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Bo Yang stood by the car, wondering when to send Fu Mingyu’s luggage up.

He just said ‘after a while’.

He didn’t know how long this ‘after a while’ was, let alone why he needed this ‘after a while’.

Boyang looked at his watch, and it was almost 20 minutes since Fu Mingyu got out of the car.

It should be enough.

So he asked the driver to open the trunk.

But as soon as the suitcase was removed, he saw Fu Mingyu walking out of the gate.

In the night, his stern face was still clearly visible and his steps were large, as if he couldn’t wait to leave this place.

Bo Yang subconsciously took a step back, stuck his body to the car’s body and asked, “President Fu, have you forgotten anything”

“Back to Huguang mansion.”

He just said these few words, Bo Yang felt nervous inside and hurriedly went to open the car door.

Fu Mingyu didn’t get into the car immediately.

Bo Yang looked back and saw him standing on the side of the road and lighting a cigarette.

Fu Mingyu is not addicted to cigarettes.

It takes him half a month to finish a pack of cigarettes and he seldom smokes in public places.

Bo Yang thought that in the past two weeks, he rushed from Lincheng to Paris, and on the way he also went to Seychelles before he finally went back to Jiangcheng.

He had a serious lack of sleep time, so maybe he was really tired.

It’s just that in the night, when the light from the little fire was extinguished, the expression on Fu Mingyu’s face still has not relaxed.

An hour later, the car drove into Huguang mansion.

The car gradually slowed down around the lakeside road, the street lights were reflected in the swaying lake water and the branches of the magnolia flowers hung their heads, gently shaking.

Fu Mingyu opened the car window, a gust of evening breeze came in and his expression finally eased slightly.

It was Aunt Luo who came out to open the door, welcoming Fu Mingyu in.

“You haven’t come back for more than half a month.

Madam is still talking about you this morning.”

Fu Mingyu looked around, but he didn’t see the mother who was talking about him.

Instead, a golden retriever rushed over.

After bending over his body and rubbing it twice, Fu Mingyu raised his head and asked, “Where’s Madam”

Aunt Luo immediately explained: “Today is the opening of the gallery.

There is an after party.

Madam hasn’t come back yet.”

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When Fu Mingyu went upstairs to take a shower, Helan Xiang came back.

With one hand holding the skirt of the silky evening dress and the other hand holding the earrings as big as pigeon eggs on her ear, she glanced at Fu Mingyu as she passed him on the stairs.

“Come to the dining room and have supper with me later.”

Then she left, like an Empress Dowager after giving orders out.

Fu Mingyu also had planned to eat something.

When he arrived in the dining room, the porridge and side dishes that suit his appetite were already set on the table.

Not long after, Helan Xiang, who had removed her hairstyle and changed her clothes, went downstairs and sat straight in front of Fu Mingyu.

“What’s the matter with Yan’an actually”

“What do you mean with what’s the matter”

Fu Mingyu looked up and wiped his mouth with a tissue.

“It’s been a month.

Why are you still asking”

Helan Xiang stirred the spoon, but didn’t eat even one spoon.

She tried to conceal it, but her eyes still showed the excitement of gossipping.

“At the dinner party, I heard people say that his girlfriend is a small Internet celebrity I’ve heard that people have been scolding him on the Internet recently, saying that he cheated on her.

Is that truly the case “

Fu Mingyu suddenly lost his appetite, put down the spoon, and said lightly: “I don’t know, moreover, it’s an ex-girlfriend.”

“Oh, that’s right.

They must have broken up since this kind of mess had happened.”

Knowing that Fu Mingyu wanted to leave, Helan Xiang’s face sank and said, “Sit well.

How long have you not been back Won’t you talk with me for a while”


Helan Xiang was very dissatisfied with Fu Mingyu’s attitude, but he is her biological son, she can do nothing towards him anyway.

“I think Yan’an, this kid, shouldn’t be able to do that.

But if a girl makes such a fuss, he must also have some responsibility too.

Either he didn’t treat the girl nicely, or he is in an unclear relationship with who knows which girl too”

Fu Mingyu gave a sound of “Yeah” repeatedly.


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