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“First, Yan’an is from Beihang Airlines.

It’s not appropriate for you two to be so close.”

Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows.


“Second, Yan’an is very playful.

He changes his girlfriend more often than he changes his clothes.

Think about it again.”

Hearing these words, Ruan Sixian turned around slowly and looked at Fu Mingyu, as if she was seriously thinking about what he said.

But a few seconds later, she said, “What about you, President Fu Do you like to play “

Unexpectedly, she suddenly asked this, turning the topic directly from Yan’an to him.

Fu Mingyu frowned slightly and his thoughts spread uncontrollably.

“Don’t compare him with me.”

Ruan Sixian snorted softly and turned to walk away.

This night, the continuous drizzle unknowingly came to the city, and before dawn, it quietly stopped, making room for the rising sun.

Ruan Sixian slept well and woke up naturally before the alarm went off.

There is no such thing as being too nervous to fall asleep because of the first flight.

She can fall asleep quickly as soon as she touches the pillow.

But this does not mean that Ruan Sixian is not excited.

After breakfast, she changed into a sun-dried uniform and tied her hair carefully until the hairline was neat.

The uniform of the person in the mirror is so well fitted that it seems to be tailor-made.

It is net and straight.

It fits her figure, conceals the graceful curves, and shows the heroic spirit consistent with her eyes from the inside to the outside.

She didn’t put on makeup too.

She just put on a layer of sunscreen.

Her pores were breathing air smoothly as if it had opened up, and she felt like she was reborn.

An unprecedented feeling spread from the bottom of her heart, sweeping before her eyes, and a new picture slowly unfolded in front of her.

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At this time, there are two cars parked downstairs.

In the early morning, the air was good.

Yan’an leaned against the car door and adjusted his tie.

He glanced at the car next to him with the driver and Bo Yang in it, and sneered.

As time went by, Yan’an estimated that it was time for Ruan Sixian to go out, so he entered the elevator hall in the lobby on the first floor.

Sure enough, the floor indicator of the elevator on the right is slowly descending.

Yan’an neatened his hair in front of the elevator door, adjusted his expression and prepared to greet Ruan Sixian with a smile.

As soon as the elevator door opened, there was a face that he didn’t want to see the most at this time.

“Oh, President Fu, good morning.”

Fu Mingyu responded, looking up and down at Yan’an who was rarely dressed seriously.

“What are you doing here”

“What else can I do Of course it is to take Ruan Sixian to work.”

Yan’an flicked the neckline, “I said that your Hengshi Airlines are a little too stingy.

Why don’t you arrange a special car for the pilots What if something happened when they were in a taxi”

Fu Mingyu ignored him but he raised his chin again with a smile.

“President Fu, do you think it would be inappropriate if I really interact with people from your company I think you have a lot of outstanding talents.

Why don’t we discuss it, and just let them transfer to our Beihang “

The nearby elevator sounded, but it was accidentally covered by Fu Mingyu’s voice.

“Have you accomplished anything”

Yan’an is used to Fu Mingyu’s sarcastic remarks and is often stabbed into speechlessness, but today he has full confidence.

“I think so.

We had a good chat.

It’s like old friends at first sight.”

“Really” Fu Mingyu gently curled the corners of his lips, “Why do I feel like she is more interested in me”


At this time, standing in the elevator and hearing the complete conversation, Ruan Sixian took a deep breath without expression and unconsciously clenched her fist.

Well The sky is clear and the rain has stopped, so you think you are so great again

She stepped out and walked up to Fu Mingyu, ignoring the Yan’an who was pushed aside by her, and said: “President Fu, you are really an honorable person who forgets things.

Do you really don’t remember me”


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