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Jiang ziyue has already gone away with the aircraft trolley, while Fu Mingyu looks down at the iPad on the table.

Ruan Sixian’s palm was slightly warm.

She hesitated for a moment, and walked towards Fu Mingyu.

“President Fu, do you want to refill the coffee”

Fu Mingyu did not look up, stretched out his hand and pushed the cup, “Thank you.”

Ruan Sixian bent down and poured the coffee,mpaused, and did not leave immediately.

Aware of her strangeness, Fu Mingyu raised his eyes and looked over.

His eyes were long and narrow.

The fan-shaped double eyelids restrained the sharpness of his entire face, but the tail of his eyes rose slightly, adding a bit of flamboyance.

But when he glanced at people coldly, however beautiful he is, it is also mixed with frost.

Ruan Sixian ran away very uncompetitively.

After about an hour, Fu Mingyu’s secretary called Ruan Sixian to refill the coffee.

She took out the letter, put it on the bottom of the pot, and went over again.

After refilling the coffee for the Secretary, she turned to look at Fu Mingyu again.

He’s still holding his iPad, and on the screen is a 3D display of the internal structure of a plane.

The picture is very clear.

Fu Mingyu zoomed in to see the details, and his fingers slid on the screen.

It seems that he automatically blocked the people around him.

He was so focused that Ruan Sixian felt very guilty if she went to disturb him, but the letter at the bottom of the pot reminded her that time waits for no one, time waits for no one.

But he looks really busy.

Even if she gives it to him, he might not read it.

When Ruan Sixian was having an inner fight, the Secretary said: “Is there anything else”

Ruan Sixian was so nervous and panicked that she whispered: “Do you still need coffee”

The Secretary raised his eyebrows and tapped his finger on the coffee cup in front of him.

There was still half a cup in it.

Ruan Sixian acquiesced that he did not need it, and turned to Fu Mingyu.

“Do you need any more coffee”

Fu Mingyu bends his fingers slightly, pressed it against his chin and rubbed gently.

Then he looked up at Ruan Sixian.

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Ruan Sixian knew that was the answer when he raised his eyes, so she is not surprised.

She nodded and turned her body to leave.

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes and glanced at her back.

The color of impatience in his eyes grows stronger.

But the Secretary by his side smiled.

Fu Mingyu looked over and the Secretary immediately dispersed his smile and handed over a piece of paper.

“This is the drafting bid for ACJ31.”

As Fu Mingyu took over the paper, he took another look at the back in front of him.

How did Wang Lekang do his job

After a while, this flight attendant indeed came back with coffee again.

She seems to be holding something in her hand.

Seems to be a letter.

Fu Mingyu raised his head and looked straight at Ruan Sixian.

The woman in front of him was wearing the traditional light blue uniform of Hengshi Airlines, and her face was beautiful.

And she is tall, with a slender waist and long legs, an excellent figure.

It’s a pity that her face is covered with heavy makeup with very red lips, her smile is stiff and not that memorable.

Ruan Sixian saw Fu Mingyu looking at her without concealing it.

Thinking of her unkind request, Ruan Sixian became more and more nervous.

Her brain was buzzing and her throat tightened.

She said in a low voice: “President Fu, do you need more coffee”

When she said this, she held the letter at the bottom of the pot tightly, rubbing her fingers restlessly, and gently pushed the letter out, thinking about the right time to hand it out.

This small movement was directly seen through by Fu Mingyu’s eyes.

Fu Mingyu saw an expression of hesitation but full of expectation on her face.

He turned off his iPad screen, rolled up his sleeve and casually said: “This job, you don’t want to do it anymore”

Ruan Sixian was stunned.

Thinking of the content of the letter, she said: “Yes, I don’t want to be a flight attendant of Hengshi Airlines anymore.

I want to be…”

Fu Mingyu gently turned his wrist, lifted his eyelids and said: “The boss’ wife”

Ruan Sixian said: “Huh”

“You might as well dream.”


Ruan Sixian did not move for a long time.

There’s only one thought in her head.

Men are all idiots.


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