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A few minutes later, Yan’an, who came out of the Beihang’s office at the airport, swaggered to the gate of the Hengshi Airlines, and personally came down to open the co-pilot’s door for Ruan Sixian and led her to sit inside.

The car that Fu Mingyu and Zhu Dong were in came out of the parking lot slowly, just in time to see this harmonious scene.

“Eh Isn’t that Yanan” Zhu Dong rolled down the window and poked out half of his head.

“What tornado brought him here today”

Then he said again, “Oh, a beauty.

No wonder.”

Zhu Dong turned his head to look at Fu Mingyu, only to find that his gaze had been on Yan’an’s car, and Fu Mingyu did not take his gaze back until the car was already far away.

Although he didn’t speak, Zhu Dong felt that the atmosphere was not right.

Last time when they got together in the manor for an afternoon, Zhu Dong still remembers that Yan’an said that he was going to chase a female pilot from Hengshi Airlines.

Originally, he thought he was just joking, but when he saw the back of the woman who just got on his car, he could guess that it was the female pilot.

Then Fu Mingyu’s mood is very reasonable.

Although there is no explicit regulation but as a pilot of Hengshi Airlines’ core routes, what is this about being in a relationship with the little boss of Beihang Airlines

If Zhu Dong was in his position, he would not be happy too.

But it’s not for him to judge anyway.

After all, he is only an outsider.

Today he came to talk about a project with Fu Mingyu.

In a few days, he will go to Beihang to talk about cooperation.

It will not be easy for him to offend both sides, so he naturally bypassed the topic.

“Have you heard that Qin Jiamu is getting married The invitation must have been delivered.” He said, and then snorted, “This young master Qin’s means is really too much.

Knowing what the old man of his family’s taboo is, but actually forced it to this point.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t respond.

Zhu Dong continued to mutter to himself, “He never learned any skill or knowledge since he was a child.

Growing up in vain for several years but wanting to compete with his sister for cake instead.

He didn’t even take a look at himself whether he had that ability or not.”

“But I really didn’t expect that he would make such a move to marry a woman whose father had been in jail and whose mother is still a mistress for another person, with great fanfare.”

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“If this makes his old man who loves his face so much to become anxious, he may really throw a piece of fat meat to him to let him stop.”

“I just felt sorry for that woman.

At this moment, she thinks that Qin Jiamu is fighting against the family for her.”

“She doesn’t even think about what kind of person Qin Jiamu is.

If President Qin still doesn’t want to let go of that piece of meat, Qin Jiamu will turn obedient and heed what the elder says too in the end.

Does he have the capital to tear his face with President Qin”

“It’s impossible for ordinary people to think of using women as a bargaining tool.”

Zhu Dong thinks that his every word is a gem.

This gossip can at least make Fu Mingyu also ridicule Qin Jiamu’s means, even if it doesn’t arouse Fu Mingyu’s desire for chatting.

Then the matter regarding Yan’an will be turned overtoo.

But who knows that even after several minutes, Fu Mingyu still didn’t give any response.

Zhu Dongtou looked over, “I’m talking to you.

What are you thinking”

Fu Mingyu shook his head and pressed down the thoughts in his heart.

He pulled out a bottle of mineral water but when he was about to twist the cap, he remembered something.

He leaned his head back on the seat, squeezed his eyebrows, and asked, “I am thinking about what does it mean when a woman is inexplicably hostile to me.”

What’s this question that was not related in any way with the previous one

Zhu Dong leaned over and asked, “Have you offended her”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyelids.

“If I have offended her, will I still don’t know why”

“Oh…” Zhu Dong touched his nose, “What kind of hostility”

What kind of hostility

Fu Mingyu felt that it was not a big deal too.

After all, those secret thoughts were his own guess, and Ruan Sixian just choked on him in person.

“It’s just in the way she talked.”

With that said, Zhu Dong felt that he probably understood it.

He almost didn’t need to think about it, and immediately laughed, “Some girls may be awkward, and they don’t mean to fight with you for real, that is, they like you and want to attract your attention.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at him, then dropped his eyes and pondered.

After a few seconds, he shook his head in slightly.

“She’s not like that.”


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