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Ruan Sixian slowed down her steps and tilted her head to look at her, “Sister Jiang”

Jiang Ziyue stopped and kept a distance of two meters from Ruan Sixian, “What”

Ruan Sixian was about to open her mouth to say something when a small cry rang out in front of her.

She also looked up and saw a man in a suit walking towards her while holding a large bouquet of red roses in his arms.

The red is gorgeous and there are hundreds of flowers in a glance.

The body of the man holding it was blocked by half, which naturally attracts the attention of the people in this area.

The man just walked towards Ruan Sixian under their gazes.

“Miss Ruan, your flower.”

Suddenly received such a bunch of flowers and after not reacting for a while, Ruan Sixian then remembered the ‘surprise’ that Yan’an said in the car today.

This is really enough of a surprise.

Ruan Sixian gave a stiff smile, took the flower and found the card inside.

It was really from Yan’an, wishing her a smooth first flight.

“Thank you.”

The man was the receptionist at the front desk of Hengshi Airlines.

He delivered the flowers and just left afterwards.

Ruan Sixian who was holding such a bunch of flowers under the eyes of the public’s envy, was feeling somewhat do not know what to do.

She can’t get on the plane with flowers either.

While looking around for a place to deal with this bunch of flowers, the door of the International Conference Room of the Flight Department opposite them was opened from inside.

Two women in professional attire pushed the door and stood outside.

Fu Mingyu drove out, followed by Bo Yang and more than a dozen participants.

The group of people looked solemn, and there were two or three middle-level managers who didn’t look very well.

Looking at them from a distance, it was as if they were criticized at the meeting.

The serious atmosphere infected Ruan Sixian’s side, and the flight attendants behind her also fell silent.

When Fu Mingyu’s eyes swept over, they even took the flight case and made a silent detour, for fear that they might be accidentally burned by the flames.

Half of Ruan Sixian’s face was blocked by the flowers, and her exposed eyes looked straight at Fu Mingyu.

The surroundings were as silent as pressing the mute button.

As a result, Fu Mingyu’s footsteps were amplified inexplicably.

Step by step, he came towards Ruan Sixian and stood in front of her.

With his eyes lowered, he swept across the bouquet of roses and his mouth was holding a shallow arc.

The arc made Ruan Sixian feel particularly dazzling.

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What’s the matter with me receiving a bunch of flowers I, Ruan Sixian, have been popular and loved by people everywhere.

Even the president admires me when he sees me.

Is there any need for you to smile sarcastically here

I haven’t settled the account with you yet for what you said in the morning but you already give me a sneer

“Any business”

Asked Ruan Sixian.

Fu Mingyu seems to think that the bunch of flowers hinder his eyes.

He stretched out his hand and pushed it, revealing Ruan Sixian’s entire face.

“You’d better explain to me what you said in the morning after returning.”

Ruan Sixian looked into his eyes and seemed to see a look of ‘if you can’t say the reasons, you are finished’.

So big boss, you want me to review the evil thing you did yourself

Ruan Sixian also followed his way and said, “Who knows when will I return from the voyage The weather is also uncertain.”

Fu Mingyu, who is used to giving orders rather than discussing, obviously doesn’t have much time to talk.

He has a large number of MELCDL items waiting for him to check before boarding.

“I can wait for you.”

He turned around after speaking, but heard a sentence from behind.

——”Then you may have to borrow another 500 years from heaven.”


The air in the corridor seems to be emptied instantly, and even Jiang Ziyue, who had been listening to the conversation silently with her ears up, has quietly retreated to the corner.

This time, Fu Mingyu turned around to look at Ruan Sixian and narrowed his eyes.

There’s nothing to guess anymore.

Ruan Sixian is hostile to him, or deeply malicious.

He pressed the tip of his tongue, nodded with a smile, and walked forward.

This expression made Bo Yang who stood on the side literally read the meaning of ‘If I still let you behave atrociously this time, then I would have taken so many shares of this company for nothing’.

After quietly lighting a candle for Ruan Sixian in his heart, Bo Yang followed Fu Mingyu and said in a low voice, “I have just asked the personnel department to transfer Ruan Sixian’s resume, but her qualifications only include the professional experience of COMAC.

I’ve contacted COMAC.

As it’s a matter of privacy, they still need to deal with it.

They will send her resume in half an hour.


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