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Jiang Ziyue’s face suddenly turned red, and the heat reached her brain.

Her hand on the table was secretly curled up, and her fingernails pinched her palm neither light nor heavily.

The slight pain was just enough to suppress the buzzing in her brain.

She never thought that Ruan Sixian would still appear in Hengshi Airlines, and she just nailed herself to the chopping board the moment she saw her, as if Ruan Sixian would come back to question her at any time.

Everyone got up to say their greeting.

Captain Fan just waved, “Don’t be so polite.

Sit down.”

Only then did Jiang Ziyue regain her senses and wanted to stand up, but saw that everyone had already sat down.

When she saw Ruan Sixian sat down and nodded to her with a smile in her mouth, as if to say, “Long time no see.”.

What ‘long time no see’…

Jiang Ziyue thought of the WeChat message last night, and felt that Ruan Sixian’s phrase of ‘there will be opportunities in the future’ seems to have a different meaning.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ziyue couldn’t raise her head and look at Ruan Sixian.

In fact, Ruan Sixian really didn’t mean anything else.

She just thinks it’s strange to rush to talk about the past on this occasion.

Fan Mingzhi flipped the route map twice, then got up and said, “Everyone, let’s introduce yourselves.

I’m Fan Mingzhi, the captain of this flight.”

Yu Yangshuo on the side continued: “I’m Yu Yangshuo, the co-pilot of this flight.”

At the moment when his voice fell, the five flight attendants on the opposite side glued their eyes to Ruan Sixian.

She stood up and cleared her throat.

“I’m Ruan Sixian, the trainee co-pilot of this flight.”

After that, she glanced at the five flight attendants on the opposite side: “Is there anything on my face”

The one sitting in the front pursed her mouth and said, “No.

It’s just that you look beautiful.”

That one sentence eased the atmosphere of the entire meeting room, and Jiang Ziyue seemed to be the only one who was floating outside that.

Ruan Sixian looked over a few times and each time their eyes met, the other party would unnaturally look away.

There is nothing to be explained anymore as this expression already confirms Ruan Sixian’s conjecture.

It’s really cumbersome.

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Ruan Sixian leaned back to the seat, and the captain suddenly called her: “Do you have any questions”

“Huh” Ruan Sixian immediately sat up straight, “No, I don’t have any.”

“Okay, I’ll just talk about the precautions then.” The captain took the list and said, “First of all, there is a media report today and the boarding guests will be on board 20 minutes in advance.

Second, there may be bumps one hour and five minutes after take-off.

Do a good job of reminding it.

In addition, in case of fire and other emergencies, it is necessary to report to the cockpit in time.

After speaking, he looked at Jiang Ziyue, but the other party did not give any response.

Ruan Sixian took a pen and knocked it on the table, “Purser”

Jiang Ziyue suddenly returned to her senses, opened her mouth, but did not speak for a moment while facing Ruan Sixian’s eyes.

“What’s the matter” The captain asked, “Is there a problem”

“No, no.” Jiang Ziyue immediately stood up, inhaled, and said, “I’ll just say two things.

One is that the hot and cold water ratio is 3:7.

Pay attention to the temperature to prevent passengers from getting scalded.

There is also the need to monitor more of the passengers changing seats at will as to avoid unbalanced aircraft loading.


What about you”

The captain turned to ask Ruan Sixian and Yu Yangshuo.

Yu Yangshuo shook his head.

Ruan Sixian turned her pen, tilted her head and said, “I will add a little digression then.”

Everyone in the meeting room looked at her, especially the flight attendants who were smiling like flowers.

“Today’s situation is special.

There are media reports, so please pay attention to your words.” Ruan Sixian looked at Jiang Ziyue and said, “If you don’t know what to say, just keep silent.

Do you understand”

Jiang Ziyue just looked at Ruan Sixian and her palms were hot, but she still showed a professional smile.

“Okay, I understand.”

“All right.” The captain got up and said, “Let’s go over.”

Everyone got up neatly.

Ruan Sixian followed behind the captain.

Several flight attendants came to talk to her.

Ruan Sixian answered and saw Jiang Ziyue at the back.


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