn’t know whether it was the mobile phone that exploded or the anger that exploded on the other side because there’s no more reply and Ruan Sixian gradually fell asleep.

The next day, the alarm clock rang on time.

After washing, Ruan Sixian put on her sportswear, tied her hair and prepared to go out for a run.

While changing shoes by the door, she heard someone talking outside.

Thinking that it might be a neighbor, she didn’t put more attention to it.

She put on her shoes and opened the door, only to see a man and a woman directly facing her door.

Holding their cell phones in their hands, when they saw Ruan Sixian open the door, their voice stopped abruptly and they even got stunned.

It was at this moment that something happened.

Before Ruan Sixian could react, the two suddenly raised their mobile phones and rushed over.

“Where’s Yan’an Come out! Yan’an! You come out right now!”

Ruan Sixian was completely undefended and was squeezed to the side.

Only when two people rushed into her house did she react.

“What are you guys doing”

She caught up in two steps, “Who are you guys Are you sick Get out!”

The two came well prepared, with a clear division of labor each.

The man is responsible for stopping Ruan Sixian, and the woman is responsible for rushing in with her mobile phone while doing a video recording.

Watching the woman push the door of her room, Ruan Sixian could only do nothing.

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The disparity in physical strength between men and women is too great, and she simply can’t get away from that man.

“I will call the police!”

ALthough she said that, her mobile phone is still in the bedroom and Ruan Sixian can’t get there.

The woman kicked open the door of the room aggressively and shouted inside: “Yan’an!”

After shouting, she was stunned as she saw the neatly done bed inside.

At this point, even if she was a fool, Ruan Sixian knew what these two people were here for.

She was so angry that she tried her best to break free.

The man pushed Ruan Sixian directly to the ground with a vicious effort.

When her thigh hit the tea table, Ruan Sixian took two breaths of cold air.

She couldn’t get up.

The woman had already started to open her closet.

“Yan’an! Are you here!”

“You guys are sick!”

Ruan Sixian struggled to get up, and the man pressed her down again.

But before his hand caught Ruan Sixian, he was suddenly hit with a strong pain in his side waist, which was so painful that he felt as if his internal organs were about to explode.

He fell to the ground with stars flying in front of his eyes, and looked back at the man who kicked him.

His face was cold, and his eyes were as deep as an abyss.

Looking at each other for only a second, Fu Mingyu then took back his gaze, squatted down and stretched out his hand to Ruan Sixian.

There seemed to be a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

“Can’t you solve it by yourself”


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