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Yan’an over there remembered the time when he was still a teenager, and said: “The most annoying thing is everyday the girls in the school will say that Fu Mingyu’s temperament is like that, who, inside…”

Ruan Sixian suddenly raised her head, “Who”

Yan’an knocked his temple, “What was the name, Xiao, Xiao Xunli”

Ruan Sixian: “……”

“He (FuMingyu) is the Xiao Banli (little Chinese chestnut).”

“What’s more, that person is called Xiao Lishun (Shun Oguri).”

“…… Little Chestnut” Yan’an choked for a while and then grinned, “You’re really interesting.

In fact, I think so too.

He’s more pretending than other people.”


Ruan Sixian looks at Yan’an.

What do you mean

Who’s pretending

But Yan’an didn’t receive Ruan Sixian’s gaze and turned his head to receive a call from his assistant.

Until the car stopped downstairs, Ruan Sixian was still one sidedly angry with all the girls in Yan’an’s high school.

Where do they look alike

She recalled Fu Mingyu’s appearance over and over again.

They didn’t look alike at all, okay.

Is this a collective blindness

After Yan’an left, Ruan Sixian stood in the elevator, waiting for the number on the display screen to decrease to negative and then slowly rise.

The image of Fu Mingyu still lingers in her mind.

With a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator door opened.

Ruan Sixian looked down at her mobile phone.

Her front foot had just stepped in, and her back foot was almost dragged in.

What a coincidence.

She was just thinking about the little chestnut and the little chestnut appeared.

Ruan Sixian glanced at him and went directly to stand on the other side.

It seems to be the same as last time.

They were in the same elevator, but they didn’t communicate with each other.

Ruan Sixian didn’t even say hello, but Fu Mingyu was not much better.

When the elevator door opened, he inevitably glanced at her and then looked away.

But Ruan Sixian actually quietly glanced at Fu Mingyu several times.

Do they look alike

It shouldn’t be.

The facial features are totally different.

But what Yan’an said seems to be temperament, not facial features

Ruan Sixian took another look again secretly.

It seems there really is a small part that looked similar.

Once you accept a certain setting…

No, stop.

He doesn’t deserve it.

Sometimes people can always keenly perceive the gaze falling on them in a noisy environment, not to mention in the closed elevator without even an outsider at this time.

Every few seconds, Fu Mingyu could feel the gaze of the person next to him quietly passing over his face.

He suddenly turned his head, and as expected, he met Ruan Sixian’s gaze.

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——That carefully pretending to be silent but in fact, there is a bit of a complicated struggle in it.


Ruan Sixian turned her head away in silence, and touched her sideburns artificially to touch her slightly hot cheek.

She naturally blushed a bit when she was caught peeping, but she pretended that nothing had happened.

This time, Fu Mingyu’s eyes fell on Ruan Sixian.

But openly and honestly.

“Did you drink”

From the moment she came in, Fu Mingyu smelled the alcohol’s scent.


“Then why are you blushing”


You are really keen on observation.

Ruan Sixian adjusted her expression within a second, and said in a gloomy tone: “Must a blush always because of drinking What if I just came back from dancing in the graveyard and the enthusiasm hasn’t dissipated “

Fu Mingyu was not in the mood to listen to her face-slapping.

He said in a deep voice: “You will fly for the first time tomorrow morning.

How serious is the drinking problem, don’t you know”

“I said I didn’t drink.” Ruan Sixian listened to his determined tone, and an anonymous fire burst out, “Is it possible for me to control not being spilled with wine in the bar”


Fu Mingyu didn’t have time to ponder about the beautiful atmosphere of that place.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Ruan Sixian walked out.

Maybe she was angry, or maybe she was a little embarrassed being caught when peeping at someone.

Anyway, Ruan Sixian didn’t want to stay with him for another second.

Fu Mingyu, who was behind her, suddenly stops her.

“Ruan Sixian.”

Ruan Sixian turned her head and looked at Fu Mingyu inexplicably.


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