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In such an environment, Bo Yang remained silent, still waiting for the storm to come.

However, until all the passengers were seated, the cabin inspection was completed, and the flight attendant reminded them that they were about to take off, the storm beside him still did not come.

After a while, Fu Mingyu said again: “Give me the resume.”

Bo Yang: “Huh”

Fu Mingyu: “Resume.

Do you not understand”


Bo Yang aggrievedly took out the resume and handed it to Fu Mingyu.

He placed it in his hand and looked at it over and over again.

The photo of the person in the resume showed the standard eight-tooth smile and curved eyes, which gradually evoked the picture in his memory.

“Want to be the boss’ wife”

“You might as well dream.”


All the details that had been drowned in his mind also came out.

Fu Mingyu even remembered the room card he handed out on the yacht on the Thames that day.

“Give you a chance.”

He probably drank all the wine into his head.

Fu Mingyu took a deep breath and unknowingly pinched the resume with his fingers.

“President Fu…”

Bo Yang, who was by his side, opened his mouth but Fu Mingyu suddenly snapped the resume back on the table, loosened his tie, and a rush of heat spread all over his body.

He looked down at the table and chair in front of him solemnly and did not speak at all.

But Bo Yang clearly felt the irritability he exuded.

Bo Yang consciously shrunk to the side, praying in his heart that Fu Mingyu would not let the anger he suffered from Ruan Sixian out on him.

But days didn’t work out as what people just desired it to be.

Fu Mingyu looked at Bo Yang with sharp eyes.

Bo Yang tremblingly asked: “Is there any… any problem”

Fu Mingyu didn’t say a word.

Bo Yang swallowed his saliva.

He was just about to persuade Fu Mingyu with the reason why he shouldn’t directly fire Ruan Sixian because of his anger with Yan’an that he had prepared in his mind, he heard Fu Mingyu say: “Have you ever coaxed a woman”

At this time in the cockpit, Captain Fan had already checked the manifest and said: “Request clearance.”

Ruan Sixian who sat in the back row took a deep breath.

Her back was pressed tightly to the seat.

She copied co-pilot Yu and whispered softly: “Hengshi Airlines 1569, request clearance, wait point H.”

The sound from the tower immediately rang in the headset.

“Hengshi Airlines 1569, allowed to enter the runway.”

The air in the cockpit seems to have stagnated for a moment as the friction on the ground strikes.

Looking at the instrument panel in front of her, Ruan Sixian clenched her hand and whispered again, copying what co-pilot Yu said.

“Enter the runway, Hengshi Airlines 1569.”

“Hengshi Airlines 1569, ready to leave.”

A slight squeaking sound slid over in their ears: “Hengshi Airlines 1569, ready to take off, runway 36L, contact departure 118.60, goodbye.”

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Captain Fan in front pushed up the starter lever neatly, the throttle went full speed and the plane immediately galloped on the runway.

Inertia caused Ruan Sixian to lean forward slightly and her heart felt as if it was raised to her throat.

Her back is tightly pressed to the seat, and the rumbling sound can be heard through the headset.

“V1 arrived.”

“V2 arrived.”

“Vr arrived.”

As soon as co-pilot Yu’s voice fell, Ruan Sixian looked up at Captain Fan.

His eyes were calm and he slowly opened his mouth.

Ruan Sixian also followed him closely, like a primary school student reciting Pinyin[1]with her teacher, she whispered softly: “Raise the wheels, take off.”

The head of the plane lifted, and the tilt feeling struck.

At the moment when the plane left the land, Ruan Sixian felt that all the cells in her body were opened, and every pore was clamoring with excitement.

Until the landing gear was retracted, she still did not get out of the excitement.

What Fu Mingyu, what Jiang Ziyue and what annual salary or not annual salary, were all thrown out of her mind.

The city on the ground is getting smaller and smaller, and the magnificent runway gradually shrinks into a winding river.

Ruan Sixian’s fingertips grasped the safety belt on her shoulder and her eyes gradually blurred.

She remembered that four years ago, the captain who was flying the plane over the Arctic Ocean was also a benevolent captain like Fan Mingzhi.

At that time, she was still a flight attendant.

She sent the steaks to the cockpit for the Purser.

When she bent over to place it, the captain suddenly said: “Girl, look up.”

The moment when she looked up.

She saw the ups and downs of glaciers and the crisscrossed fields that spread to the horizon mightily.

In the seemingly boundless distance, there are aurora rising from the ground, colorful, jetting out, and the night also turned into a curtain foil.

She had seen the aurora through the window in the cabin, like a boat passing under a bridge, with only one corner in sight.

[1] Pinyin : Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciation.


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